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  1. jimflutes

    2013-2016 arm rest

    R2D2 , Yes that's it , ( you can tell I am not real good with computer stuff ). But on both my 13 and 16 Z my elbow always seemed to find the space between the leather armrest and the cup holder doors , it was a little thing but noticeable . Now this $10.00 pad has me smiling , I can slide it forward for my whole arm or back for elbow , they even put the Lincoln logo on it ! Sometimes it is the little things that make us feel good , like holding the door open for someone in a store or letting a car get in front of you or just a $10.00 pad in a $45,000 car . Thank you for the picture .
  2. jimflutes

    2013-2016 arm rest

    Well on the 2013-16 mkz the armrest does not come far enough forward to make your arm rest comfortably . So this pad has two expandable straps that slid under the car's short armrest ( you lift it up then slide the straps under then close it back down ) so that you can now slide the new pad it forward to where your arm can sit on it . For $10.00 they put the Lincoln logo on it and it really made my driving experience better. On the 2017-2020 mkz they addressed this issue and made the arm rest better . Sorry link did come through , but you can see it on ebay by searching center car armrest ,
  3. For LINCOLN Car Auto Armrest Pad Cover Center Console Box Cushion Mat Protector eBay.htm This works great over the small arm rest in the 2013-16 . I always found it uncomfortable until I installed this , it just slips over the existing one and they will put the Lincoln name on it .
  4. jimflutes

    My new 2017 Hybrid MKZ in Nashville, TN

    Hey jivedaddy , You made a great choice . I had a 2013 Zh now a 2016 Zh and soon to be a 2019 or 2020 Zh . From the 2013 on I have had no problems with these cars . For all the luxury you get with the good looks ( no other car looks like these ) plus I am getting 42 mpg on reg. gas yet, I feel they are the best deal going in cars ,and at my age ( 76 ) I have driven more cars , sport cars army trucks , motorcycles than I can recall . Anyway the very best of luck with your Zh , try not to smile too hard as you drive pass all these $3.00 a gallon gas stations !
  5. jimflutes

    Grey Goose Project

    Dj Tranz , Spectacular looking Z . As usual drolds is right , no matter how careful I am the bottom bumper seems to get scraped ( I hate that sound ) , this is my second Z and now I have same color spray paint to do the front bumper bottom now and then . I did notice it was better with the 19 inch wheels then the 18 . Good luck you have a real showpiece there .
  6. jimflutes

    Lincoln Zephyr Reflection concept.

    Absolutely love this design . This is what SHOULD have been done at the end of the 2013-16 model years , I have the 2016Zh and have not seen another car that I like that would replace it ,. If Lincoln came out with this I would be at the dealership tomorrow !
  7. A2Seth , I would want to switch out my 2016 arm rest for the 2017 ( ebay $ 36 ). Does the 17 arm rest fit with no adjustments ? Thank you
  8. jimflutes

    Mixed blessing

    bbf2530 , perfect recommendation .
  9. jimflutes

    Welcome to the Lincoln MKZ Forum

    Hi and welcome to the forum , anything you would want to know about your car you will find here . I started with a 2013 MKZh and liked it so much I went right to a 2016 MKZh just like yours . You will find that the folks here are well informed and very willing to help with any problem concerning Lincoln cars and especially the MKZ . Good luck and I hope you enjoy this car as much as I do .
  10. jimflutes

    PTU end of life

    Do these people realized they are dealing with our drolds1 - Mr. Linciln MKZ , they had better be on the look out !
  11. jimflutes

    Looking at a MKZ Hybrid

    Oh yea it was supposed to be bargaining . The video on the hybrid battery gave me a great respect for the minds that put these complicated things together , and to think this is only a bridge to future means of transportation .
  12. jimflutes

    Looking at a MKZ Hybrid

    I just read that some states mandate a hybrid battery be warrant to 150k , you may live in one of those states , other alternatives are rebuilt battery or buying one from a wrecked car , some batteries have gone to 200k , so take this in consideration for barging valve .
  13. jimflutes

    Looking at a MKZ Hybrid

    All I can add is that I purchased a 2014h that was the year they changed to a more updated look , I was surprised at how much I liked the car , I had always driven Honda accords EXLs . The combination of a luxury car with great mpg ( 39 - 41 ) is very appealing to me , now it is not as nimble as the Accord but the MKZ has a sophisticated feel to it and you are not aped to speed around with it which I would think is a big plus with your son in it . If your son is ready to step up as a mature young man this may make him feel that role better . I had a 2014 and liked so much I now have a 2016 , good luck to you both .
  14. jimflutes

    Jump starting hybrid battery .

    Drolds1 , I asked this because I just purchased a jumper/compressor combination and wanted to be sure how to properly use . So when I checked backed to when you covered this in 2018 it was I who asked the question then but never had to use the info , I thanked you then and I thank you now . I say if you want to know " ask Drolds1 " ( reference to the movie All My Children " if you want to know ask Joe ") .
  15. jimflutes

    Jump starting hybrid battery .

    I am talking about the 12 v battery in the trunk not the hybrid battery .