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  1. jimflutes

    Ford Quick Lane oil change the works .

    Great suggestion , you know when I called my dealer I was going to ask if they would that and didn't , so next oil change I WILL do that , all they can say is no , right . Meanwhile , like I said , I was very satisfied with the Quick Lane .
  2. jimflutes

    Ford Quick Lane oil change the works .

    I would do the same thing in your situation , you are correct in doing business with your dealer considering he is your customer also ( One hand washes the other ) . But I was looking to save some money and did . I just returned from the Quick Lane dealer and it was a good experience . The place was super clean the workers were efficient and done in an hour , everything was Ford parts and oil . This was a giant Ford dealership in a city close to me and I was impressed , my dealer is a small town dealer and I would bring any serious work to them but for the works I would go back .
  3. jimflutes

    Ford Quick Lane oil change the works .

    I was thinking it would be the same , it seems that not all Ford dealers have this Quick Lane . Thanks to the very helpful response here I am on my way there today. I am very grateful to have this forum .
  4. So my dealer will charge 60.00 for the works , now I found a on line coupon for the works with the 50/50 oil for 40.00 but only at a Ford dealer that has a Quick Lane oil change dept. they are a little bit further then my dealer . Do you think that you get the same service at this Quick Lane ?
  5. I do not think it matters if you still own the car if you have the vin # to either one you can enter it in the site and they will show if your vin is eligible . I entered my previous 2013 MKZ and it was .
  6. Eligible cars are MKZ 2007 - 2016 .
  7. The site is Auto air bag settlements.com , I put in my vin # and it said I was eligible , you can get up to $500.00 but you give up any other claim of injury or work to replace the air bag.
  8. So this is a class action settlement that if you sign up you may be entitled to a payment . I received this notice in the mail it directs you a website where you look up your car past or present to see if you might qualify . Has anyone else received one of these .
  9. jimflutes

    Oil change price, impressive

    I keep seeing on line coupons for ford quick change " the works " at $39.00 or less . I am going to call my dealership to check on this price .
  10. jimflutes

    First-time Bodywork Project

    Mark , For a do it yourself it is excellent work , I give you a lot of credit for giving it a go .
  11. jimflutes

    Auto Geek flash sale 20% off !

    17 hours left , it is now 6;07 EDT , 7/14/2018.
  12. jimflutes

    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    Wow , To think someone could hit you like that and just keep on going like nothing happened , and then not to at least see if you were injured . The number one thing is that you are alright and this could have been much worst ! How much does insurance cover for this , it looks like the poor car is totaled . So very sorry for this lost .
  13. jimflutes

    Dash Mat

    I would go with the window sunshades , I have not seen a dash mat that would look good on the Z , the dash looks too good to be covered .
  14. jimflutes

    Battery positive terminal

    Just now looked at my battery , there is nothing covering the pos. terminal , your battery looks just like mine . You should have two clips on the inside of the door when turned they clip behind the the plastic tabs on the inside of the battery compartment . If one is missing it is no big deal as long as you can close the door with the one . If not maybe Velcro strips on the outside of the door to help keep it closed.
  15. jimflutes

    New to the MKZ community

    Welcome bigvin , This is the place for all MKZ questions and answers. The front plate bracket is DP5Z-17A385-AA , 32.50 free ship on ebay. Good luck with car.