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    Merry Christmas kramf! 🎄 And a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our Lincoln MKZ Forum members! May 2021 bring a far better and happier new year! 🎉 Good luck to all!
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    I'll definitely second that motion!
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    I'm wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas! What's Santa's gift to you? Santa got me a tire inflator that automatically stops at a preset pressure setting. Over the years, I have been using my trusted gauge. My back has been complaining especially during cold winter months performing the same routine while inflating my tires: inflate > read gauge >inflate or deflate > read gauge and so on.
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    Merry Christmas to all. May you experience the rich blessings of God today and always!
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    Tim's 2014

    A few of my favorites pics from our road trips last year. Hoping for more road tripping in 2021!
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    I dug out my other remote that I have not used in the time I've had the car (2 years). Didn't work. Battery is dead. I looked in the manual and it says that the remote takes a CR2032 battery. I have one of those. Like 2 sizes too small. The battery that was in it is a perfect fit with a CR2450. Either the manual is wrong or I have remotes that didn't come with the vehicle. Not that it makes a difference. They both work.
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    Got a 2017 MKZ Reserve with 3.0, AWD, Tech, Climate, and Drivers package. Had spent about 6 months casually looking around and Finally found one with all the options. Upgraded from a 2014 Fusion Titanium. Looks like you have a great Forum going here! I'm loving the car so far, but wishing there was a little more adjustment with the Revel Ultima. A quick google search led me here!
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    Izzy's Showroom

    My car in the dealer waiting for me to buy it. The kia was the one I traded. Almost the same color.
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    Ditto. In fact, that's the way mine have been delivered. The leasing manager, who knows me a long time, sets it up that way.
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    Tire pressure display

    So it turns out my 15 year old digital tire pressure gauge is getting old and cranky, refusing to show consistent readings. 👴 I picked up a new digital gauge, as well as an analog gauge. Both new gauges match each other, while the old one is getting a little senile. After the snow clears up I'll recheck the TPMS readings.
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    WRT Ride Control, all 2nd-gen MKZs come with Lincoln Drive Control. I'm not sure what you mean that you can't find it on your car. It's accessed via the menu using the left-side steering wheel toggle. 2016 MKZh owners manual.
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    Just got an MKZ. Great look fourm!

    Welcome, Iworkforford! Wise choice. What do you do for Ford?
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    That is very interesting, mine functioned well and even remote started the vehicle from very far away while it displayed low battery for about a week. I ended up ordering a battery from Amazon as I couldn't find that tank of a battery locally.
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    navigation sync update..

    IOW, you'd like for someone who has paid for an update to give it to you for free because you don't want to? As has been explained to you, there's a reason that can't be done.
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    2017 MKZ 3.0

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    Headlight swap?

    Yes, it will work. Might be an old post but still valid information for those who are searching like I was. I looked over the wiring diagram and the wiring is exactly the same on the MKZ. Unlike the Continental, The DRL, sequential on/off and turn signal are the same. Mine worked flawlessly with a direct swap but I opted to properly configure the BCM and Headlight Control Module (HCM) to that of a OEM LED equipped car. USED Diff checker and there were 4 entries in the BCM that related to headlights and two in he HCM that was different. Changed them and it still ran the same.
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    SYNC2 to SYNC3 upgrade

    Just swapped over to SYNC3 today. I will have more photos later.
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    Just listing the part #'s here - the rear ones you can pull off (I started at the top) pretty easy and work your way down. Just snaps on/off. DP5Z-5451968-A - Rear Right DP5Z-5451969-A - Rear Left DP5Z-5451916-B - Above front windshield
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    Cabin Floor Protection

    Cocomats.com , Makes a custom driver side mat for the mkz 2013 - 2016 , this has a heavy duty rubber heel plate . The one he made for my 2016 extends up behind the brake petal for full coverage . If you want one call them and tell them your year and that you want the full coverage mats , they have a lot of good quality materials to choose from and are friendly to deal with . Good luck !
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    SYNC2 to SYNC3 upgrade

