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  1. jimflutes

    End of the MKZ?

    The MKZ ended in 2017 when Lincoln changed the unique look of the 2013 - 16 model to the 2017 "old man's Lincoln" front , instead of evolving the 2013 /16 into something daring they went backwards . I would have purchased the 2017 model until I saw what they did to it . So I traded my 2013 in for the last of the style 2016. I am still very happy with my 2016 original Z , and had hoped Lincoln would have moved its style forward , but it looks like the day of the sport sedan has been replaced with the different sizes of SUVs . The only way the Lincoln Z sedan could have survived is by being something special and the company did not want to invest in this idea . No other car comes close to the look of my 2016 Z , you can easily spot it in the parking lot , a gem among the ordinary .
  2. 28000. I was told they were needed at a fast lane oil change , then my dealer confirmed .
  3. this may be a bit late but I just had the 2016 hybrid rear brakes pads and rotors replaced at dealership for $232.49 , this was with a Ford coupon I found online .
  4. jimflutes

    New 2019 MKZ Reserve I owner

    The car looks/is fantastic . So you are going to install the clear bra yourself , I do have the 3M on my 2016 installed by certified installers , hood , bumper ,wheel arches ,lights and mirror for $1050 , had it on the 13 and now 16 , always looks good never a problem .. Please tells us how it was installing this yourself , did you ever do this before ? The best of luck with the new wheels !
  5. jimflutes

    Last coat new synthetic .

    I too like to try the new products that just came out , the thing I like about this is the easy of use and great result , you spray on car or micro towel wipe on turn over towel slight buff and boom ! goes easy on my shoulders .
  6. jimflutes

    Last coat new synthetic .

    Ok after two shoulder operations I was ready for something like this . You get the Last coat wash and then after drying you spray on the last coat finish . This goes on very easy and with light buff it looks spectacular , supposed to last 24 weeks but it is such fun and easy to use I will be doing it more than that . The shine is comparable or better than Optimum opti coat ( 2 years ) but not as durable .
  7. jimflutes

    Chrome Mirror Covers

    Or you can have them wrapped with similar color as your car , either way wraps are good looking and last a long time . Mirrors wrapped should not be too expensive .
  8. jimflutes

    Brake job .

    At Quick for lane oil change ( Holyoke MA ) they said I needed rear brakes at 325 00 . Went online and found Ford coupon but Quick lane said this was for Ford only . Called my local dealership ( Johnson Pittsfield MA ) they said they will honor coupon , back rotors and pads replaced for 232.50 , I left there feeling good !
  9. jimflutes

    2015 MKZ HYBRID ,

    I like this sound , I call it " The sound of the future " . Good luck with the car , I had a 2013 and now 2016 MKZh , I am completely happy with this car !
  10. Read about this compact SUV , looks real sharp ! Any news ?
  11. jimflutes

    Ambient Lighting reverts to default

    Same here with my first 2013 Z , now my current 2016 Z holds the colors .
  12. As usual Drolds1 has the correct information , thank you .
  13. Hi , I have a 2016 MKZh and so far the only controls I found are on the side of the front seat for the lower back , so I am wondering where the adjustments are on the screen . I too like this car it is my second one .
  14. jimflutes

    Best way to fix small chips

    I just discovered that by going on the Dr Colorchip page and getting your paint code then go to ebay and order the kit you can save shipping charges .
  15. jimflutes

    Best way to fix small chips

    Dr. Colorchip is the best and perfect color match . . For deep chips put on then next fill it again next day , while not perfect it will make chips tolerable .