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  1. brucelinc

    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    OMG....glad you are OK.
  2. brucelinc

    Livernois tune for 3.0TT MKZ

    I agree about FORScan. Another thing: If you know anyone who has an SCT device, it can be used to access your vehicle info even if it is married to another vehicle. I have used mine to pull the codes for my Mustang and even had a friend borrow it to pull info from an SHO. You can only tune the car it is married to but you can access other's vehicle strategy codes, etc.
  3. brucelinc

    Livernois tune for 3.0TT MKZ

    My 3.0 Continental was tuned using an SCT X4 tuner. I had it tuned over a year ago by AJPturbo. bradleyfredrickfischer@yahoo.com Brad is an SCT dealer and he asked SCT to support my car's strategy code which they promptly did. I had originally asked Torrie but he basically told me no. I am happy with Brad's tune. It improved the quarter mile time by about 8 tenths and improved transmission behavior 100%. He could tweak the tune further but I now have a Mustang that I am spending more time with than the Conti.
  4. brucelinc

    3.0T MKZ Drag Strip Adventures

    Good results for the conditions. Trap speed tells me that it is making good power. When stock, my Continental ran 13.56 @ 103 in conditions much like you experienced.
  5. Ford: Trucks (Ranger, Bronco, F series) SUVs (Expedition, Explorer) CUVs (Edge, Escape, Focus Active) sports car (Mustang) Lincoln: SUVs (Navigator, Aviator, Nautilus) sporty Luxury (MKZ replacement on RWD CD6 platform) Flagship luxury (Continental on stretched RWD CD6 platform)
  6. Look for it on the same platform as the Aviator (CD6). That should mean rear wheel drive which opens up all sorts of possibilities. It will be interesting to see what the name will be. It won't be Zephyr.
  7. I am pretty sure you will see the replacement for the MKZ with a new name on a new platform - not simply renaming and continuing the current model.
  8. I am not sure how law enforcement views running without a front plate in your state. Front plates are required here in Minnesota but I didn't have one installed on my Continental or my Mustang. I have driven the Conti for well over a year and never been stopped.
  9. brucelinc

    Stock 3.0 AWD 1/4 mile

    Excellent results! What was the DA when you ran? I checked the weather conditions for that track and it appears you had ideal conditions....maybe even negative DA. That takes nothing away from your accomplishment, though. Congratulations.
  10. brucelinc

    Auto Start option

    There is a TSB out for Continentals. I suspect your seat module needs reprogrammed. NHTSA ID: 10099448 TSB ID: SSM 46425 Some 2017 continental vehicles built on or before 14-feb-2017 may exhibit heated seats that are inoperative during a remote start event. reprogram the drivers seat module (dsm) using ids software 104.03 or higher.
  11. brucelinc

    Lincoln Way App not functioning

    Could it be that you are not holding your finger on the start icon long enough?
  12. brucelinc

    Noob question - MZK gone for 2019 of 2020?

    Most likely scenario: The MKZ replacement will no longer be on the current Fusion platform. It will not be called MKZ but there will be a replacement, regardless of what Ford does with the Fusion.
  13. brucelinc

    Tuned 3.0 at the drag strip

    The danger of excessive use of E85 is that the fuel pump on these diect injection engines cannot pump enough at WOT and the car goes lean. To run higher percentages requires monitoring fuel pressure during the datalogging and tuning process and not exceeding the fuel pump's capability to maintain adequate pressure. The 2013+ Ecoboost 3.5 can handle up to about 30% ethanol. The 2.7 and 3.0 are capable of much more due to improved fuel systems. I have run up to 30% with no drop at all in fuel pressure. However, it didn't really gain me anything due to not having enough boost or timing to fully take advantage of it. I have seen SHOs drop ETs by nearly half a second when tuned for a 30% ethanol mix compared to just running E10 93 octane.
  14. brucelinc

    Tuned 3.0 at the drag strip

    Livernois still does not have a performance tune for the 3.0 Continental. I am very happy with the tune I have from AJP turbo but I have always thought the 1-2 shift was a bit too soft. It is 100% better than stock but still not as crisp as my old MKS. My tuner has been working on a Fusion and says he has finally cracked the code to sharpen up that 1-2 shift for me. I look forward to seeing the results. Livernois did build a transmission tune for me a few months ago but it was barely any better than stock. The tuning and datalogging experience with my tuner has been enlightening. So much of what applied to the 3.5 ecoboost just does not work on the 3.0. I am not looking for a dragstrip special by any means but I think my Conti has a bit more in it with a quicker 1-2 shift. We might also try a tune more dedicated to a mix of E85. The SHO and Fusion Sport guys are getting good results with E85 but it has never really helped my car much. There is likely some potential there.
  15. The 1995 Linoln Sentinel concept is the one I was talking about.