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    Decided a couple of weeks ago that I wanted to paint my grille (rubber paint) to see if I could pull it off. I am happy with the results (though not perfect by any means) and think it really goes well with my wheels. My daughter however who I was picking up, does not seem to care!
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    Sure thing, this is a link to them on Tire Rack where I purchased them https://www.tirerack.com/wheels/results.jsp?&autoMake=Lincoln&autoModel=MKZ+3.0T+AWD&autoYear=2017&autoModClar= Absolutely. You have to make yourself happy and I am really happy with the overall aesthetic of the car now. I just got a new sub and amp installed yesterday also so overall I am very happy right now!
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    Fuel filter question

    Update: After several months of rescheduling due to the pandemic, this has finally been done 6 days ago. But not without the added drama which I will spare all of you about it 😃 $24.50 parts + $60 labor. Today, I just received an email from the service manager - very nice person to talk to (TALK = EMAIL) I have communicated with her on a few occasions. She is refunding the total bill from the last visit (State Inspection/Emission and Fuel Filter) to "make things right".
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    Hello! Proud owner of a 2017 Burgundy Velvet MKZ with a wonderful view (panoramic sunroof). I browsed around in this forum almost a year ago, but didn't join. Came here last night looking for help in finding my factory code after reading the manual and following the directions, so I thought, with no luck. Long story short, I got my code AND a group that I need to be a part of.
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    Some Photos of 2sickMKZs

    Hey All! New to the forum and thought I'd put a few photos of mine and my wife's rides.. I have a 2015 3.7L and she has a 2016 2.0L Turbo. We loved the car so much that we each had to have one. Still my favorite car on the road till this day. The panoramic retractable roof is what got me. Will enjoy this car till the wheels fall off! 🙂
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    Some Photos of 2sickMKZs

    Thanks! 😀 It's only FWD. The only two things it doesn't have is AWD & massage seats but has rest of the bells & whistles. I think 300hp is the perfect amount of HP for a car. It has just the right amount of torque to where you can still keep it under control. I'd probably kill myself if I had the new 3.0L Twin-Turbo 400hp model.. LoL
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    Hi RIC. Unfortunately not. Those "What's new in this update" blurbs usually don't state anything more than, "This update contains 1,000 miles of new roadways, 2,000 new POI's and various enhancements and bug fixes". I will post back with more information, if anything becomes available. EDIT - On a relate note, I had recently complemented Lincoln when they changed the SYNC3 update site to incorporate what version our vehicle actually had installed. For example, after the site enhancement, a check for my MKZ would state "Your SYNC system (SYNC3 v3.0.19205) is up to date." However, as of the other day, it has reverted back to only stating, "Your SYNC system (SYNC3 v3.0) is up to date." So the website has taken a step backwards. Hopefully a temporary one. Again, I am only SYNC3, not 3.3 or 3.4. Good luck.
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    Not sure what to say there... other than Ford's web site does not always work properly. Yes, keep trying , maybe they will fix it (provided for you it's an actual error) 😎
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    Revel Standard to Ultima Upgrade

    Well, I made some progress this weekend with my installation. It's not complete yet, still need to wire up the rear door tweeters and mid-ranges. The new rear deck speakers are in. To remove the rear package tray, the rear air bag covers and plastic trim needs to come out. Disconnect the battery when doing this to play it safe so an air bag doesn't deploy by accident. The standard Revel 12-channel amplifier simply unbolts and two inner studs slip out of the bracket. The larger Revel Ultima 20-channel amplifier uses two farther apart studs already in place on the bracket. As you can see in the side-by-side comparison, the Ultima is much more substantial. I bought 4-conductor speaker wire and ran two runs to the rear deck tweeter/mid-ranges. The rear subs use the existing wire. I also ran two lengths of wire into the back seat foot well for now. The next step will be fishing it into the rear doors for the tweeter and mid-range install. The rear door woofers use the existing wires. The Revel 20-channel amplifier required a different power plug and I re-pinned the connectors per the wiring diagram. I re-pinned all of the existing 12 pairs of speaker wires and added my 8 new pairs. The wiring diagram manual is essential for the re-pinning. Use a tiny jewelers screw driver to release each pin and move to its new location. My new add-on wires don't look that pretty as I soldered onto some extra pins I found, but it's functional. The last part of this weekends effort was to use ForScan software and modify the ACM module. When I compared the as-built data of an almost identical Lincoln MKZ with Ultima system, only one line in the ACM was different. ACM 727-03-01 had a value of 46 on mine and 28 on the Ultima car. I'm not sure what this parameter actually does, but I changed it because I think it has to do with the number of speakers/sync. So the audio system is playing right now, minus the rear door tweeter and mid-ranges. I plan to get to them shortly. It seems to sound pretty good, no worse than before, but I can tell there is lack of high frequency behind my head because I'm not finished. I do think it will be louder overall and I hope it sounds better when I get a chance for some extended listening.. Just wanted to update my project thread and post some pictures.
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    So that we know that you are doing it right (they changed it from the past time I did an update) going to that page, you enter your VIN, it tells you there is as download. You then click on Flash Drive (As the device) You then choose Mac or PC (if you need instructions) Then down at the bottom, you Prepare Sync, and then you get that error? I tried it and got Oops! Something went wrong on our end. A message has been sent to our support team, please try again later.
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    Hi RIC. Well, on the bright side...If you get that type of "something went wrong on our end try back shortly" message, it at least shows they know there is an issue and are working on it. As far as the "no car in my garage" message, I have received that one once or twice also. I would give the SYNC helpline number listed on that website a call. You can ask them about the download issue too. Keep us updated and good luck.
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    I fixed mine. Partly removed the cover on the underside of the trunk to access the hinge. One hinge bolt was in a slotted hole, but the other wasn’t. So I drilled out that other hole a bit larger to get some adjustment. I probably got a 1/16” or 1/8” extra clearance from the back window now on the driver side. I also put washers between the trunk lid and hinge to lift it slightly so the body gap matched the other side for a nicer look.
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    Android auto locking up

