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  1. blumagic

    Sync Brain Fart

    I had the same problem as I was traveling I was in Ga heading to NC, mine did the same thing, I tried everything to get it back working turned the vehicle off let it sit, turned it back on same thing, it was updating the SXM which don't need wi-fi....
  2. blumagic

    SYNC3 v3.4.21194

    Sorry for the late respond, I took the pixs the same day I posted them, but this is all it does....SiriusXM told me it could take weeks before it kicks in...
  3. blumagic

    SYNC3 v3.4.21194

    Thanks for the good advice, but I did talk to SiriusXM and I was told that I was good to go but it still don't work....as you can see this is all that i get on my screen
  4. blumagic

    SYNC3 v3.4.21194

    I do have a subscription...
  5. blumagic

    SYNC3 v3.4.21194

    Hey guy, I was reading about what you were saying about the Travel Link, I just upgraded my sync 2 to the new sync 3.4, and everything works great, but for for some reason my travel link will not work, all of the icons are there but when I click of one of them it goes into the process but then it's back to the original screen, any ideas on what I do to get it fixed...also can you tell me what this file name is for 5U5T-14G381-ET....thanks
  6. blumagic

    SYNC 3 - upgrade costs

    Rubyinla, I want to thank you for the info that you posted about upgrading your system to the sync 3, and the pictures are a great help as well, I ordered those same brackets from ebay myself, and my new system should be here tomorrow, what you have posted makes it much easier during my install, and also know who to contact if something is not working, thanks again...
  7. blumagic

    Ceramic Coating

    Just cleaned mine up today using a product called Shine Armor, I was impressed...
  8. blumagic

    2016 Basic Stereo Question

    I have a 2016, and there is no sub-woofer...
  9. blumagic

    Tint on 2016

    Very nice, I want to try that new ceramic tint on my 16 MKZ...
  10. blumagic

    Fantastic two year wax

    Thanks Jim, I'm gonna have to invest into some.
  11. blumagic

    Fantastic two year wax

    Thanks for the advice, after i picked up my MKZ I clayed it with mothers claybar kit then I waxed it with Griot's show wax $25 a bottle and I also brought the Griot's speed shine very good stuff, it really makes the Black Stand out
  12. blumagic

    Welcome, blumagic

    Thank you so much
  13. blumagic

    Paint Chip

    I have had that problem in the past with my 2010 Fusion Sport, I have an appointment to get the clear bra installed on my MKZ.
  14. blumagic

    Power folding mirrors

    My 2016 MKZ has the power fold mirrows but they don't fold away automatically ....
  15. Roger that, I did the same thing to mine and you can't even tell it's there...