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  1. jimflutes

    Tire pressure display

    I am a tire nerd , so one of my favorite things on the 2018Z is the tire pressure readout gauge for each tire , especially now at the change of weather the tire pressure falls as weather turns colder . The hand gauge is the best way to check ,. so it was reassuring that the tpms readout and hand gauge were right on .
  2. jimflutes

    Hybrid MPG

    Update on the 2023 MKZ , it will be made in China not Japan, just for Chinese market . I was not liking the new design , you can see it on Youtube ..
  3. jimflutes

    Hybrid MPG

    Hi , This is my third MKZh ( 2013,16 and 2018) , the mpg on all the cars computer was very consistent at 39 - 41 mpg on all three . By the way I saw photo of a new 2023 MKZ car for Japan .
  4. jimflutes

    Oil Change

    If you use a place like Jiffylube be sure to sit and watch how they do the oil change , most all of these places hire very inexperienced workers because they paid low wages , consequentially the workers could less about what they are doing , and who can know what kind of cheap oil they are using . I now paid a little extra and go to a Ford dealer , if not go to any car dealership that has trained mechanics working there . I use to go to Midas but every time I went there were different kids working there , last time I had to show them how to do the tire rotation and why ! Oil is the life blood of our cars . Jim
  5. jimflutes

    Tire Choices

    leftoverture , That tread design looks to be the same as the Cross Climate 2 . You are getting great results with your tires because these all weather tires are the future of the tire world , you can ride year round in all conditions without having to change tires for winter and they feel like a summer tire . Now I would not say that they are comparable to winter tires in deeper snow , but so far I have driven in snow up to 5 inches with great confidence , anything deeper and I stay home. They have made my hybrid front wheel drive with the CVT able to handle winter where before I would not feel safe especially with the MXM4s , these tires on an all wheel drive would be awesome . Thank you for the updates , drive safe .
  6. bbf2530 , Really nice , I like it .
  7. We have about 5 inches of ice and snow here in Mass. , Normally I would never make it up the incline of my unplowed driveway with this condition especially with the cvt on my car , I would go around the block and come down from the top .. So I just had to test the tires , and yes they zipped right up to the top no problem . I can see where these " allweather " tires are the future , and we will see other tire manufacturers making their own brand of these . Drive safe - Jim
  8. jimflutes

    Tire Choices

    So far the Michelin Crossclimate 2 ( 245 45 18 ) are the best in any weather snow , rain or dry of any tire that I have had on my MKZh , I had the Perilli A/S P7 2 and they were better than the MXM4 Michs ( not good in snow) , but these CC 2 live up to all the reviews about them so far , in Mass we have had some light snow and heavy rain and ice and these tires make you feel super confident driving . These are the only tires I have experience with .. Jim
  9. jimflutes

    Oil Life Monitor

    Hey thanks for all the feedback , next oil change will check with dealer . This is a great forum , Happy Holidays all !!!
  10. jimflutes

    Oil Life Monitor

    Thank you for the reply . However I do not have the smart phone , but why did Lincoln change the way the olm works .
  11. jimflutes

    Oil Life Monitor

    On my 2016 and 2013 the oil life monitor would tell me how much is left ( 50% , 30% etc ), now this 2018 MKZh does not read how much is left , when I go to the oil window it just shows how to reset and not how much is left ..
  12. jimflutes

    Hybrid system coolant

    This is my third MKZh ( 13 , 16 ,18 ), and I have always changed the air filter and cleaned the engine compartment , and never noticed this little liquid holder . I am always amazed to find new things about this car .
  13. jimflutes

    Air and cabin filters.

    I agree motor craft for engine , I like a charcoal infused for cabin , I have not seen a motor craft carbon cabin but WIX has a carbon cabin filter that looks good . Thanks and have a good Thanksgiving !
  14. What is the best air and cabin filters for the MKZ hybrid .