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  1. 2015mkzhybrid

    Protecting The Large Plastic Inside Your Trunk

    I don't expect any response for this particular matter. However, when I am disatisfied with any aspect of my car, even a design flaw, I tell the dealer. It doesn't hurt, and in the past my concerns have been forwarded to the company's headquarters. If we don't state any dissatisfactions with our car, we are not even giving an opportunity for the manufacturer to improve, whether they do or not.
  2. 2015mkzhybrid

    Protecting The Large Plastic Inside Your Trunk

    I have very few complaints about my MKZ, but the plastic in the trunk is very susceptible to scratches, and it really irks me. When I discovered the first couple of scratches, I tried various plastic cleaning products which actually dulled the plastic, leaving a hazy finish. It looked worse than ever. At that stage, I was ready to order a whole new panel, and then thought to try my water-based tire dressing gel (Wheel Wax Extreme Black) as a last resort. Nothing to lose at this point. Amazingly, by applying the tire gel evenly across the entire panel, it brought up a beautiful satin black finish, making the panel look like new. I tried this 3 months ago and it still looks great. I only reapplied another coating once more, which I really didn't need to do. In hindsight, maybe I should have left the scratches untouched, and shown the panel to my Lincoln dealer. But at the time, I figured a simple plastic cleaner would have solved the problem, hence my ensuing story in the paragraph above. At my next maintenance visit, I am going to raise this issue, as I think the plastic finish should be much more resilient and higher quality. Not what I expect for a Lincoln. I also mentioned this problem in the JD Powers survey I recently received. Thanks for creating this thread. Hope this helps.
  3. 2015mkzhybrid

    how do I know if my rims are stock?

    Do a Google search to find the 2010 MKZ brochure (PDF electronic version), which will show the rims offered for that year.
  4. 2015mkzhybrid

    Lincoln First Aid Kit

    Nice option... And practical!
  5. 2015mkzhybrid

    2017 Lincoln Continental in Chroma Elite Color

    Indeed a unique colour, but I'm not a fan a brown hues. And I really can't stand those wheels!
  6. 2015mkzhybrid

    mkz hybrid suspension

    Yes, with my '15 Hybrid, there is a noticeable difference in comfort mode (my preferred driving mode), even for city driving. Impressive. I've said it before and I'll say it again - Love my Lincoln!!!
  7. 2015mkzhybrid

    Lincoln Unveils New 2017 Lincoln MKZ

    I like that chrome touch......thanks for sharing Jim.
  8. 2015mkzhybrid

    Caliper Covers

    Got them at calipercovers.com - well worth the investment to me. Here are pics of the covers for the rear, and a full side view as requested. I get so many positive comments - they really draw the eye to the wheels.
  9. 2015mkzhybrid

    Lousy Service and Transmission Seal

    Thanks.....based on other forums, it looks like this recall affects some 2013 and 2014 hybrid models. Great info!
  10. 2015mkzhybrid

    Lousy Service and Transmission Seal

    Thanks for the detailed information, Andrew. I sympathize for the frustration you went through, even more so that you clearly stated your expectations up front. Do you know if this TSB is just for 2013 Hybrids, or other years as well? Mark
  11. 2015mkzhybrid

    Fantastic two year wax

    Thanks for the advice, Jim !
  12. 2015mkzhybrid

    Lincoln Unveils New 2017 Lincoln MKZ

    I now love my '15 even more after seeing the new MKZ pics. I don't mind the new grill, but the headlights look too much like a Chrysler 200, and as said before in some posts, this new MKZ is gravitating way too close towards its Continental sibling. Keep the MKZ unique - that's a big reason I bought one!!! Also those circus wheels don't help. I think it ironic that only the front end has been altered, as the rest of the car looks pretty much unchanged cosmetically except for a few interior knobs (at least to me)...... Now if the new MKZ rear lights were redesigned to look more like the Jag's XF, well at least a 360 degrees change would have been done. Then one could buy a Jag clone at a fraction of the price, as Lincoln is and apparantly will continue to be such a great deal in the luxury market. On a very positive note, my MKZ version will continue to be a head turner in years to come, since there are few around my neck of the woods, and obviously will be even less in numbers when the '17 hits the streets. That being said, I will still enjoy viewing the actual product in person later next year. After all, I love the Lincoln brand - it's a great car!
  13. 2015mkzhybrid


    Definitely attach a battery tender to your regular battery, and be sure to have a full tank of gas to avoid condensation. Not sure about the Hybrid system, I would think 3 months wouldn't be bad, but maybe others will know on this forum or contact Lincoln. In addition, because I store my Thunderbird every winter, I place Bounce sheets in the car and engine compartment to ward off any uninvited rodents. Plug the dual exhaust pipes with rags as well, making sure to "unplug" when starting up again. I also lay a large plastic sheet under the car to further reduce any possibility of moisture on the undercarriage during the storage period. Finally, put a car cover over the vehicle. I have been doing this process for many, many years with absolutely no problems.
  14. 2015mkzhybrid

    Lincoln MKZ die cast models

    Yes, bought both on eBay. I have only seen this diecast in red. I too own a (2015) MKZ white (1:1 version), and may find someone skilled enough to paint one of the diecasts in white.
  15. 2015mkzhybrid

    Lincoln MKZ die cast models

    That's the only version I have ever seen for the latest generation of the MKZ. I have 2 of this diecast, the quality and detail are excellent.