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  1. jimflutes

    Spare tire in a mkz hybrid

    Yes by all means try it on the car as soon as you get it then see if it fits in the sub trunk space , if it fits you know it will work in an emergency , if it does not fit you can send it back right away . Check the air pressure and fill if need be then you will be all set . Good luck , this will give you peace of mind .
  2. jimflutes

    Spare tire in a mkz hybrid

    This was for the 2013 MKZh with 18 inch tires and they were fine on the car when I rode on them . I now have a 2016 MKZh with 19 inch tires but have not tried the spare on it yet .
  3. jimflutes

    Spare tire in a mkz hybrid

    I just looked in my sub trunk at my spare , here is tire specs that fit the MKZh spare and fits in the trunk . T 135 / 90 / R 16 - 102 M . Of course you have to remove the foam . I rode this tire on my car and it rode great .
  4. jimflutes


    Hey me too , trip to Phila. 36 mpg ( 500 round trip ) , this the lowest I ever got in 6 years of MKZh driving , I was around 40 until this very cold spell hit , so I think it is the weather . I always use 89 with no problems .
  5. jimflutes

    Spare tire in a mkz hybrid

    Sure , take out the foam , buy a scissor jack and cross bar your all set . I put one in my 2013 MKZh and then took it out and put it in my 2016 MKZh , it fits perfect and you have peace of mind on long trips . There were instructions on this site and Ford fusion site about tires that fit for a spare . I purchased one and put it on and drove about 50 miles on it to check it out and found it worked great .
  6. jimflutes

    Please tell me the factory tire are not good!

    I took the MXM4 off my new 2013 MKZh after sliding in small amounts of snow . This car is front wheel only and is generally not good in snow I would guess because of heavy weight , my old 2009 Accord stick shift was very good in snow . After taking off the MXM4 I went with Perilli a/s plus and experienced an improvement in snow driving in up to 4 inches , I am very experened with driving on snow so that is also a help , I liked the Perilli so I put them on my now 2016 MKZh , there are other high rated a/s tires you can see on tirerack.com. the MXM4 is very low rated . If you want to drive in higher amounts of snow you have to go with snow tires .
  7. I took out the insert that held the can/spare tire filler , then had enough room to put in a good spare tire , purchased a scissor jack and feel a lot better on long trips .
  8. We only got about 8 inches here in Mass., I do have good a/s tires so up to 3 - 4 inches I can go with caution because of the front wheel drive , but the Lincoln is not the best snow car , maybe the all wheel , but in a big storm I stay put .
  9. I had a 13 Zh and now a 16 Zh , the 16 has the 19in. wheels and I like them a lot , much better looking then the smaller wheel. If it has the heated steering wheel then it would have the upgraded sound system a big plus and heated back seats . I am on my second Zh , I do not think many cars can beat it for mpg and luxury . When you drive it just check to feel that the transition from electric to gas engine is smooth , on both my cars I could not feel the switch . I did not miss the sun roof because the car has great air/heat conditioning , ask them to check the cabin air filter . I have had no major problems with either car ( 13 had rear shocks replaced ) , I am driving cars/trucks now for over 50 years and this is the best all around car . You will not go wrong with either but I lean toward the silver one . Good luck .
  10. jimflutes

    Hybrid license plate frame .

    I like the look of this frame , I had one like this before and after a year the HYBRID word washed out in the silver frame , the one I have now has the HYBRID encased in a plastic window and stays like new after washes .
  11. jimflutes


    My first MKZ was a 2013 hybrid . I never thought that I would buy a Lincoln after driving Accords most of my life but the new style intrigued me , so after the test drive I was sold . I liked it so much that I purchased a 2016 lightly used Z ( 8000 miles ) in 2017 . Now I could have purchased a new 2017 but did not like how they styled the front end like a Continental instead of keeping the bold style of the MKZ separate from the Conti., ( my pet peeve ) . Anyway I do enjoy driving this car and I am sure you will too , and I may get a newer one down the road ( if they will just listen to me about style changes ) . You were smart in checking out this forum because there are a lot of knowledgeable people here who will help you with any questions or problems you may come across with your Z . Good luck and safe driving . jimflutes
  12. jimflutes

    Ford Quick Lane oil change the works .

    Great suggestion , you know when I called my dealer I was going to ask if they would that and didn't , so next oil change I WILL do that , all they can say is no , right . Meanwhile , like I said , I was very satisfied with the Quick Lane .
  13. jimflutes

    Ford Quick Lane oil change the works .

    I would do the same thing in your situation , you are correct in doing business with your dealer considering he is your customer also ( One hand washes the other ) . But I was looking to save some money and did . I just returned from the Quick Lane dealer and it was a good experience . The place was super clean the workers were efficient and done in an hour , everything was Ford parts and oil . This was a giant Ford dealership in a city close to me and I was impressed , my dealer is a small town dealer and I would bring any serious work to them but for the works I would go back .
  14. jimflutes

    Ford Quick Lane oil change the works .

    I was thinking it would be the same , it seems that not all Ford dealers have this Quick Lane . Thanks to the very helpful response here I am on my way there today. I am very grateful to have this forum .
  15. So my dealer will charge 60.00 for the works , now I found a on line coupon for the works with the 50/50 oil for 40.00 but only at a Ford dealer that has a Quick Lane oil change dept. they are a little bit further then my dealer . Do you think that you get the same service at this Quick Lane ?