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  1. Tucker

    ABS Delete

    I have not seems like it would be complicated
  2. Tucker

    Every seen these? Fluorescent Anti-Slip Lincoln Mats

    very cool how much?
  3. Tucker

    MKZ on TV

    Love both House and Castle
  4. Tucker

    Welcome, whilesdan0887

    welcome to the site
  5. Tucker

    Welcome, TP222

    Welcome to the site
  6. Tucker

    Welcome, joeflow1

    welcome to the site
  7. Tucker

    2017 Lincoln MKZ

    I hope they don't go totally off the mark
  8. Tucker

    My 100,000 Mile 2008 MKZ

    looks good enough that it will make another 100,000 :)
  9. Tucker

    2008 w/ Wiper Speed Issue

    You can try spraying 4wd liquid as long as corrosion is not severe
  10. Tucker

    Odd sound every 2 minutes in MKZ Hybrid

    That one is new to me, can you take it in for a checkup?
  11. Tucker

    Welcome, Bob Obarski

    welcome to the site Bob
  12. Tucker

    Window Tint for my MKZ?

    I have been wanting to get some tint