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  1. Andrew L

    SecuriCode not working

    Never had a problem with my LS or Sable but those had physical buttons my MKZ with the "hidden" keypad is hit or miss when wet but mostly miss.
  2. Andrew L

    SecuriCode not working

    Well they can say that but I know from experience mine is flaky when it's raining. I usually wipe it down if I need to use it and it's wet.
  3. Andrew L

    Wishlist for next MKZ

    I think it's just the name itself. Rumor has it that D6 replacement for the MKZ will go back to a traditional name.
  4. Andrew L

    SecuriCode not working

    Probably because it was wet. Just like a touch screen on a phone it doesn't work well wet.
  5. Andrew L

    Will 2017+ key find work with older MKZs

    I also would like to know the same thing. My fob on my 13 fell apart on me and the plastic hooks that hold the metal key ring part snapped off so it won't go back together. I never liked these types of fobs anyway because the sticker chrome peeled off about a week after I got it. I asked if it was covered under the warranty from the concierge and they said it isn't.
  6. I had a 17 loaner with the LED blocks and I thought it was the same exact output from my LED projectors on my 13. The only thing was I missed having them turn with the wheel.
  7. Andrew L

    Embedded Modem

    Can't seem to find an answer to this. Does anyone know if you can add this if your car doesn't have it? Just curious.
  8. Andrew L

    Installing Sync 3 in a 2013 MKZ

    How hard was it to take the dash apart?
  9. Andrew L

    Cargo Net for MKZ

    I just went to the dealer this morning and got the same one for 50 bucks.
  10. Does anyone have a bike rack on the current gen? I have a 2013 and am possibly looking to get one. I had an LS before and I was told not to get one because it had an aluminum trunk lid. Is that the same case with the MKZ? Should I avoid it?
  11. Andrew L

    Lousy Service and Transmission Seal

    Just an update: So far it seems to be fine since I have had it back except FE has dropped, when I commuted back and forth to work I would see 37-40 on the instant read out. The past 3 days I have seen 31-35... I also notice that EV+ mode hasn't showed up when I get near the office so I think they reset the transmission / computer which means I will need to break it in again and have it relearn my driving style and relearn where my home and office (and bar) are located so it goes back to EV+.
  12. Andrew L

    Auto shutdown

    If you bring up the Hybrid Display on the main screen it will tell you why the engine starts. Mine started this morning because I put the defroster on since my windshield was fogging up.
  13. Andrew L

    Lousy Service and Transmission Seal

    He didn't tell me but.. I can tell you the TSB number: TSB 15-0174
  14. So I brought my MKZ to the dealer and was posting updates over at FIN. I will copy and paste them here as an FYI to other Hybrid owners. 12-16-15 Got a slightly frustrating story. It was time for my oil change this week so I called the dealer to schedule an appointment and told them on the phone I need a loaner since I will drop it off at lunch time and pick it up after work. They said no problem and added me to the system and I got an email confirmation. I get to the dealer and the service tech tells me I don't have an appointment and brings me to the board where all the clip boards are hanging. I pull out my phone and show him the email and he goes inside and goes oh sorry we didn't print it out, you're waiting right? I said no I requested a loaner and he said sorry we don't give loaners on oil changes because they are quick and I said well I need to get back to work I am on my lunch break and he said no worries we can get it done in under an hour with no car wash are you ok with that? I said ok fine but I need it done in under an hour. This irritated me since I have done this before and was given a loaner no question. Thankfully the waiting area had a 'computer lab' and I was able to login to my work computer and get some things done while I waited however the screen resolution was laughably low maybe 800x600 and the computers were still running XP talk about behind the times. As I was sitting there I noticed the time ticking away it was now close to 2 hours and no one had come out or anything. I was getting frustrated so I walked back into the service area and the guy I dealt with before saw me and came running up to me. I told him 'it's been 2 hours and I told you guys I needed to go this is exactly why I requested a loaner' and he apologized and told me the reason why it was taking so long was because my transmission is leaking and they are trying to track down the source. I told him I couldn't wait and I need to get back to the office so he said well I can get you a loaner now... unreal. So we go to the desk to fill out the paperwork and he tells me I've seen this transmission leak a lot on the Hybrids but don't worry it will be fixed under warranty. I find it very odd since I have not noticed any weird shifting or any puddles in my driveway or garage. No warning lights either. He told me it wouldn't be ready till Friday. I just happened to take Friday off too so me and my girlfriend could go to Disney talk about horrible timing. They ended up giving me a new 2016 MKX. So far I really like it. It's got excellent pickup and I love the interior minus the fact that the leather trim on the dash ends before the side vents which are just cheap plastic. 12-19-15 Update the car wasn't ready on Friday I had to call them and they told me they don't have the parts and it's on back order and they are not sure when my car will be ready but to keep driving the loaner. 12-22-15 Another update... still no car they called today and said they are waiting on a part from Ford and it's supposed to arrive tomorrow but they are doubting it with Christmas mail slowing everything down. If it doesn't arrive tomorrow I won't get my car till next week. No details either as to what is going on just that they are fixing the leak. I am finding this whole thing very odd.... 12-24-15 The service manager I was speaking with told me I would get a call yesterday if it was or wasn't ready. I never got one. I decided to drive over there today to find out what the heck was going on. They had a skeleton crew working with only 1 service person in an office. I asked her about my car and she looked it up and said there was no information in the computer as to why it was there.... NO INFORMATION. So she said she would check with head mechanic when he got back from a ride with another car and call me back but that they were only working a half day. I got a call several hours later, probably right before they closed, and she told me that the transmission was leaking in fact and they weren't sure when it would be done maybe late Saturday if I was lucky. I asked her exactly what they were fixing because there were no puddles in my driveway or garage and the car was shifting fine. She said: "Well the dampener housing... well you probably don't understand any of that so I will break it down for you the transmission is leaking and the only reason why you haven't seen any puddles is cause there is a pan that is catching it and there's a sponge in the pan that is soaking it all up. You are lucky we caught this when we did because if you did see a puddle then your transmission would have been fried." I am having a hard time buying all of this but if it is true why is it doing this at 20k miles? 12-28-15 I finally got the car back yesterday evening. I talked with the manager there and he told me that basically nothing was wrong with my car that Ford sent out a TSB on the Fusion and MKZ Hybrid to replace the seals on their transmissions the next time they come in for service, the problem is that they were back ordered..... so instead of telling me all of this they came up with this story and never gave me the correct info.