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    I think I discovered the source of the sound! While crawling around under the back end, I discovered two holes in the bottom of the muffler. both were dripping water and were surrounded by oxidation and scale from road salt. when I held my finger softly under the holes the rhythmic puffing/thumping sound was duplicated. spoke with dealer about replacing muffler, but when we researched the part, turns out the two holes are there on purpose, not due to rust. So I bought it! Got a price that made me smile and had a super smooth ride home. Already have the Lincoln Way app starting the MKZ remotely. Have fun and be mellow!
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    New NHTSA Recall Number 19V632

    Your vehicle MAY be involved in a safety recall and MAY create a safety risk for you or your passengers. If left unrepaired, a potential safety defect could lead to injury or even death. Safety defects must be repaired by a dealer at no cost to you. Why am I getting this email? You are receiving this message because you requested to be notified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) if there is a safety recall that may affect your vehicle. The following may apply to one or more of your vehicles if your vehicle is listed below. Click on the NHTSA Recall ID Number below to read more about the safety issue and the reason for the recall. To find out if your specific passenger vehicle is included in the recall, use our VIN Look-up Tool. NHTSA Recall ID Number : 19V632 Manufacturer : Ford Motor Company Subject : Steering Gear Motor May Detach Make Model Model Years FORD EDGE 2015-2016 FORD FUSION 2013-2016 LINCOLN MKX 2016 LINCOLN MKZ 2013-2016 What is a recall? When a manufacturer or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) determines that a vehicle creates an unreasonable risk to safety or fails to meet minimum safety standards, the manufacturer is required to fix that vehicle at no cost to the owner. That can be done by repairing it, replacing it, offering a refund (for equipment) or, in rare cases, repurchasing the car. What should I do if my vehicle is included in this recall? If your vehicle is included in this recall, it is very important that you get it fixed as soon as possible given the potential danger to you and your passengers if it is not addressed. You should receive a separate letter in the mail from the vehicle manufacturer, notifying you of the recall and explaining when the remedy will be available, whom to contact to repair your vehicle, and to remind you that the repair will be done at no charge to you. If you believe your vehicle is included in the recall, but you do not receive a letter in the mail from the vehicle manufacturer, please call NHTSA's Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236, or contact your vehicle manufacturer or dealership. Thank you for your attention to this important safety matter and for your commitment to helping save lives on America's roadways. Additional Resources Understanding Vehicle Recalls Recalls FAQ Thank you, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration United States Department of Transportation My VIN does not come back a vehicle on the recall but figured I'd share this notice NHTSA_Safety_Issues.pdf
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    2016 Ruby Red 2.0 just found our garage today! Like the way it looks.
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    New Brand to me

    New owner of a 2017 MKZ Reserve. This is my first experience with Lincoln. Hoping its a good one. So far the forum has been helpful to look at. And of course, I had to roll the proverbial McConaughey booger as I drove it off the dealer's lot... and BOOM, just like that - A forum username was born. Looking forward to the conversations. -Jamie
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    NEW SYNC3 NAV map update!

    Do we know the reason for this? IIRC, they 2018+ have more memory, but why should that matter? In my own case, my lease is up in 6 months. I'm certainly not going to spend $150 for the update so the next owner can benefit. If I get a 2020 MKZ, it'll have the latest update.๐Ÿ˜
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    NEW SYNC3 NAV map update!

