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    Spring Wash & Wax

    I tried a new set of products recommended on the MKX forum over the weekend, and I'm pretty happy with the results. Wash with Dawn, dry with squeegee and cloths Clay bar with Mothers detailing spray Surf City Garage Nano-Seal with 6" buffer and foam bonnet, polish Turtle wax ice with buffer, polish Hours of work, but all ready for summer!
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    Spring Wash & Wax

    Washed and tried out P&S Beadmaker, a spray sealant.
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    Spring Wash & Wax

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    New to forum

    Hey everybody. New to this forum. Got about 30 days on my new to me Lincoln mkz 2017 w/3.0 at 24k miles. Great addition to the fleet.
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    Livernois Tune Times...

    That's why I go to the drag strip, to let it all hang out and have fun so on the street I can be mellow. The Mustang ran that 11.7@121 on the stock craptastic Goodyear All Weather tires so she she could easily have gone 11.5 with real tires. The car is still at Ford because apparently very few people know how to rebuild the 10r80 so I'm in a line, this year is looking to be a low miles year so I'm looking at the positives. My MKZ on the street doesn't have wheel hop issues, thankfully they just squeal a bit and the car is off like a rocket. I haven't and don't street race my cars but it's nice to know what they're capable of. Car and Driver calls the 400hp MKZ hilariously over powered, I call it hilariously entertaining. :)
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    Livernois Tune Times...

    Dang, stinks to hear your Mustang's transmission failed. I hope it got better for you afterwards. It is, the nature of the beast with drag racing, and why I don't make too much of a big deal how well a non-drag focused vehicle performs. Without drag-focused radials, the vehicle is already bottle necked by its rubber if rolling street tires. MKZ will require this along with good overall track prep and DA readings to hit high 11's. Otherwise, won't see that kind of performance on a time slip. The MKZ and other cars in general will just be more true to their abilities outside of the strip. So the nice thing is whatever time slips one pulls off, its actually doing better than that on real life roads. Of course, always drive responsibly and respectfully!
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    Livernois Tune Times...

    First pass on a drag strip in the 2017 MKZ Drivers package... 12.662 @ 109.46 mph. Only had time for one pass. Livernois 91 tune, yes just the 91 tune... no 93 near me 😞 Michelin Pilot Sport 4's all round Steeda modded intake Ultimate Performance Rear Motor Mount for wheel-hop control Exhaust cutouts open to reduce rear muffler back-pressure Track prep was not great as most cars were spinning significantly. The best a new BMW M4 was getting on that track prep was 13.3 and a fire-spitting Supra was pulling 12.62. I brought the MKZ up against the torque converter to about 50% throttle just before launch to get the turbos spinning. I was scared WOT would wheel-hop. I probably could have gone WOT if the track prep was better to get the boost up even higher for launch. I shifted at about 5800 rpm in first and second as I was worried I was going to get wheel-hop like I do on the street. Didn't get any wheel-hop though. With good track prep, the Ultimate Performance Intercooler and Transmission Mount for a WOT launch, a larger Throttle Body, the GFB DV+ to hold the boost, the 93 tune and fuel, and shifting later... I think this sleeper just might squeak into the 11s! Anyone gone better than 12.5 yet?
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    Thank Izzy, After watching the video I think I'm going to let best buy tackle this one. Going to call Crutchfield to see what speaker will be compatible with the amp in the car.
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    Loving the grills, nice work
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    Looks awesome. Great job.
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    Hi dfstv. Looks like you put a lot of work and love into your project! Congratulations!
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    I really want your wheels!
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    Mod thread

    Hello guys. 2010 MKZ AWD red candy. Stuff done so far: - White fog light bulbs - Lip spoiler - 20 x 8.5 AR wheels - Emblem removal - LED swap (incl. reverse lights) - Custom grille - Blacked out mirror caps - 20% tint all around Lots of things coming up! 12/5/14: Tint, custom grille and blacked out mirror caps older picture:
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    Spring Wash & Wax

