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  1. jimflutes

    Ambient Lighting reverts to default

    Same here with my first 2013 Z , now my current 2016 Z holds the colors .
  2. As usual Drolds1 has the correct information , thank you .
  3. Hi , I have a 2016 MKZh and so far the only controls I found are on the side of the front seat for the lower back , so I am wondering where the adjustments are on the screen . I too like this car it is my second one .
  4. jimflutes

    Best way to fix small chips

    I just discovered that by going on the Dr Colorchip page and getting your paint code then go to ebay and order the kit you can save shipping charges .
  5. jimflutes

    Best way to fix small chips

    Dr. Colorchip is the best and perfect color match . . For deep chips put on then next fill it again next day , while not perfect it will make chips tolerable .
  6. jimflutes


    I have this in my carport for a year now and no sign of mice . Battery Operated Sonic Rat and Mouse Repeller By PestBye® £9.99.html
  7. Check to see if the cabin filter is clogged .
  8. jimflutes

    Dash Does Not Line Up With Door Panels

    Eurythmian , First I think the car is one of most stunning MKZs I have seen , I like that you framed the front license plate and is that a thin pinstripe ? I am a big fan of the 2013-16 front grill , I think Lincoln got too conservative when they redesigned the 17 model but that's another story . I have owned two Zs , the dash on the 2013 was a little off yours is way off in my opinion , but my 2016 is perfect and I was looking for it when I purchased the car as Lincoln certified used . I think a lot of the 13 models had this problem due to the fact it was the first of the new redesign . The fact is on a car this expensive that is unacceptable workmanship given that it is something you will see every time you get behind the wheel , of course over time it will not be that big a deal giving the fact that there is nothing you can do to make it better and over all the car looks fantastic , we learn to live with much worst things then this . Best of luck with your Z .
  9. jimflutes

    3M Clear Bra

    Zalvern , Great observation from someone who has experience with and without the clear bra . I do have the clear bra on my car ( 2016 ) and had one on the 2013 , and while I had no chips on the hoods of either car I do wonder if it would be the same without the bra , I guess I could say that I have no chips because of the bra protection , in the end I feel better about having the bra on rather then going " nude" , but you make a good case for just a real good ceramic paint protection , it gives me something to think about .
  10. jimflutes

    Spare tire in a mkz hybrid

    Yes by all means try it on the car as soon as you get it then see if it fits in the sub trunk space , if it fits you know it will work in an emergency , if it does not fit you can send it back right away . Check the air pressure and fill if need be then you will be all set . Good luck , this will give you peace of mind .
  11. jimflutes

    Spare tire in a mkz hybrid

    This was for the 2013 MKZh with 18 inch tires and they were fine on the car when I rode on them . I now have a 2016 MKZh with 19 inch tires but have not tried the spare on it yet .
  12. jimflutes

    Spare tire in a mkz hybrid

    I just looked in my sub trunk at my spare , here is tire specs that fit the MKZh spare and fits in the trunk . T 135 / 90 / R 16 - 102 M . Of course you have to remove the foam . I rode this tire on my car and it rode great .
  13. jimflutes


    Hey me too , trip to Phila. 36 mpg ( 500 round trip ) , this the lowest I ever got in 6 years of MKZh driving , I was around 40 until this very cold spell hit , so I think it is the weather . I always use 89 with no problems .
  14. jimflutes

    Spare tire in a mkz hybrid

    Sure , take out the foam , buy a scissor jack and cross bar your all set . I put one in my 2013 MKZh and then took it out and put it in my 2016 MKZh , it fits perfect and you have peace of mind on long trips . There were instructions on this site and Ford fusion site about tires that fit for a spare . I purchased one and put it on and drove about 50 miles on it to check it out and found it worked great .
  15. jimflutes

    Please tell me the factory tire are not good!

    I took the MXM4 off my new 2013 MKZh after sliding in small amounts of snow . This car is front wheel only and is generally not good in snow I would guess because of heavy weight , my old 2009 Accord stick shift was very good in snow . After taking off the MXM4 I went with Perilli a/s plus and experienced an improvement in snow driving in up to 4 inches , I am very experened with driving on snow so that is also a help , I liked the Perilli so I put them on my now 2016 MKZh , there are other high rated a/s tires you can see on tirerack.com. the MXM4 is very low rated . If you want to drive in higher amounts of snow you have to go with snow tires .