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  1. willy j

    Door lock stuck, and won't let me out!

    Well i wanted to say thanks for your advice, the trick has worked great and i finally got a new handle for her today and everything seems to be working as expected. I did notice that the new install doesn't seem to fit exactly the same as the old one, but at least it's working. Btw it was obvious to me that someone else had been there before, probably to replace the door handle. Thanks again!
  2. willy j

    Radio static

    Oh yeah Motorcraft for sure, i did notice what looked to be a burn holein this harness, not sure what it is but the single wire inside appeared to be ok
  3. willy j

    Radio static

    I recently had to change a fuel injector on the wife's car, apparently there's a lot of static now on the radio now since then, could a loose battery ground cause this issue or does it have something to do with the new spark plugs. Thanks everyone out there in lincoln land.
  4. I do have one concern though, after doing the fix, the car wouldn't start so i had to charge it first then it started up fine. I let it run a while then i noticed some steam and got moisture coming from the air filter cabin area. I shut off the car and reworked the air supply hose into its proper setting, put it all back together and started the car. After a few minutes at idle i noticed that i did not hook the MAF connector, so while the car was running i plugged the maf sensor in and the car stalled out dead. Started it back up and runs great, no engine light, no cel light. All good.
  5. Well i just got done fixing the car.... well so far so good that is. After doing some serious googling and researching troubleshooting sites i was able to repair the terrible hesitation and stuttering performance. According to the codes, p0302 and p0202, cylinder #2 misfire, injector circuit open cylinder #2. I used my dvmm to measure the resistance levels on the fuel injectors. Not knowing what the levels are supposed to be i have learned that all the injectors should measure the same. Cylinder #2 fuel injector measured waaaay outside what all the rest were.(12.5). I got kinda lucky cause only one injector was bad(138.7 - 213). Which i replaced. Had a few issues in the process plus i changed the plugs as well took me about 9 hours. Thanks for all the help, hopefully i won't have any more issues. If you have any insight as to a forecast of any kind or concerns i might have to watch for. Thank you very much
  6. Awesome, thanks for the help bb. I had to come home and do some diagnosis of my own, i'm no expert but it's shaking and stuttering pretty good,is this like a dealer type diagnosis. Thanks everyone
  7. I hope i got the right forum......... Need some help diagnosing some codes, Po302 po202 Well i'm a long ways away from home and the wife's car is acting up. Spitting and sputtering shaking, all that stuff. Thanks everyone for the help
  8. willy j

    Door lock stuck, and won't let me out!

    Well it'd better be a JETS pizza then! Lol Thanks guys!
  9. willy j

    Door lock stuck, and won't let me out!

    Yeah well you gotta realize that she is able to unlock the window and therefore access the handle from the outside. That's good shit right there, thanks bro!
  10. willy j

    Door lock stuck, and won't let me out!

    Right on, i will check it out, thanks for the reply and I'll let you know how it goes thanks
  11. Got a 2010 mkz, Recently the wife noticed that the drivers side door lock has been sticking and the lever won't allow her to open the door. I was hoping someone might be able to identify with this situation, thanks everyone!
  12. Has anyone ever experienced these scratches, I'm not sure if its from salt falling in the door or a problem inside the door
  13. Noticed today that my windshield does not have weather stripping across the top where the glass planes with the top of car and the rear window doesn't have any at all! Is this normal? Thanks all 2010 mkz
  14. willy j

    ' vehicle health report '

    I have not done an update yet and glad you responded cuz I wouldn't have thought to have my phone paired to do so. Thanks alot for your help! Want sure if I posted this question in the right forum but seems I did thanks again. I'll let you know what I come up with.