    I'm thinking it's a Sync issue. Waze goes batty when I change 'source' for entertainment; esp when I stop playing something from external (usb) source. It's not my phone (Verizon) cause when I also had an ATT phone at the same time, AA did the same thing. Bought an extended warranty and need to have oil change in a couple of weeks. Gotta time it when their Lincoln tech is there. He's not there every day.
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    Android auto locking up

    Hi Chris. Just thinking out loud here: When you updated to "SYNC3 v3.0.19205", did you perform the last step of the update directions? That step consists of returning to the SYNC3 update website, plugging the USB into your computer and following the instructions to notify Lincoln that you performed the update. Did it notify you that Lincoln received your update information? EDIT - Does both the SYNC3 update website and your SYNC systems "About SYNC" screen state that you have "SYNC3 v3.0.19205"? Or only the SYNC "About SYNC" screen in your car? If you did not successfully perform that notification process, Lincoln is not aware of your update. Keep us updated and good luck.
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    Android auto locking up

    The 2017 MKZ had Sync 3.
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    End of the MKZ?

    I just got my MKZ, so I'm not going to be in the market for a long time... maybe in 3-4 years... 😎
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    End of the MKZ?

    The K5 is coming to the US. I would of waited for it, but my Mazda offered an excellent price to satisfy enough daily driver comforts. I see Dodge Charger touches in the as well, which I personally like. I wish Kia the best on the K5's launch, and that their new transmissions and engines prove successful. Lincoln on the other hand, has chosen the path we all feared: A Pure Utility Vehicle only line up. It is, what it is...
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    Thank-you everyone!
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    Hi MKZ. The new "NA 1 19" version has been updated with the new I-95 junction you were looking for previously. Hope this helps. Good luck.
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    HI MKZ. Still wondering about I-95 there in PA, huh? 🤣 Yes, I will certainly check next time I am in my car with a spare few minutes.
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    Hi again gang. I successfully updated my SYNC 3 Navigation system maps on a long drive yesterday. The latest version is NA 1 19 However, I would give the same warnings I have given to others on past updates: You may/will get a very quick notification (within minutes of beginning the update), essentially stating that the "Update is complete, remove the USB, restart the car..." etc. However...Do not remove the USB and do no restart the car, etc! The update is not complete. If you leave the USB in and wait about 5 minutes, your SYNC system will reboot and the "System Update" will resume and continue. This may even happen a second time. As the NAV maps website states, the update will take ~1 hour. Therefore, I recommend waiting at least 10 minutes after any "Update is complete" notifications before removing the USB and restarting your car, to ensure it is not another false notification. In this way, you can be sure the SYNC system is not going to go through another reboot and resume the update. Just be patient and assume it will take approximately a full hour. Hope these instructions are clear and understandable. Good luck.
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    Hi gang. Oh wow...that is great! They have finally updated the SYNC 3 update website to show the latest update version for our vehicle, along with what version is actually installed in our vehicle. A vast improvement over the old site, which only told us we were "Up to date", when it was working properly. I actually suggested/complained about that to Lincoln Concierge and the Lincoln SYNC helpline several months ago. Told them they, and/or the website, should be able to tell us what the latest version is for our vehicle, not just be able to tell us "You're up to date". I expressed my opinion that if they can not tell me what the latest available SYNC 3 version for my car is and what version of SYNC 3 is in my car, how can I know for sure that the information they are giving me is correct? The Customer Service Rep actually agreed. Perhaps enough Lincoln owners registered similar suggestions/complaints While I have no illusion that my particular suggestion/complaint had anything to do with the website update, I am certainly happy to see they finally updated and improved the website. You can also click on some of the other links on the SYNC 3 update page for detailed instructions on installing SYNC 3 downloads via USB, WiFi etc. So much clearer and more informative than the old SYNC 3 download website. 🙂 This is good news. Good luck everyone.
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    Man, I sure wish this could update over Wifi...
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    My damn Lincoln dealer closed up shop

    Hi fusionff. Well...that stinks! And I know how hard it can be to find a convenient Lincoln Black Label certified Dealer in NJ. With traffic, the closest Black Label Dealers were ~30 minutes in any direction. 😮 That was one of the reasons I wound up going with the Reserve trim for my 2018, instead of Black Label (the other was being forced to have a moonroof for the options I wanted). If it is any consolation (and I realize it will not be): Since purchasing my first new car in 1976, 2 Ford and 3 Lincoln or Lincoln/Mercury Dealers that I patronized have closed in my area, forcing me to go further and further from home for my cars. Began to seem as though a Lincoln or Ford Dealership was doomed if I bought from them. 🤣 Good luck.
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    End of the MKZ?

    MKZ (and Continental) production will end as of 7/30. https://fordauthority.com/2020/07/lincoln-confirms-that-it-will-end-continental-production-this-year/