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    Tom V, your threads got me going in adding a sub to my Revel Ultima system. I replied to your Revel 14 to Revel Ultima 20 upgrade thread to lay out what I did. I’m still experimenting with a front-left trunk location for my box and listening as I have it a) firing into back seat or b) across from left to right. I also used Forscan to disable both ANC and ESE. I laid all this out here, in Tom V’s other thread: Tom V’s Revel 14 to Revel Ultima 20 Upgrade Thread
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    Thanks. I was wanting a vehicle just to use on the weekend only since I rarely drive during the week. I have another vehicle so its not a matter of just having to have a vehicle. It was just casual use only. I wanted a muscle car but inflation prices were through the roof. Then if you found anything in range it was absolute poop. I regretted selling my 2005 GTO that was absolutely race car obnoxious but it absolutely turned heads. It was a site to see. Though it was left leg day every day and it was so much drone while driving you could barely hear holding the phone and speaker phone was absolutely impossible. Plus having to shift yeah save the grief. *Disclaimer hands free zones are only in school zones in my state. Yet I prefer to use handsfree. Now with this car the power is not violent but just super linear which I absolutely love just violent aggressive accelerations (or at least makes it feel that way). The GTO if launched hard would just wheelspin with traction control which it was a bit nuts. Though this car though it is FWD ,it has some wheel hop which I may shove a stickier wider tire setup if I replace the current rims and 300 tread wear tiires, and it should help a bit. Only in comfort mode do you feel the suspension flex and downshift and goes. Though in sport its sooooooo damn smooth and you look down and go Oh shit! Eventually possibly will upgrade the rear anti roll bar to stiffen the rear end since it can get a bit squirmy on some spirited driving in corners but for just overall use its completely fine. This MKZ's with the 3.0 either FWD or AWD are literally the best sleepers out there for the money and smooth as butter to drive. The true cloud on wheels.
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    Congrats on the purchase, and welcome aboard. I still love driving mine, I'm amazed at the power this great car has.
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    Welcome, Ross. It certainly is a shame that there will be no more MKZs. I've had 2 1st-gens, and I'm on my 3rd 2nd-gen. If they were still offering them, I'd likely get another. Lincoln has abandoned us. I'm not, and never will be, in the market for an SUV/CUV.
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    Hi Ross. Congratulations on your new MKZ and welcome to the Lincoln MKZ Forums! Hope you enjoy many safe and happy motoring miles! 🍻
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    Chronic Battery Issues

    Welcome. You won't notice issues, its as simple as a power draw overnight, or possibly something not going to sleep like it should. Many modules have been accused of being the culprit. Check out this thread on these forums that blames the DDM driver door module and the ACM audio control module. The chimes change because of low voltage so the car is going into a power saving mode, running only critical components. I'm highly suspect of my ACM module because the screen stays on. To provide better detail, I think of the screen in something like 4 stages; 1. Full on and displaying a logo or all white screen. 2. On but displaying no image so its black but brightly backlit. 3. On and no image, but DIMLY backlit. 4. Actually fully off. Given that mine likes to hang out in the #3 dimly backlit black screen mode for 10 minutes even though I locked the door makes it pretty easy to believe it could be drawing power all night long. I also suspect poor charging strategy from the BCM body control module which oversees the BMS battery monitoring system. I have been in the habit of data logging my car since I'm 93 tuned so it was no big deal for me to log the battery state of charge too. By default the car targets 80% so that battery life is extended. I changed mine to 90% target but the car does not appear to try to charge it higher. That's why I think the first reasonable move is to update all the modules and hope it doesn't make things worse. And thanks to the logging, I can use a battery tender to top off the battery if it gets too low in my eyes (under 70% and the car audibly starts slower). The battery is fine because the battery tender gets it to 100%, offsetting the power that a bad module is drawing. Why the car can't hit the target state of charge on a 45 minute drive is beyond me. I'll generally only see it raise like 5% max.
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    Intelligent AWD System Display

    I tried enabling this in my 2013 MKZ and I was not able to get the AWD display to come up at all. So I am wondering if it is possible at all.
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    3.0T Battery System Management Issues

    In the end, the actual proper fix is to get the following Oasis Module updates applied: SSM 46128 - 2017 MKZ/Fusion - Battery Drain - Built On Or Before 6/3/2016 ISSUE: Some 2017 MKZ and Fusion vehicles equipped with memory seats and built on or before 6/3/2016 may exhibit a discharged battery or a battery drain condition. ACTION: Reprogram the driver door module (DDM) to the latest calibration using the Integrated Diagnostic System (IDS) version 102.02 or higher. SSM 46440 - 2017 Fusion/MKZ/Continental/MKX - No Audio, Navigation Inoperative, Unable To Access Audio Features From All Controls With DTC U0184 ISSUE: Some 2017 Fusion, MKZ, Continental and MKX with an instrument panel center mounted speaker may exhibit no audio, navigation inoperative, inability to access audio features with all controls including steering wheel switches and voice commands with Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) U0184. If unable to communicate with the audio control module (ACM), remove the radio power fuse for 10 minutes to reset the ACM. ACTION: Reprogram the ACM to the latest calibration using the Integrated Diagnostic System (IDS) release 104.03 or higher. This should solve everything.
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    3.0T Battery System Management Issues

    After all this time...I finally and truly figured out how to get the chime bug 100%, how to avoid it, and what causes it. Its the Auto Folding Mirrors. When you shut the driver's door, the mirrors will unfold. If you press the start button before they finish unfolding then the chimes will become irregular. As long you wait for them to finish unfolding first and then start the car (this applies even if you remote start the warm up the vehicle) you'll avoid the chime bug issues. I've confirmed this with a dealer and had it sent towards Lincoln. Interesting thing is it seems to only be on 3.0T vehicles...I tried a 2.0T and it worked okay.