    You need these basic things to perform the upgrade 1. Sync 3 screen(touchscreen NOTcompatible with SYNC2) 2. Sync 3 APIM(electronic module contains all the maps and software) 3. Sync 3 cable between APIM and screen 4. New GPS dongle(not compatible with sync 2) 5. New USB Hub(to enable android auto and carplay) 6. New mounting bracket for USB Hub(allows hub to mount in wider a/v interface hole) 7. A wiring adapter for the new USB hub 8. a. USB elm adapter, laptop, and FORSCAN software to properly configure your APIM . You can get a prep-programmed configuration file for FORSCAN based on your VIN from Dan. or b. a seller who will pre-program the system configuration for your car based on your VIN DDtech will provide all of this in a package. But, you can buy all the parts separately for far less , even a preprogrammed APIM. If you decide to source the parts yourself, you can find pretty much everything from ebay except the wiring adapter which you might as well buy from DDtech, it costs about 50 dollars. You do not need an MKZ specific SYNC3 unit or electronics. You can use the SYNC3 APIM from any SYNC3 vehicles, not just MKZs. You can use a SYNC3 screen from a lot of different Ford and Lincoln vehicles, but some screens WILL NOT be compatible with the MKZ brackets because of how the brackets mount to the frame. There are two types of 8" sync3 touchscreen: 1.recessed and 2. flat . The screen we use is the 8" flat. Those compatible flat type SYNC3 screens can be pulled from the following vehicles: 8" FLAT/STANDARD Ford Fusion Ford Mustang Ford F150 Ford Escape Ford C-MAX Ford Expedition Ford Focus Lincoln MKZ Lincoln MKC If you have park assist, it will require proper FORSCAN configuration of your PAM module to work correctly. You can also upgrade the firmware on your PAM to add extra active park assist features if you have the right programming tools for flashing firmware. If you want factory NAV, you must buy an APIM with factory navigation in it. It doesn't matter whether you had it or didn't have it before you upgrade If you add a non-nav APIM to your NAvigation equipped car, you will not have factory navigation. If you add a Navigation APIM to your non-nav vehicle you will have Navigation. The only componen that determines whteher or not a unit has navigation is the APIM. You can't add NAV maps to a non-map APIM because it has less internal memory. The 2017-2018 SYNC3 APIMs will only naturally upgrade to SYNC3 version 3.0 with the official USB software from Lincoln. A hardware revision adding more memory to the APIM allows upgrades to 3.4 with 2019 and newer vehicles. To upgrade to 3.2 or above requires the newer version of the APIM...officially. Also the Maps may be as old as 2014 and new ones may not be available from Ford/Lincoln for the older SYNC3 APIMS ... officially. Unoffically, you can reformat the older SYNC3 APIM operating system to allow it to upgrade to SYNC version 3.4 AND upgrade the Maps to the newest ones in the process pretty easily thanks to some helpful Russians.
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    Hi joswald. Chris is correct. The memory seat buttons do not function while the vehicle transmission is in Drive, Sport and Reverse. May not apply to your situation, but is good information for all to know. Good luck.
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    3.0T Performance Modifications

    Good to know you got it, and helpful to share what change ups worked best for you. Interesting video I came across when browsing Youtube: Someone who finally dissected the turbocharger between the 3.0 MKZ and 2.7 Fusion Sport. The many small factors like this is what adds up to higher performance between the two.
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    Hybrid MPG

    I own 2016 mkz hybrid, brought brand new,always changed my oil since 30k miles and added tufoil,now 78k miles and with 8 round trips from NY to Florida/Georgia at speeds up to 75-ish (I'm no slow poke!),using only 87 octane gas, Average TOTAL mpg at 42.0 mpg. My average mpg with my 2012 mkzh before I sold it with same driving pattern and oil changes was 38 mpg.......and I still enjoy and have fun driving my car and always trying to improve my mpgs!
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    3.0T Performance Modifications