    When I do this... which is about once every two months or so... it just makes me stand back and smile. Don't you love seeing your reflection? I try to take pics without me in the reflection. LOL
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    Spring Wash & Wax

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    Drove a Charger Hellcat

    Ditto. Jeep Cherokee or Wrangler, RAM, I'd trust. Mostly. Chrysler / Dodge have a history of making cool, bold, unconventional designs held together with spit and chewing gum.
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    Devin's 2014 MKZ

    Comparison - Stock vs H&R's
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    Fuel System Cleaners

    This is correct, and I should clarify one thing in regards to my use reasons of ACES IV. Also just how fuel combustion works to a degree. My engine benefit because it was fuel treated from day 1 before carbon buildup became ever serious. A used vehicle from a previous owner with thousands of miles done, will not undo normal carbon build up without cleaning the valves directly with manual methods. ACES IV helps by optimizing fuel for better combustion cycles. Fuel blow by is reduced the more "perfect" the combustion cycle is. Getting the hottest flame front means less blow by created. My engine experienced less blow by from building up in the first place than other owners just pumping standard gas. Think of it like a diet supplement, to maintain staying in shape rather than using it to help lose fat in the first place. There are no easy outs. A big reason why BND Automotive is favoring of Dodge vehicles is because Dodge does not do Direct Injection (yet). Even the Hellcat engines are port fuel injection. When it comes to cleansing valves, port injection is required to help reduce active build up prior to treatment. Dont expect even ACES IV alone to actually clean off already, and especially any and all fuel system cleaners or octane booster. This is where the snake oil fact comes from. Only modern Ford engines exceptions are Gen 3 5.0 Coyote and Gen 2 3.5 EcoBoost with the best option: PFDI Dual Injection. These two will benefit the best with ACES IV and can utilize fuel cleaners like Techron like how they were intended. Big reason why my next gasoline engine will be one of these, for that ultimate benefit. So for DI only engines, the only way to avoid or reduce blow by is either improve combustion cycles with better fuel (flame front) burn, which ACES IV does at least help with. The fuel must always remain treated with every fuel up for the benefit however. There is also installing an active (not passive, those cheap systems are snake oil too) proper catch can ventilation system. Making fuel harder to burn with more Ethanol/Octane will result in more blow by, since pure gasoline (which also brings best fuel economy but less power) burns hotter with less work. This is always the biggest trade off. More power or cleaner engine/better fuel economy? Dont think things like 93 octane shell is "cleaner" over 87 octane shell. Save the money if power is not the desire. In the end, unless you're determined to keep a vehicle for a very long time, I wouldn't worry about any of this.
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    Trunk Recalibration

    Sorry to hear it if your story is truthful, but I have a 2017 with 10,000+ miles and I have not had one issue with the car since taking delivery. A Honda is a very basic vehicle for getting from point A to point B compared to a Lincoln. The comfort, power, features, and space are not even worthwile comparisons.
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    Ceramic Coating

    I applied a ceramic coating, cQuartz, to my 2014 MKZ. I'm absolutely shocked at the shine and hydrophobic properties of this type of coating. I would recommend as long as you study it and do all the correct paint prep. My car is the Tuxedo Black Metallic and it really brings out the metal flakes, though the pictures don't really pic that up.
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    Red 'Z'

    A while back I mentioned painting the 'Z' on the trunk red. IMO, cars with the Driver's Sport Package should come from the factory this way. Finally got it done.
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    2014 MKZ 3M Wrap

    Hello, I just bought an MKZ hybrid and I'm glad I found this forum. I look forward to learning from and meeting everyone here. I just got my car wrapped and will be doing more to it soon. Here are a couple photos of the wrap. Thanks
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    Last Mod before turn in

    Last modification to my 15 MKZ before I take possession of either the 17 MKZ or Continental
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    Lincoln MKZ Favorite Color?

    I am going to have to go with Dark Sapphire Blue (since i just ordered it in that color) and you can NEVER go wrong with black!