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  1. jimflutes

    First-time Bodywork Project

    Mark , For a do it yourself it is excellent work , I give you a lot of credit for giving it a go .
  2. jimflutes

    Auto Geek flash sale 20% off !

    17 hours left , it is now 6;07 EDT , 7/14/2018.
  3. jimflutes

    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    Wow , To think someone could hit you like that and just keep on going like nothing happened , and then not to at least see if you were injured . The number one thing is that you are alright and this could have been much worst ! How much does insurance cover for this , it looks like the poor car is totaled . So very sorry for this lost .
  4. jimflutes

    Dash Mat

    I would go with the window sunshades , I have not seen a dash mat that would look good on the Z , the dash looks too good to be covered .
  5. jimflutes

    Battery positive terminal

    Just now looked at my battery , there is nothing covering the pos. terminal , your battery looks just like mine . You should have two clips on the inside of the door when turned they clip behind the the plastic tabs on the inside of the battery compartment . If one is missing it is no big deal as long as you can close the door with the one . If not maybe Velcro strips on the outside of the door to help keep it closed.
  6. jimflutes

    New to the MKZ community

    Welcome bigvin , This is the place for all MKZ questions and answers. The front plate bracket is DP5Z-17A385-AA , 32.50 free ship on ebay. Good luck with car.
  7. bbf2530 , Great point , I do have the ESP , and the electronics could get tricky in the hybrid. I have to blame my mother for this , she was a gadget person and I was always amazed at the next one she would get. Talking this out with everyone on the forum has made me see the other side of this , especially the electronic risk. This a feature that come with all autos in the future .
  8. Well I am still in the process of trying to get this Mobileye system installed. The Mobileye company told me it would cost $1200.00 complete , the problem is that the only place to do this is 2 hrs. away and that it would take eight hours to do. I am waiting to see if the Tint World in Albany NY will try to install , but it sounds like it is a complicated installation process , oh well just going to have to rely on the good old eyes.
  9. Sadly the day of road safety driving knowledge and etiquette is now over. Things like flashing a large truck that passed you to single it is safe to return in front of you and going to low beam from high as cars approach you. Most people that I am in a car with are too distracted or in a hurry to do simple safe things like the wheels pointed straight before turning left or allowing a car with it's turn single on to get in front of you etc. Well the self driving auto will take care are of all that required thinking , but until that day defensive driving is the best way to go.
  10. Chris109 , No I did not , Ballston Spa is not far from Stockbridge ,I have been to SPAC many times , I am sorry for them and their families . So there is not a whole lot you can do about the rear end collisions , years ago I was rear ended very hard and totaled the car , the seat belt saved my life that day or I would went through the window. When making a left turn into oncoming traffic I always keep my wheels straight and not turned , but if you are shoved by the car hitting you there is not much you can do. I feel if this gadget works just once it will pay for itself , Tint world in Albany said they can install , ballpark estimate $1000.00. After the install I will report here.
  11. drolds 1 , As usual you have the information we need. I did realize that the Mobileye does not put the brake on , but any warning is better than none , especially on our cars that are always giving us so much information that takes our eyes off the road for split seconds. . Now my question for the dealer is will they install it.
  12. My mistake on MKZ year it is a 2016 reserve. I will also check with my dealer to see what they can do with either a factory install or putting an aftermarket.
  13. So my 2017 MKZ does not have this feature , I am planning on having this car for a number of years and am now exploring getting this system put on. I am looking at the RVS Mobileye system now (1200.00) , any thoughts on other less expensive ones. ?
  14. jimflutes

    Free car wash

    The touchless car wash might be a good solution , it uses high pressure water and soap then powerful blowers that dry the car , so nothing touches the car itself. I was skeptical at first but was impressed with how well it does. Then I use opti-seal to spray down the car and I am all set. It looks like I spent hours on the car.
  15. jimflutes

    Free car wash

    Oh yea , I was never going to let anyone wash my car but me with my microfiber sponge and microfiber towels. But this last winter as it was way too cold for me to wash it and my car was looking real dirty and salty going in for oil change , so I was very happy to have them wash it for me , they even do the interior detailing. And they washed it again for the recalled steering wheel nut. Now I have a lighter color car so swirls may not show , and the finish looks fine to me , it can't be that I am at the age where it's just not that big a deal.