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  1. Myron D. Brown

    Smartlink and Spotify not working

    Wow, Garth...the premium service is only $10/month or $15/month for a family plan. So you're encouraging music piracy at a time when musicians are basically unemployed due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Wow...
  2. Myron D. Brown

    Smartlink and Spotify not working

    Spotify removed AppLink functionality a looong time ago. (I believe Pandora may have removed it, too.) You can still listen to them both via Bluetooth, you'll just have to control everything from your phone, rather than seeing the interface pop up through an App on the infotainment screen. From what I hear, AppLink is not the easiest platform for programmers to develop for. Most app developers are focusing their efforts on making their apps compatible with Android Auto and Apple Car Play. If you want to control Spotify, Pandora, and Google Music from your car's touch screen (with pretty much full functionality), then I suggest using Android Auto.
  3. Myron D. Brown

    Frustrated with the order process

    All I can say is be patient. The Ford/Lincoln order tracking does have some issues that need to be worked out. I can say that the company should have a little more transparency between the manufacturing plants, the selling dealership, the shipping service, and the customer. Delays are part of life. But if they happen, all parties should at least be in the loop and know why. I think lots of things happen behind the scenes that the customer or dealer never really know about. In my experience, I ordered a 2017 MKZ Hybrid Black Label in the first week of April 2016. That was the first week Lincoln began accepting orders. I didn't get my car until the first week of September 2016. I think I have the record on this forum for the longest time between order and delivery. Between then, I never received a VIN. I was only able to get updates by bugging the dealership and calling every few days. I got bounced around between a few different people and sometimes given different/conflicting information. But eventually I got my car. I will say that all your dealer does is place the order. They don't BUILD the cars or DELIVER the cars. They simply act sorta like a franchise for Lincoln. I assure you they want to sell you this car as badly as you want to buy it. If they could speed up the process they would. So whatever you do, be nice to your dealer. Point the finger at Lincoln Motor Company.
  4. Myron D. Brown

    Didn't get the car I thought I wanted...

    Don't be...just take it back to the dealer. I have the 20-Speaker Revel Ultima Audio system. I've experienced rattling twice. A quick inspection determined that it wasn't a blown speaker, there's just a LOT of stuff in the door panel. And with that many speakers, producing that much wattage, it's not uncommon. But they took care of it quickly, on both occasions. If you can pinpoint where the rattling is coming from, that also helps. ​Aside from the speakers/door panels. I sometimes notice rattling that is "my fault." Sometimes, placing things in the storage cubbies built into the doors can cause rattling. Even the built-in sunglasses holder sometimes causes a rattle--especially if your glasses are metal vs. plastic. I'm thinking about putting some additional felt lining up in the glasses holder to absorb some of the noise. But I don't think that's a manufacturing defect--it's just the nature of sound.
  5. Myron D. Brown

    Sync3 v2.2 software download for MKZ

    Post deleted by moderator. Duplicate.
  6. Myron D. Brown

    Sync3 v2.2 software download for MKZ

    Version 2.3 made a few things worse for me. SMH. I just upgraded to version 3.0 that I found on a Ford Mustang forum. It's perfect. Ford needs to do better and invest more in its software division.
  7. Myron D. Brown

    Doors lock when washing

    Nope. Just you. Take the key out of your pocket. LOL
  8. Myron D. Brown

    SYNC 3 Version 3.0 (North America)

    It has the same thing in the Google Play store. Also, there's supposed to be the ability to send an address to your Sync 3 for navigation and have it ready when you get to the car. Unfortunately, it says these features will be for 2018 vehicles only. ​But I'm still waiting to hear from a couple more folks about performance or any glitches with Sync 3 version 3.0. If Lincoln hasn't provided an official update via WiFi or USB by the first of the year, I'm just going to bite the bullet and install this one.
  9. Myron D. Brown

    SYNC 3 Version 3.0 (North America)

    For those of you who upgraded to Sync 3, v3.0, did you notice any "new" roads show up on your map that didn't display previously? There are several new streets in my city that were obviously constructed since this map data was released. I'm curious to know when Lincoln will do a map update, since the first cars with Sync 3 (2016 MKCs) are now headed towards three years old.
  10. Myron D. Brown

    Power folding mirrors

    Never. I also have a 2017 MKZ Hybrid. While driving, the button that folds the mirrors is actually disabled...I've tried it many times. It only works if you're stopped or driving really, really, slowly...like pulling up to an ATM or a restaurant drive-thru window. I'm not sure what caused your problem, but I hope they fix it.
  11. Myron D. Brown

    SYNC 3 Version 3.0 (North America)

    You seem to be a pro in this forum. Keep me posted of any issues. Any problems with Bluetooth connectivity? Sync 3 v2.2 seems to disconnect/reconnect my Galaxy S8 phone pretty often. I'm considering updating, just for the album art issue alone...since I have over 10,000 mp3s on a flash drive. But I was reading on the Ford Mustang forums that there are some issues with Android Auto. One poster reported that when you're using Android Auto, then switch to reverse (and the backup camera comes on), then switch back to drive, it drops back to the Sync interface. There's a little delay before it switches back to Android Auto, and sometimes it doesn't switch back at all. I'm so paranoid about upgrading, because I understand there's no way to go back...
  12. Myron D. Brown

    SYNC 3 Version 3.0 (North America)

    I have Navigation Maps 1 15. Is the map update 1 14 newer? Or an older version of maps? What's different?
  13. Myron D. Brown

    New SINOSMART Dashcam OEM design

    I looked at this. I noticed it has a motion detector on it. So can it start recording if someone passes the car? Even while parked? And what kinda drain would that put on the battery, if I'm parked at work for hours at a time? I've been curious in something like this, in order to catch any footage of potential damage to my vehicle. Would it work if I have the technology package? Because I already have a big camera below my mirror. And I'm curious to know, what option did you decide to go for instead?
  14. Someone in another thread has posted an unofficial update to Sync 3 v.3.0 from a Ford Mustang forum. Anybody wanna be a guinea pig and let me know how it works on a 2017 MKZ? LOL http://www.mustang6g.com/forums/showthread.php?t=90236