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  1. I have a 2007 MKZ that has a tranny on the way out...pretty much toasted.... can I put a FWD tranny in the car in place of the AWD one?? The replacement cost difference is sizeable if I can. All help is appreciated.... Thanks Peace
  2. geno4952

    Conversion possible??

    I have a 2007 MKZ that has a tranny on the way out...pretty much toasted.... can I put a FWD tranny in the car in place of the AWD one?? The replacement cost difference is sizeable if I can. All help is appreciated.... Thanks Peace
  3. Hopefully you took it to different place from the one that last changed your oil and left the drain plug loose.... Peace
  4. Wow.... that is really nasty sounding. If it is still under warranty I definitely would take it to a dealer. It sounds to me like two pieces of metal grinding against each other. Good luck man..... Peace
  5. Have a 2007 MKZ and I have a shudder in the tranny in 2nd and 3rd gears and then it goes away. Anyone have any idea what may be causing this? It's not a clunking, more of a teeth chattering type shudder. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks... Peace...
  6. Hey.... got the car yesterday and they were out of Fiestas (broke my heart) so they gave me a Hyundai Elantra. Nice car, for a while anyway. The guy at the dealership told me I may have the car for a month or two???? So with all the taxes and crap Lincoln is paying over $1500 a month for my rental. Also between Fords and Lincolns there are over 1.3 million cars recalled.... if you are going to get a new Lincoln you better do it before they spend 1.9 billion on rental cars and jack up the price for a new car......LOL!!! Peace
  7. bbf2530 Yeah.... thanks.... just re-read the letter and saw that.... my bad.....called local Ford dealer....good news..... they will provide a car at no charge....the bad news is it will be a Fiesta.. well I guess that is better than having an airbag go off and killing someone......thanks again Peace
  8. Has anyone else received a letter from Lincoln about them picking up the tab for a rental car until parts are available for the airbag recall? If you have do you have any idea how to go about getting the rental? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Peace...
  9. geno4952

    Rocker panel rust

    I have a 2007 MKZ and both passenger and driver side rockers are completely rusted out from rear wheel well to the back of the front doors. I have looked high and low for replacement rockers but can find nothing. Even a friend that owns a body shop couldn't find anything. Anybody have any ideas? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  10. geno4952

    Strange front end noise on my 2007 MKZ

    Sorry I took so long... was waiting for an email saying I had a reply... anyway... I supposedly had the tires rotated a month or so ago but I didn't see them do it so who knows if they really did. (cynical aren't I ?) I'll try it myself. It is AWD by the way so it is rear wheels to front on same side and front to opposite rear ...correct? Thanks for the reply Peace
  11. I have a weird thumping noise coming from the front of my 07 MKZ. Can't feel it only hear it. It sounds almost like a tire with a bulge in it. Like a whump whump whump that matches the rotation of the tires. From a dead stop to highway speeds. It seems to get louder when I turn the wheel. My tire guy (ex tire guy now) told me it was road noise from the tires I had him put on the car. What a crock. Any how, does anyone have any idea what it could be. I thought maybe wheel bearing but it isn't a growl it is a thump. Also thought of cv joint but that is more of a growl so I am really stumped. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Peace
  12. I know this is way late but I had the same issue with another car I had (95 Bonneville) and the problem turned out to be water in the spare tire well caused by a leak around the tail lights. No noticeable water on the trunk floor either. Every time I put the brakes on apparently some of the water sloshed out of the tire well and into the car. Drilled a 1/4 inch hole in the bottom and never had any more trouble. FWIW I Hope this may help. Peace
  13. geno4952

    Here's one for the wierd-o-meter

    Okay... went out yesterday for a few hours, washed the car, you know , typical warm day in Western NY. Came home, locked her up and went in the house. It rained pretty much all night. Went out to go to the store this morning and, here's where it gets weird, both front windows were down and the sunroof wide open. Needless to say the interior was soaked. I'm just completely stumped as to how this could happen. The only other thing I noticed recently is the seat doesn't automatically go to my position all the time. I push 1 and it works fine. Does anyone here have any clue as to what this may be??? Thanks to all who respond,
  14. geno4952

    Electrical Gremlins

    I know this is really late to comment on this but I was having some issues, air bag light, miles to empty (loved that .. went from 297 miles till empty to 463 MTE). Battery was only holding 9 volts.. changed it and all issues went away. Wouldn't have thought it was battery but I read your post.. thanks :thumbsup: :hat_tip:
  15. geno4952

    My new 16' Z

    Very nice ride Miahjera04... Makes me want to run down and trade in my 07 Z...