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  1. Somdamon

    Hybrid MPG

    Interested in hearing great tales of MPG, both longest and shortest trip as well as average from total distance driven. My record short trip is 68mpg, and I have just reached 35mpg total distance after 592miles and 1 month of ownership (2012 model). I also have my first "bloom" as of 3 days ago. Its a great life...love the MKZ.
  2. Somdamon

    New MKZ owner in Marietta, GA

    Thanks, robertlane! I am really enjoying my MKZ. There is something about American luxury automobiles that really appeal to me. I owned a 1988 Lincoln Continental that I also loved. I am guessing that being raised on Cadillacs and Ford Victory Crowns must have influenced my DNA... :yahoo:
  3. Somdamon

    2012 Bordeaux Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

    My first day home from the dealership. Cannot believe I own her.
  4. Somdamon

    New MKZ owner in Marietta, GA

    Greetings Everyone! Happy to be here with my 1 week old 2012 MKZ Hybrid. Love the car! Great experience at the dealer, and I expect to hold on to this beauty for many years. The back up sensor saved a pedestrian's life today. Backing out of a parking space -- the warning chime went off and instinctly I hit the brakes and then noticed a person walking past my trunk. Crazy I didn't seem him before reversing. I am thinking he didn't hear my car either (being the hybrid beauty that it is). I believe that reverse sensor feature is my favorite thing about the car! Anyway, glad to be a part of this forum.