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  1. robertsarge5

    Lost Lock and Unlock Feature

    I I didn't have my phone in my pocket with the key, so that was not the issue.
  2. robertsarge5

    Lost Lock and Unlock Feature

    Seems to be a issue we are all having, my 2016 MKZ started doing that last week after having the car four months. Works fine with the key fob, but couldn't get it to lock with my finger on the door handle. Now this week its working fine. Something is up if we all are having the same issue.
  3. robertsarge5

    Rear Spoiler

    It is 3M stick on
  4. robertsarge5

    Rear Spoiler

    Just added the rear Spoiler in black
  5. robertsarge5

    2016 MKZ

  6. robertsarge5

    Possible Sync3 Upgrade?

    Yes, please do, would love to hear how you make out. Maybe you can give me some pointers on something I missed that would make it easier.
  7. robertsarge5

    Possible Sync3 Upgrade?

    It gets involved. Yes, the center speaker must come off. You just have to take your time. First I pulled the lower side panels off of the center console where the cup holder is. Those just pull off, best to use the plastic pullers for dash removals so you don't damage it. Once those are off you will see the bolts to take off, I believe there was four or five on each side. Once you free that up pull it off and to the side, it has a wire connected to it for the cup holder light option but you will have enough line to put it out of the way. Once the center console is off then you can access the bolts to the face of the center console. You will also have to pop off the speaker with the light sensor that is on the top of the dash. It just pulls off. Under that you will have two bolts to remove. The tricky part for me was at the bottom of the dash control module on each side had a spring loaded bolt, that I could not get back on when I put it all together so they currently are not on my car, but everything is fine no rattles or sounds and everything is working fine. I also could not completely remove the dash from the bottom of the center console, I just pulled it forward and had enough space to remove the old module and replace it with the new one. Once that was done, just do everything in reverse order. But please take your time and don't rush it. It actually was harder for me to put it all back together than getting it all apart. The key is have patience and go slow. Mine is working great and all is good with no issues. All bolts are on except for the two spring loaded ones on each side at the bottom of the center control dash. But all is good with no rattles. I hope this helps you out a bit. It's hard to explain with not being at the car with you or a video. Next time I do something I am going to video it so it can help others. I am planing on getting the sync 3 upgrade when OEM comes out with it. So I may be doing it again all over. Best of Luck to you. Regards Robert
  8. robertsarge5

    My new 16' Z

    Very nice, Congrats!
  9. robertsarge5

    Sync 3

    I have a 2016 and it does not have Sync 3, The new 2017 MKZ will have it from what I was told.
  10. robertsarge5

    Possible Sync3 Upgrade?

    Console was hard to get apart on my MKZ, I'm pretty much car savvy so didn't use any directions. Just have to take your time and go slow.
  11. robertsarge5

    Blacked out taillights

    Did them myself. Just bought the tint at Auto Zone, very easy to apply!
  12. robertsarge5

    Blacked out taillights

    Did mine last week with 35% tint, Also had my wheels Black Chromed
  13. robertsarge5

    Possible Sync3 Upgrade?

    Yes, I have and works perfect. Easy to install, once you get past taking apart half the console. Well worth the price. I paid $800.00
  14. robertsarge5

    Possible Sync3 Upgrade?

    Yes, I have used this company just recently to upgrade my non-nav 2016 MKZ to have factory nav at the cost of $800.00. I believe they will get it to work as they change out the whole hardware that attaches to the back of the factory screen. There site says they are currently working on testing it and should be ready by the end of 2015 which is now. Maybe they are still having issues. Yes $2k for this is really out there. Not sure the added features are worth putting that kind of money into just having the new sync 3.
  15. robertsarge5

    Caliper Covers

    Where did you get these, can you take pics of the back ones as well, and seeing the car full view so you can see what it looks like.