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  1. jimflutes

    Michelin Cross Climate 2 , A/S tire

    The DSW 06+ is the updated version of the older DSW 06 , so I answered my own question !
  2. jimflutes

    Michelin Cross Climate 2 , A/S tire

    Just took another look at the DSW 06+ , it seems so much better than the regular DSW 06 you wonder why would they make this version , the + is just a couple dollars more . It is real close between the Miches pilot a/s and the DSW + but the DSW+ has a better rating in snow . Last year I installed Continental cross contact 25 on my daughter's Nissan Murano , they have been outstanding in all weather situations . Jim
  3. jimflutes

    Michelin Cross Climate 2 , A/S tire

    gfong , you got it right , the DSW 06+ looks like it just edges out the Miches in performance especially in snow and price , from the reviews I looked at you can not go wrong with these , good luck .
  4. jimflutes

    Michelin Cross Climate 2 , A/S tire

    gfong , My size 245 45 18 . Tire rack is a great help , just type in your car and conditions you will be driving in and they will show best on down . You do not have to buy tires from them but will get a good idea which is best for your car and the conditions you will be mostly concerned about . Yea winter is not that far off .
  5. jimflutes

    Michelin Cross Climate 2 , A/S tire

    8/27/21 , Crossclimate 2 update . Now have about 300 miles on them , just rode thru the last hurricane in the NE down pour , the tires are excellent driving on wet roads , so good you forget to be cautious in the weather , they are quite and track great on dry , as good or better than my last favorite tires Perilli P7 + . If this tire does what I have read about it's performance in snow it will truly be the first real all season tire . I am driving the hybrid front wheel drive , so this car needs help in bad weather conditions , these tires on a all wheel drive car would be fantastic .
  6. jimflutes


    Your situation sounds like what the all weather four season tires are made for . Check out tire rack and hey will make recommendations based on what you type into the tire questions. I also do not have the tire space so I feel the Mich. CC2 will be the tire for me . I want the tire to handle snow up to 5 inches without sliding around my long driveway and in town driving . Like I stated I am very pleased with their dry road handling on par or above with the MXM4 , the winter driving will be the big test , but from what Viking has told us , they should do real good .
  7. jimflutes


    I don't know if you saw the letter from Viking from Ontario . He has high praise for the CC2 tires , and has two years experience with them in all weather up in Canada . I just put them on my 2018 Zh and drove about 300 miles on dry roads . My other tires were Michs. MXM4 . They are very close when driving on dry road , the CC2 score a 10 on quite and comfort while the MXM4 score 9 . The big difference will be on winter weather where tire rack scores the CC2 way above the MXM4 . If the CC2 does good in winter weather , I am talking about up to 5 inches snow anything above that is snow tire weather , then this will be the very best tire at this present time for all weather .
  8. jimflutes

    Funny confession .

    Viking , based on where you live and your driving experience with the impressive machines you drive , I would say your opinion of this tire holds a lot of weight . I have looked at many tire sites and forums , not just TR and consumers and it is the same , as one tire expert said " the tire has no peers" at this present time . Anyway I will see for myself and report back . Thank you for your valuable input .
  9. jimflutes

    Funny confession .

    leftoverture, I felt the same way about the wing being the better , but now I have " seen the light" , particularly the great daylight running lights on the 18 , by the way I am swapping out the Mich MXM tires for the new all weather Michs cross climate 2 ( # 1 rated all weather , tirerack and consumers ) , I will be giving a report when they are on . I do like the MXM tires how they ride but we get a lot of snow here ( MA ) and the Z front drive is not real good in the snow to begin with , I have had the MXM on my 13 Z , and slid all over my long driveway . I do a lot of highway driving and absolutely amazed about the adaptive cruise , it took me awhile to trust it but now I am use to it all the time , it makes for a relaxing drive for long distances . Great talking with you , Jim
  10. jimflutes

    Funny confession .

    gfong , I figure if you like the model and are use to how it should handle and look ( I had three now) you will know what to look for when you go check out the 2020 . Honestly my 2018 version feels different in a very good way then the 2016 so I am back to looking forward to driving it anywhere like I did with the first one ( 2013). So enjoy your Z , by the way if you have any questions about the car, the people on this forum are extremely knowledgeable about the great MKZ .
  11. jimflutes

    Funny confession .

    Well for years I complained about the changes Lincoln made in the MKZ 2016 to 2017 front grill change and how I did not like it . I had a 2013 and 2016 and now a 2018 ( 4500 miles on it ) and yes I really I mean really like this version , all the electronics are faster and better , the adaptive cruise is fabulous , and the front grill yes has put a big smile on my face ( I like it a lot ) , anyway this car will be a classic for sometime to come because they are not making them any more , the rating chart in consumer report has it at the top , I feel that I will have this car for a long time . Anyway I had to get that off of my chest . Jim
  12. jimflutes

    First Week Impressions

    Hey BBF2530 , The side bolster adjustment is new to me , how do they work ? I just traded in my 2016 and purchased a 2018 MKZh select ( loaded ) .
  13. jimflutes

    Spare tire in a mkz hybrid

    Chris , My spare extended wheel is facing down not up like your picture ,you may have to add two shims under the trunk lid to make it sit flat , also I have a hybrid trunk so that may be different .
  14. jimflutes

    Hi everyone

    Hey if you have not noticed they must be OK , thank you , Jim
  15. jimflutes

    My 1st Lincoln mkZ awd 2011

    mkze11eveN , Cocomats.com has made custom mats for our 2013 up mkz cars . They are expensive but will last the life of your car , they come with thick rubber heel pads and many different materials . I had called them years ago and made a paper cut out of my floor plan and they made the mats . Good luck .