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  1. It sounds like they are in the right direction. :shift:
  2. AndrewMKZ

    Custom painted grill

    Now that looks sharp on that generation MKZ! Kudos to you!
  3. AndrewMKZ

    Taking Care Of Leather...

    Thanks so much. Will remember both products.
  4. AndrewMKZ

    Hybrid MPG

    Not complaining. Actually, yes, it is. Just older technology than the 2013, which with the Eco boost has more horses and an mpg or two.
  5. AndrewMKZ

    Taking Care Of Leather...

    I have heard a million different things on leather cleaning, and my Lincoln Manuel says to use mild soap and water. Well, what type of soap? Is there a particular type to buy or can I mix a drop of dawn in a bucket of warm water and damp my cloth?
  6. AndrewMKZ

    Lincoln MKZ Ecoboost

    What a great engine to go in a great new car!
  7. I tell you, looks awesome. However (although has nothing to do with Lincoln) Years ago my mother had a Honda Accord with a moonroof. While driving down the road one day, its like the thing just shattered without warning. Could it have been a rock? Sure! However, to us it just shattered. I would hate to make that repair on that car!
  8. AndrewMKZ


    Understood Dennis! Sometimes the dealership will mask the problem! I think most people have at least come close to that.
  9. AndrewMKZ

    Where Are The 2013 MKZ's?

    My local dealership says that there are MKT's and MKS's for 2013 on the lot, and I don't even see any 2012's!
  10. AndrewMKZ

    Very Blessed Lincoln Owner

  11. AndrewMKZ

    Very Blessed Lincoln Owner

    Will fix that cap! haha. I wash my car when I can, but it is dirty 5 minutes later. Don't blame you!
  12. AndrewMKZ

    Hybrid MPG

    I wish. Getting 24 tops with my foot and non hybrid Z.
  13. AndrewMKZ

    2010 MKZ

    ultimate, nav, and tech packages.
  14. AndrewMKZ

    Drove a 2010 Today - WOW

    I have a 2010 and it is killer, hope you enjoy it!
  15. AndrewMKZ

    whirring sound

    I was wondering the same thing, however, I received the same answer. I have never had a car to do such though.