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  1. intoweapons

    Amethyst 2007 MKZ

    Been driving this 07 MKZ for the last few years and still love it. Even with 189k miles, its a solid ride.
  2. intoweapons

    You've Never Seen an MKZ Like This Before!

    Amethyst? Looks great!
  3. So far I have really liked the LED conversion on the MKZ. Definitely gives the car a more luxury look. https://youtu.be/peedRuQ0J-g
  4. intoweapons

    Oracle CCFL Halo Headlight Rings

    The red is badass... May end up trying the Halo look on a newer car eventually - don't think my current MKZ is worth the investment for them.
  5. Just put together a video on converting the OEM filament bulbs to LED bulbs and thought I would share :) https://youtu.be/9eJlz-aZoAM
  6. Just had these Lincoln Welcome Lights installed on my 07 MKZ. For $17 shipped, you really can't go wrong :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJYfW73ell0
  7. Finally got the LED bulb conversion done on my 2007 Lincoln MKZ. Started with the interiors and then the exteriors. The DRL's and Turn Signals gave me the biggest challenge. The DRL bulbs are just a couple of small 194 white LED's and one switchback 3147 LED (biggest hurdle). Since the MKZ doesn't have a Signal Flasher fuse, Resistors would have to be installed to reduce current going to the Signal Bulbs. I decided against CANBUS LED Bulbs as they are expensive to replace if burnt out... The ones I use are about $0.25 per 194 bulb and $1.50 for most 3147's (aliexpress). I originally purchased Yellow/White swichback Projection LED bulbs, but have come to find that I absolutely hate the "projector" LED style bulbs due to color and brightness (they don't match the standard LED non-projection bulbs). So went with White/White LED 3147's in the front, which I had extra of fortunately. They ended up matching in color and looking much better! The picture below is the standard DRL brightness, and the most inward bulb flashes and gets 3x brighter than the other two bulbs when the signal or emergency flasher is turned on. When we installed the White LED's in the Turn Signals in the front, we found resistors were not needed for some reason (did not get hyperflash or dash error message). We did get the hyperflash and dash error message with the Yellow/White Projector Switchback LED's I was originally going to have installed. So, was able to return a pair of resistors that was intended for the front. The Fog Lamps are White Projection LED's (again, don't really like these as much and will probably swap out for non-projection soon). Had to replace one fog light assembly from corrosion on the inside, and clean the other out completely. Now both are clean and have a nice white light. Will probably be a bit brighter (and more usable for foggy conditions) once I have non-projector LED's in them. I did have to wire the rear turn signals with resistors when I swapped from incandescent to LED, as I couldn't get rid of the hyperflashing otherwise. Turned those from Yellow to Red to match the tail lights. Currently have the less-liked Red Projection LED's in the rear turn signals currently, but have regular non-projection Red LED's on the way. Will post those later on. Had them for about a week, and it certainly gets a lot of attention and positive feedback... It has a very aggressive but classy look, especially during afternoon hours when the sun is setting. Nice not to have any yellow on the car, never was a fan. Did find that the DRL's and Tail-lights will only illuminate when I hit my unlock button on the FOB, if it is dark enough outside - otherwise in brighter conditions, only the Side Mirror puddle lamps and interior lamps come on when unlocking... Pretty sure with my old yellow bulbs, all lights came on no matter what time the day was - but I could be wrong on that. Let me know what you guys think!
  8. Just had these installed today on the driver and passenger doors of my 07 Lincoln MKZ. For $16 on aliexpress (plus installation), these are pretty cool. Turn on anytime the door is opened, and it is pretty simple installation (for the skilled). Power is supplied by splicing into the side mirror light.
  9. intoweapons

    Every seen these? Fluorescent Anti-Slip Lincoln Mats

    Guess they went up in price a bit - http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Non-slip-Interior-Door-Pad-Cup-Mat-Door-Gate-Slot-Mat-For-Lincoln-MKC-2014-14pcs/32272864683.html?spm=2114.01020208.3.1.53294J&ws_ab_test=201556_10,201527_2_71_72_73_74_75,201560_2
  10. intoweapons

    Every seen these? Fluorescent Anti-Slip Lincoln Mats

    $18 shipped from aliexpress.
  11. Couldn't resist trying these when I found them... Especially for $18 :) Not for my model Lincoln, but I was able to make some of the pieces work nicely. Anyone ever seen these before or know where I would be able to get something similar for the 07 MKZ?
  12. After seeing the 2015 Lincoln Continental Concept, I have made it a mission to turn my 2007 MKZ emblem into a LED emblem of some sort... Researched a ton, and even though there are hundreds of LED emblem options, I am unable to find one for the Lincoln. Have come to the conclusion that I will need to make one myself... Any suggestions or ideas? The below are some of the only examples out there of a LED Emblem for a Lincoln that I can find.
  13. intoweapons

    Amethyst "sparkly purple" Lincoln MKZ

    Finally was able to catch the color of my Lincoln MKZ in the sun (Amethyst). My photography skills are horrible, as well as trying to use my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone camera (not ideal)... But after some quick touch-ups from Snapseed, I think it gives a decent idea of what it looks like on a sunny day. Most other times, it looks black. The color was initially a surprise for me when I went to buy the car, as the dealer had it listed online as black... Didn't think I was going to like it, but it has since become one of my favorite features of the car. On sunny days, the car looks amazing.... The blackish purple tint, with multi-color flaking (mainly gold, blue, and red), covered in a nice gloss, really makes the color jump out at you. At night and on gloomy days, it looks black (which is more my taste anyway). Unfortunately the color is horrible for keeping clean... It shows dust, dirt, and water spots constantly. I find myself wiping the car down every few days to keep it clean. It also helps that I am a Clean-Freak member at our local PDQ. Awesome deal for people like me who hate having a dirty car. It includes unlimited full-service washes - which includes interior vacuum and wipe down, exterior wash, and a clean soft-towel wipe down. Unlimited monthly cleaning, $40... Daily MKZ happiness, priceless :)
  14. intoweapons

    MKZ Phone Mount Suggestions?

    I actually found a really good product, which puts the phone at eye level on the dash without any permanent modifications or having damage to the dash... I got it through ProClip USA. Specifically designed to work in the Lincoln MKZ. Looks like they have a lot of car models listed on their website. Super tight hold and it can rotate from portrait to landscape very easily. A little bit on the expensive side, but for no damage to the car and how well it holds, I feel it is a good value. Will probably be doing a video review sometime in the near future. Will post to here once I do!