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  1. 3sacrwd

    Bad battery, or alternator?

    Turned out to be a bad battery, as I suspected. The low battery may have been interfering with my Synch? The battery was replaced under warranty, so I am all good now. Thanks for the replies.
  2. When we go to start the car, it clicks and sometimes the display will show "performing scheduled maintenance", then the car will start OK. The battery does not have 100% charge and looks like the alternator is only putting out 13.8 volts. Does anyone know what it should be putting out? I called the dealer and told them what it was doing and they think that Sync just needs an update. I find that way too easy.
  3. 3sacrwd

    Panoramic sunshade not working?

    New sunshade and motor is installed. Amazing how much heat it keeps out of the car.
  4. Thanks, I figured we would try the batteries first. It only happens about once every two weeks or so. Hard to diagnose those weird gremlins sometimes. Thanks for the help.
  5. 3sacrwd

    No key detected

    It has happened to my wife twice, but normally when she gets in to start it, it tells her no key fob detected, even though she has hers, and in two cases mine as well. She has to reprogram the key to get it to start the car. Weird.
  6. Has anyone else had an issue with the panoramic sunshade not moving? When we bought the car it didn't work, so we brought the car to our local dealer for repair and they are having a difficult time finding parts. With temps in the 100's the car gets pretty hot inside. They didn't really give us a good answer of when the parts will be in either. When my wife comes back into town I will have to go down there and find out what is going on, We told them that if they cant find the parts, then why can't they just put in a new complete sunshade? They didn't like that suggestion either...
  7. My wife has been caught twice with this error, and then the car would not start. I was glad I read the manual after getting the car and showed her the indent under the cup holder to reprogram her key. Is it normal to have this happen twice within a week, or should I call the dealer to have them take a look? Thanks,
  8. 3sacrwd

    What color is my car?

    THanks, you are correct, it is smoked quartz.
  9. 3sacrwd

    What color is my car?

    I think mine may also be the darkside. Can I tell from the VIN, as i bought it used and don't have the build sheet. It is a mix between dark gray and blue. My other option for color was Bordeaux, which also is a cool color. My wife wanted the two tone light interior, so the darkside is the color that won out.
  10. 3sacrwd

    Pano Roof or Moon Roof?

    I love the pano roof. Our sunshade doesnt work and the dealer is having a hard time getting parts. Still a great option and fun to drive with the top open. No issues with visibility.