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  1. blumagic

    Ceramic Coating

    Just cleaned mine up today using a product called Shine Armor, I was impressed...
  2. blumagic

    2016 Basic Stereo Question

    I have a 2016, and there is no sub-woofer...
  3. blumagic

    Tint on 2016

    Very nice, I want to try that new ceramic tint on my 16 MKZ...
  4. blumagic

    Fantastic two year wax

    Thanks Jim, I'm gonna have to invest into some.
  5. blumagic

    Fantastic two year wax

    Thanks for the advice, after i picked up my MKZ I clayed it with mothers claybar kit then I waxed it with Griot's show wax $25 a bottle and I also brought the Griot's speed shine very good stuff, it really makes the Black Stand out
  6. blumagic

    Welcome, blumagic

    Thank you so much
  7. blumagic

    Paint Chip

    I have had that problem in the past with my 2010 Fusion Sport, I have an appointment to get the clear bra installed on my MKZ.
  8. blumagic

    Power folding mirrors

    My 2016 MKZ has the power fold mirrows but they don't fold away automatically ....
  9. Roger that, I did the same thing to mine and you can't even tell it's there...
  10. blumagic

    Illuminaed Door Sills

    I just Brought the 2016 MKZ and it has Illuminated Door Sills.