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  1. Was brought brand new, unfortunately this may end up being a bigger problem for Ford/Lincoln if 1000s of cars out there(which could include other models) have this same issue. I don't see how this could have been unintentional 😞
  2. 1steven

    12V battery upgrade

    I'm just wondering WHY ford/ lincoln is putting in a 30% smaller rated amp battery in than what the book spec calls for, sounds like a BIG money maker for them all around!!!. Please see my remarks under mkz lounge.
  3. My 2016 mkzh has a original battery with part number BXT-99RT4, (470 amps). My book lists the battery as BAGM-48H6-760 (760 amps). BIG DIFFERENCE AMP WISE! Today,24 jan,I just took actual measurements of the battery base holder, and yes,the battery listed in the OM will not fit,so yes,it seems to be a mistake on lincolns printing in the OM,and the BXT-99RT4 is the correct fitting battery. Thanks bbf2530 and drolds 1 for your input!
  4. Have most of you lincoln owners that brought brand new realized that you have a battery that's rated below what the vehicles book recommends as a replacement?? If so, I feel Ford/Lincoln is knowingly short changing us owners out of batteries meant to last longer,and forcing us to bear the costs of a newer battery sooner than if they had installed the CORRECT battery in the first place! Any thoughts on this???
  5. 1steven

    Ecco mode question.

    I've noticed when I use eco mode the car seems to want to go in the 'ev' mode sooner and more frequent than non eco mode while sacrificing car pickup ( ie acceleration)
  6. 1steven

    Hybrid MPG

    I own 2016 mkz hybrid, brought brand new,always changed my oil since 30k miles and added tufoil,now 78k miles and with 8 round trips from NY to Florida/Georgia at speeds up to 75-ish (I'm no slow poke!),using only 87 octane gas, Average TOTAL mpg at 42.0 mpg. My average mpg with my 2012 mkzh before I sold it with same driving pattern and oil changes was 38 mpg.......and I still enjoy and have fun driving my car and always trying to improve my mpgs!
  7. 1steven

    Oil Change - 2014 3.7L (w/pictures)

    Car ramps are soooo much easier and safer for oil changing than those jacks! And I have my tire center rotate the tires for ten bucks!,I believe money well spent for the time I save.
  8. 1steven

    Hybrid MPG

    True,work with the technology,as with the 2016 mkzh,anything 75mph and up exclusively uses gas engine only,so keep cruise control 74 or below. Also,sometimes tweeking cruise control down a mile or two engages hybrid mode,then tweek back up on downhills,those ev miles will add up!
  9. 1steven

    Hybrid MPG

    Next oil change behind me,added 2oz tufoil,last 400 miles driven virginia to new York averaged 47.4 mpg,and that's doing highway speeds! Just broke 44,000 miles on car
  10. 1steven

    Hybrid MPG

    I have used tufoil(patented oil additive) in my cars since 1986,never had any engine oil related issues (just better mpgs!). Thought would give my hybrid a go.1st round trip to florida wth 2016 mkzh,averaged 38 mpg,this last round trip with 6oz tufoil added before trip avg mpg 40.7
  11. 1steven

    fuel filling to capacity

    Dealer finally after 4days back in shop figured out that problem was the gascap filler unit,which they at first said was "no problem a month ago. Now tank fills to capacity at first clickoff of gas pump nozzle,just as the car manual states.
  12. 1steven


    I can tell you my 2016 trunk while closing comes v e r y close to metal contact before bouncing off the gasket.i will inform the dealer at next visit about this but in the mean time maybe applying liquid gasket to the trunk tip might help.good luck!
  13. 1steven

    fuel filling to capacity

    Fyi I asked mechanic at the dealership about this at my last oil change and they had no answer for me,but noted it in my paperwork
  14. Does grade assist hinder or increase mpgs? I understand it charges batteries while in this mode BUT once fully charged while still going downhill,since it's still slowing vehicle down,doesn't that hinder mpgs vs COASTING (ie not in grade assist)?
  15. 1steven

    mkz hybrid suspension

    Yearly vacation,then back to work