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    SiriusXM subscription offers?

    I've used their service for 3 years and finally cancelled this year. Since I don't have time to call every 3-6 month, I negotiated an annual deal. I would call just one day before the end of my annual term and I would press an option to cancel the service. After you've been transferred to the retention department tell them that you would like to cancel your service. They will give you a deal. You might decline the first deal and see if they could offer you a better one. Since I'm in Canada, my best deal was $113/yr including all fees, taxes (13%) and online access. I didn't care about sport but I had Howard Stern channels. After first year SXM moved one of my favorite channels to online only. And last year they've re-branded another channel that I was listening to. I used to listen only to 2-3 music channels and Howard 100, Howard 101. After that I didn't see any more value of paying for something that I don't use. Now I listen to a free version of Spotify.