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    Have my 2018 Reserve 3.0T AWD

    You have impeccable taste. 😋 Here's mine:
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    Have my 2018 Reserve 3.0T AWD

    Hi gang. Forgot to mention I picked up my new 2018 Reserve 3.0T AWD on June 1st, and we love it. It is now the big brother to our other MKZ, with a little over 1100 miles at this point. 🤗 Now I know why everyone is so crazy about their newer MKZ's! Best of luck everyone! 🙂
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    Izzy's Showroom

    Just got my wife a 2016 Ford Explorer with the 202A package. It looks great and rides great.
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    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    I saw the part-out thread before this one, aw man this is really unfortunate. Similar to what the others have said - I am glad you are ok. It was great having you here on the forum, blazing the trail for 3.0TT/MKZ/FusSprt owners. I always appreciated the level of detail you put into your posts because not a lot of people take the time to explain things, share their story, their experience, and help others to that extent. Whatever you do next, don't lose that passion you have for doing that sort of thing, or alternatively find another way to channel and utilize that aspect of you and you'll be back in no time, out of your "low" point. Growth, cannot happen without change, so while this event is sad and understandably upset you, it is merely a change, and only you are in charge of what that change will do for you. That being said, If you need help at the end of the year for tax filings, message me - I will file your returns free of charge, and help any way I can. You don't need it, but good luck! And thank you for your contributions to the MKZ community.
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    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    The police finally have the hit and run driver of the truck. Now to pursue justice. I won't go too much into detail, but the driver will not be escaping their crime.
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    Perilli p7 plus a/s 19 inch. report.

    Hi jrross. I've heard space is relatively tight on the suspension side of things. However, 10mm = 1cm = < .5 inch should not make a difference on the fender side, assuming all the information we have so far is correct. 🙂 Keep in mind: You will need to be careful in the future concerning going any wider than stock tread width with tires, since things will already be extended 10mm out with the Volvo wheels. Just something to remember. Good luck. PS - And always play it safe. Don't take my or any other online stranger words as gospel. Use the tire and wheel offset calculator and other Expert resources to check things yourself.
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    Gas Tank Size

    I guess it's official. Just don't do what I did. I miscalculated big time. Filled up on Sunday with 10.5 gals. Put on about 100 miles before leaving on a long trip. Get from upstate NY to Alexandria Va. For the last 50+ miles my light is on saying I need gas. Ok, I have plenty. Then it dawned on my that I put miles on after my fill up so I must be running of fumes. Then the red part of the gas gauge lights up (way below the E on the gauge) and it is showing less than empty on the gauge. A thin line of red showed up when I was going downhill. Need gas ASAP. Pulled in to the station. Filled it up. Guess what? It really is a 13.5 gal tank.
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    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    I settled on a sedan focus since it had the Sony system in it. Saving more than 50% in fuel costs, can be lazy with wash cleaning (just a 'nother Focus on the road) and not picky about parking. I'll be saving aggressively for a future car, yet will wait till various improvements are made. port/direct injection with forced induction motor like the 3.5L EcoBoost or 5.0 Coyote are something I'll want, maybe the 3.0 will get it in the future. I'll be waiting for this unless I go for performance hybrid instead. Insurance and police still in pursuit. That truck has been impounded. Once I learn of anything more I'll lawyer up and fight for additional financial compensation.
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    Lincoln MKZ Forum Upgraded: 18 June 18

    I think The rank should be updated too. I see members here that has been in this forum for years and still says New MKZ Member.
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    Heat Management (Thermostat, Etc.)

    Thermostat will fit, as it is the same part shared with the Ford Fusion Sport. But the real question is: Are you actually hitting overheating thresholds with coolant temperature readings? One of my rookie mistakes when modding was thinking those lower T-stats help make more power. It doesn't, and actually can hurt some efficiency especially on a daily driver. Your warm up periods will take longer and even slow down the HVAC system effects of providing heat or A/C sooner. I did not like this on my Fusion back in the day when I put the Livernois T-stat on and got their tune. It hardly made any better performance. You want vehicle fluids to hit operating temperature ranges and then ideally, stay within that threshold under all forms of driving. For the MKZ this is 180 to 210 degrees Fahrenheit. Cylinder temperatures should peak around 250 to 260 degrees even under the hardest loads. Even with my tune and mods, and hop lapping at a drag strip, I could not get it to heat over than standard thresholds with stock t-stat. The only thing I did was use Quantum HP Gold Coolant which aims to maintain heat thresholds and reduce wear on the coolant system (free of sodium) and thus is a very high life coolant (150k miles or 5 years). I love that stuff personally as if you shake it, it heats up fast but also loses heat quickly when exposed to a convection system (the radiator in this case). So as soon the stock t-stat opens, or I just let off the throttle on a hard pull, it would immediately cool down. This is good for the fact the turbochargers are both engine oil and coolant cooled on the 3.0. Coolant also helps warm up the transmission faster but a lower t-stat will reduce that too (and on the 6F55, you want to get it up to operating temp fast). All that t-stat does is open sooner than intended but that is only needed if a tune is actually that hot enough to break past heat thresholds and make the vehicle struggle to cool down even when sitting. Hope that helps. I wasn't going to bother with any additives either. Not all heat is a bad thing per say, and some is good to try and withhold longer for the engine to function best.
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    Livernois tune for 3.0TT MKZ

    Tech probably did not secure the charge pipes on strong enough. So one most likely blew off under pressure. This happened to me when installing the intercooler and I wasn't aggressive enough in rebinding the intake pipes. You will definitely hear the turbo spool but car will be a slug to throttle. Oil smoked because you were actively driving hard and the car heated up, but then suddenly pressure rates (boost and oil) declined. It should otherwise be ok if they only find a vacuum leak due to a intake pipe coming loose. At least you tested out going hard on the throttle early on. If it's all done correctly, there shouldnt any issues, but techs may rush cause warranty only gives 20 hours of (low) pay and it's easy to slip up on minor details upon reassembly.
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    Repeated Battery Dead Cell

    Hi aceuvspades. You can wait out the warranty period on your current battery and keep replacing it with the same brand if you wish. However, I would recommend you install a Motorcraft (or other top end, name brand battery). You can find coupons for a Motorcraft battery purchase on the Ford Owners website.
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    Repeated Battery Dead Cell

    There is virtually nothing in a car's system that could cause a "dead cell" in a battery. It is cause by an internal breakdown inside the battery. You do not mention what brand of "auto part shop" battery you are using but after 3 times I would certainly consider another brand or a different shop.
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    Cooling Seats

    It was the MKX forum that had the cooled seat thread, thought it was here. http://lincolnmkxforum.com/topic/2730-cooled-seats-and/?hl=%2Bcooled+%2Bseats