    After some time has passed...I indulge into some modding: On its own, the Livernois 93 octane tune is restricted with all stock parts. The tune is cool once you first get it, and definitely wakes up the car...but over time I personally start feeling the limitations more than any other "ecoboost vehicle" I've been in that has been tuned. But there were times I just couldn't help but feel it wasn't so great vs stock tune since its more about unlocking middle to high end performance. This is my honest thoughts on the Livernois tune after being with it since December. These performance bottlenecks are what make the shifting and overall feel of the vehicle feel...unimpressive. I took my focus onto the 3.0T's Intake system. Being limited by, essentially the 2.7L Ecoboost for the fuel economy benefits when daily driving, and probably explains why we can get equal MPG as the 2.7L brethren. I cannot say how it would fare for the 2.7L Ecoboost, but by removing some air flow and boost restrictions, the 3.0T becomes more stable and reliable at higher engine loads. There is more than just a 0.3L difference between the two engines going on. After you go pass the throttle body, the 3.0L is more uniquely designed compared to say, the 2017 Ford Fusion Sport. Less shared parts. Resistance to heat soak while in idle is important and useful to have, but recovery from heat soak while in motion is more important and useful for the real world. Temperatures should drop, not rise, when in motion and optimal is when temperatures keep dropping as acceleration keeps increasing. If temperatures rise during acceleration, an inefficient component is at work. This is the 3.0T's Achilles' heel in stock form. First is the Air Box Intake upgrade. Steeda's 2017 Fusion Sport fits, and the only modification is to allow a slice in the top half of the box so the hood strut can rest within the box. While the Steeda "CAI" is open air unit, while the stock box is sealed, it is superior to the stock box in air flow and heat soak recovery. Tested plenty of times watching Intake Air Temperatures and the stock air box is flat out terrible and only good for "the daily driving". The 3.0T is a "one trick pony" as heat soak, is impossible to recover from in stock form until it cools down with engine shut off. With the Steeda CAI in place along with the soon to mention throttle body upgrade, I can keep IAT readings in better check as the vehicle is seeing action, and recover faster when the MKZ is idling after a high engine load run. Sealed intakes are not always the best, especially if the entire engine bay is going to become a 150 F oven. The entire box will take longer to shed trapped heat whereas the Steeda CAI will get absorbed into the hood liner once the vehicle begins to go into motion. Faster you go, the faster the Steeda CAI returns to ambient while low to middle engine load is being applied. The 3.0T doesn't need larger induction pipes, as long the turbochargers are stock, so the CAI being only the air box being changed is really the only necessary part for reliable air flow and faster heat soak recovery pre-Intercooler. To improve IAT2 and Charge Air Cooler temperatures however, the Front Mount Intercooler needs to be upgraded as it will rapidly heat soak under high load, yet only recover once the load demand is released. I await C-PE's creation and release of the 2.7L Ford Fusion Sport Intercooler to enjoy as an upgrade. Not to mention it does unlock stronger roar to the induction system. I'm not too much a big fan of Steeda's products, and the CAI itself isn't worth the price brand new. I bought mine used from someone who wanted to sell it for about half its cost after feeling it wasn't so great for their Fusion Sport locally (they're jealous of my MKZ, oh ho ho). But it does get the job done and allow the 3.0T to breathe and cool much better than stock can ever hope to do. Next is the Bypass Valve upgrade. To ensure boost power is being managed to the fullest. Learning a bit more about OEM Electronic Bypass Valves (BPV for short), they have their pros and cons. The con only being is the system is usually outfitted with some plastic parts and doesn't adjust based on active boost pressures, it either just opens or closes. This is why sometimes the vehicle will feel bogged down or "lag" like the turbochargers haven't spooled up due to the abrupt opening or closure of boost pressure. Not to mention the factory valve allows more seepage of boost so the plastic bits do not risk breaking (it has multiple holes compared to the GFB DV+'s single compression port hole). Enter Go Fast Bits Diverter Valve Plus 9358, which fits most of Ford and Lincoln electronic BPVs. Surely enough the 3.0T engine's BPV is exact same as used on the Fiesta ST, Mustang Ecoboost, and other 2.3L/2.7L vehicles. Unlike Turbosmart which replaces the OEM valve with mechanical valve and tricks the ECU with a resistor, the GFB DV+ 9358 transforms the OEM BPV into a highly reliable and superior device. So as long one isn't seeking the blow off "psh" sound, I personally feel this is the best BPV upgrade to consider. Might even be worthwhile for the 3.0T in stock form, and cheaper than any complete BPV/BOV replacements. This install video shows how easy it is to change out the plastic parts for the upgraded