    Hi gang. Here is my SYNC 3, NAV maps install update. ๐Ÿ™‚ The install went smoothly. First however, a few things to mention. In my initial post above, I left out one step on how to find your "SYNC ESN Serial Number" on the SYNC settings screen. Click on the gear icon/Settings button on your SYNC screen. Then click "General" (forgot that step earlier). Scroll down and click "About SYNC". Then be sure to scroll to the bottom of the next screen to get your "SYNC Serial Number (ESN)" number, not the "Onboard Modem Serial Number (ESN)". Okay, to the install. Just a few things to mention/warn about. My install began as the instructions detailed. So I settled in for my 2 1/2 hour drive, expecting the installation to take about an hour, as per the instructions. However, after about 5 minutes, the Installation Complete screen popped up for about 10 seconds stating that the install had been successful, I could remove the USB and the update would be complete once I performed a restart cycle of the car (as per the instructions). However, it disappeared before I could click "Okay". I felt that was far too quick, so I left the USB in, kept driving and did not turn off the car. Then after a few minutes, SYNC rebooted and showed it was still performing System Updates. It would reboot occasionally. Show information screens, etc. About 30 minutes into the drive, the same thing happened. Stated install was complete, remove the USB, stop and restart the car etc., but once again the screen disappeared after ~10 seconds, before I could click "Okay". I still felt that was too quick, so I left the USB in and kept driving. Same result, reboot, and System Updating began again. Occasional reboots, Information screens etc. At about the 1 hour mark, the System Update successful screen popped up again, stating the install would be completed once I performed an engine stop and restart. I kept driving for several minutes, and this time the screen stayed visible and did not disappear. So this time, i was able to click "Okay". I then pulled over and performed the required restart cycle of...engine/ignition off (I also opened my door to turn off Accessory power), wait at least 15 seconds (I waited a minute), then restart. After restarting, I went into SYNC settings to check my NAV maps version. It was successfully updated from version "NA 1 16" to "NA 1 18". WoooHooo! So if there is a moral to this story, I guess it would be: Despite some early/false Install Complete screens, the install does seem to take ~1 hour. So don't rush it, be patient, and ensure the install is actually complete. Hope this information helps and good luck. ๐Ÿ™‚
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    MKZ 3.0 AWD transmission, laggy shifts

    That's a good change interval range for the Ford 6F transmissions as well, or 1-2 year interval depending on drive style.
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    Hey R2D2

    So, it should be gone by the time I head back to Fla in mid-January. Good.
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    Hey R2D2

    Thanks Chris, Yeah, we dodged another bullet, but a real slow one at that. Here is a local timeline for the hurricane path that was published ๐Ÿ˜Ž
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    I finished my project and since there is very little information on installing a subwoofer online Iโ€™ll share some information. First I started with a little $8 kit from amazon of panel poppers and a tool to take out what I think they are called โ€œpopitsโ€ and since there were very many to take out in the process this helped a lot. I started by taking the drivers side door areas and under the seal that keeps the water from coming in I came in with the panel poppers and you have to be a little rough to get the panels to pop out, I then found an area to go through in the firewall which is the hood release cable, do not cut it because it is about 1-2 inches long so you have to push it out to get the power wire through.(start from the inside of the cabin and push into the engine because the hole cannot be seen from the engine bay). Next I tucked the power wire in the carpet which worked great and I removed the rear seat and a little flat panel right next to it and that had great area to cable manage. I kept the excess under the floor by the spare tire. Next for signal I bought the Metra 72-5601 to plug directly into the rear deck 6x9 speakers for signal and shipped the ends off to the bare speaker wire and ran some speaker wire to a low output converter with a 12 volt amp turn on and the ground I got from under the rear seat which comes out with 2 little plastic pins that you push to the side and the rear seat comes right out. I tried to do the remote wire to the little fuse box by the pedals but after trying about 5 I realized the fuses have power on all of the time. I used some stronger double sided tape to hold down the low output converter and my amp by the spare tire area as well to keep my trunk tidy. And lastly for the bass knob I ran it by the power wire then under my seat. (Sorry Iโ€™m not the best at writing guides but if you have any questions feel free to ask here).
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    VID_20190816_170613.mp4 Fitting the washers above and below the CP-E rear motor mount was a good time too.
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    NEW SYNC3 NAV map update!

    I'll admit I'm minorly irritated that my 2017 MKZ, still under factory warranty AND freshly purchased as certified preowned, isn't eligible for a free update.