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  1. I really don't get all the hate. Maybe I'm too young for this car, but I've never needed to go above half volume even with the pano open (my speed comp is on the highest however) The Sirius radio sounds compressed and kinda crappy but the HD radio and CDs sound outstanding.
  2. BlackPano

    Water Marks

    I've found that the cloth covered wax applicators work very well also with a natural look and no slinging.
  3. BlackPano

    Black '13 with blacked out grille...thoughts?

    That is actually not my car (pics were before I had mine) but I use a wet tire shine by McGuire's that looks similar. I've found that by using a wax applicator I can work the product in better, I use less, it looks more natural, lasts longer, and there is no slinging onto the wheels.
  4. BlackPano

    Shorty antenna for 13-14 mkz

    Some loss of reception for stations in towns farther away. All of my local stations I like come in well though. So far I'm a big fan.
  5. BlackPano

    Shorty antenna for 13-14 mkz

    It's pretty dark out, but here is an initial pic of the short antenna.
  6. BlackPano

    Shorty antenna for 13-14 mkz

    So you are a fan of the stock antenna?
  7. BlackPano

    Shorty antenna for 13-14 mkz

    Yeah it's hard to believe that they really couldn't come up with an alternative before the initial launch or even for the '14 model. Clearly it did not bother the higher ups in engineering or design. It's pretty sad honestly, something you might expect from Hyundai or Kia while trying to establish themselves in the luxury market...not Lincoln.
  8. BlackPano

    Water Marks

    A leaf blower, that sounds like something I would do haha
  9. BlackPano

    Water Marks

    I use turtle wax ice spray on detailer and it does a nice job removing water marks and makes it easier to clean off new ones. Windows I just use glass cleaner. Also, I do all of my cleaning in the garage out of the sun to prevent new spots after a fresh wash. The sun and heat really make them show up quickly.
  10. BlackPano

    Touch up paint

    The dealer will have it.
  11. BlackPano

    Shorty antenna for 13-14 mkz

    Here's a screen grab
  12. BlackPano

    Shorty antenna for 13-14 mkz

    Rub it in :)
  13. Apple has its own vulnerabilities. And you can simply change your messaging settings to not auto retrieve MMS, then it's a non issue. So keep on whistling haha. Just picking. They are both great platforms, I just felt the need to clear that up if anyone else read the article.
  14. Not sure if anyone else here has bought one, but I just ordered a craven speed 4" shorty antenna for my 13 mkz pano. Will be nice to be rid of that monster antenna. I found it on amazon for $25, it's billet aluminum and made in the USA. I will post pics once it arrives.
  15. BlackPano

    Mark all forums read

    No problem!