metal portions: The end result is this: Perfect fit. Keeps the OEM abilities but secures the benefits with boost performance. Not to mention ditching those E5 bolts for more standard ones. Now the final modification, which often doesn't see light unless we're going bigger all around: The throttle body. Given the 3.0L is being dampered for fuel economy and low end torque, I feel an upgrade was worth the risk...and it is a risk I am very happy to have made. I won on eBay a used but in excellent condition BBK 1894 65mm throttle body that is said to work on the 2.3L and 2.7L Ecoboost Engines. I was a bit weary if it would work due to possible changes in PCM electronics, but this definitely delivered some much desired improvements even though all piping is still stock diameters, along with the turbochargers. Installed it with perfect fit, and uses the stock bolts just fine. No CEL, idles just as smoothly and more quickly to relax after high load runs too. Just performed a PCM adaptive learning reset via FORScan (better than unhooking the battery all the time when electronic mods are installed), let the vehicle idle with and without the A/C compressor, and then go for a drive. Easy. The stock throttle body is around 63mm, and is undersized to the Intake Manifold's 65mm inlet. 2mm difference might not seem much, but definitely changed my view after actually installing and using the throttle body (if it disappointed me I could have returned it, and it did not). The post-Intercooler charge pipe also bitter fits 65mm so the stock throttle body itself slightly downsizes as the air flow gatekeeper. The BBK helps equalize the Post Charge Air pipe to Intake Manifold air flow, and monitoring FORScan, I am not seeing any serious pressure drops or negative signs except reduced fuel economy when having "too much fun". As a bonus, Intake Air temperature 2 (which is read at the intake manifold) now does not overheat beyond the Charge Air Cooler temperatures, whereas the undersized stock TB doesn't help manage this overheat tendency at high engine loads. Under high load, my charge air temperature reading is always the highest value indicating it is the weak point in the system now. I suspect this is done for higher air velocity reasons and fuel economy, as more air will result in more fuel to make the higher power...but lower MPG rates. Stock TB is great for low end torque and fuel economy, meeting the daily driver's standard, but once I got the Livernois tune I couldn't help but feel top end performance was lacking especially when you floor it while in a roll. The 3.0T engine would feel like its "gasping" for more air (oxygen) not to mention, I would see a bit more rich A/F ratio readings when it would happen, so fuel is being wasted and combustion isn't the best it could be. Now I get some nice exhaust "pops" after the vehicle begins to cool down and EGT readings are great. Automatic Sport gearing wasn't so enjoyable in higher load ranges either until I swapped in this throttle body. Even before I had the Steeda CAI and GFB DV+, the BBK throttle body worked without an issue and already showed some more stable high RPM performances. I really enjoy the synergy between the Livenois Throttle Enhancer and BBK Throttle Body, especially with a Livernois tune to take advantage of it. Now while I notice its more easy to get lower MPG rates, the car is ever so more stable in its performance output. I find it hard press to go back to stock and honestly am very very surprised the throttle body did bring an overall improvement in performance demand and output feel. I do not focus solely on Horsepower and Torque gains, rather it is reliability and execution for performance demand that is my interest. The fact the BBK Throttle Body now keeps IAT2 temperatures lower than charge air (even though stock FMIC reaches almost 200 degrees in Fahrenheit at high loads) and doesn't cause the engine to "choke" for more air is enough of a boon to me. Of course, I did luck out to buy one much cheaper than intended retail price. My final thoughts: I am VERY PLEASED with how my 3.0T MKZ is performing, and these three mods took it to another stage that makes it hard to go back from. The 3.0T only with a tune is still lacking, especially as "adaptive learning kicks in" but now I do not even feel like the adaptive learning is a issue anymore. Especially with the Livernois Throttle enhancer, I enjoy a wide custom performance feel to how I wish to drive the car. After adding these three mods, I know the only big bottleneck remaining now is the Front Mount Intercooler, and I am excited to see just how more effortless the 3.0T engine becomes once temperatures are not heat soaking as badly when under high load. Now to just wait the C-PE FMIC Fusion Sport upgrade which I'll nab for improving the Charge Air Temperatures under high load. I also suspect the stock Engine Mount is a bit too soft given I can feel the engine rock especially with it gaining this more power, downside to a engine mount upgrade is increased vibrations...and I don't want to jeopardize the core meaning of comfort with a Lincoln vehicle. Decisions...decisions...
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    Izzy's Showroom

    My 2014 Lincoln MKZ Smoked Quartz parked in my driveway after a long day in the dealer.