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    dash cam - hack?

    That is puzzling indeed, unless it's not a factory camera. Are you the original owner? Is there a button on the end of your turn signal stalk? Can you post a picture of the camera? BTW, I've had 2014, 2017 and 2020 MKZs with LKA. There's no audible warning (beep) with the MKZ's system. The departure warning is given by vibration in the steering wheel.
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    Aftermarket mufflers are all so loud because of the missing feature of all stock mufflers, the Helmholtz chamber. If you want a quieter exhaust, but more airflow, try to find a larger system of parts, and include an OEM muffler. The late Mustang mufflers are very popular to buy and build an exhaust around. Any late model car that you like the sound of could be a good source for a muffler that flows okay and won't be too loud, or drone.
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    Hi kramf. Sure I would...why not? It is a lot better than some of the masks I see people wearing. 🙃
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    Double check the wiring diagram. It looks like the Fusion with Sony Amp/DSP only has 6 channels and the ACM still has 4 onboard channels. See page 132-8 for connector C240A. Junkyard is probably a good place to source the connectors.
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    My thoughts on my backlight Emblem.

    I purchased a backlight emblem for my 2017 mkz from https://www.raymaxgear.com/products/lincoln-led-radiant-emblem-front-grille-badge-light?variant=31761139138614 It seems that they raised the price by $30 and offer a $10 discount.... I had to pull the front bumper to install better hid bulbs so I decided to add this while the bumper is off. I used t-taps to connect to the side marker light for power. It looks awesome but at that new price, you'd think that they would match the color a bit better. It is a cooler white than the existing lights.
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    My thoughts on my backlight Emblem.

    Thanks again for the information on wiring my Emblem. It makes a difference in the look of the car.
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    Octane rating

    I put in a tank of 93 and like the extra bit of thrust. Given the low fuel prices and the fact that I'm WFH and driving very little, I think I'll keep doing it. I was driving an '03 Mercury Marauder in 2004 when premium went up to $4.50/gal. I was driving a lot of miles and could barely afford to keep gas in it.
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    Hi Suctoes. Blind Internet diagnosis is difficult. However, if I understand correctly, your description tells me your DATC system may be working correctly. To explain why I state that: As far as choosing the maximum fan speed allowable when on AUTO: using that setting does not manually choose the fan speed. It simply tells the system the maximum fan speed you want to allow. This is because some people are bothered by the high speed. So choosing between "Low", "Medium" or "High" does not actually change the speed manually. It simply selects the allowable parameters that the system can use if necessary. So in your case right now, It may simply be that the AUTO system feels the high fan speed is not necessary during this temperate time of year. And yes, as you discovered...changing the fans speed with the dial automatically "...defeats the purpose of auto". So does changing the chosen air registers (Defroster, instrument Panel, Footwell). If you have not already done so, taking a look at the DATC operations explanation in your Owners Manual would probably be a good idea, in case my explanation is unclear or you think it does not address your question properly. If you still feel there is an issue, then you will probably need to make a service appointment. Is your 2017 still within the 4 year/50,000 mile New Car Warranty or some other type of Extended or Dealer Warranty? Keep us updated and good luck.
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    14 MKZh due for Spark Plug change

    Well, I did have spark-plug service done last weekend and car has been performing okay so far. I have put another 300 miles and no issues. The performance seems to back to when car was before and currently happy with it. Hopefully no issues going forward.
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    However CDW, if you look for a 2017-2018 MKZ Black Label with the Drivers Package and Cashmere Venetian Star interior, you will get White w/Ebony interior. there is currently a Diamond Black with Drivers Package and Cashmere Venetian Star interior available in PA. I realize you are not looking for a black MKZ, but it does give you another option to look for. And yes, I thoroughly enjoy my 2017 MKZ Black Label with Driver's Package and Thoroughbred interior. 🙂
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    There's a leveling plug on the left side if the transaxle case. You'll have to raise the car and remove the wheel to access it. See this video for the procedure. Fast-forward to the 9-minute mark. The car in the video is a Fusion but for these purposes, there's no difference.
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    They are probably molex connectors.
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    Yeah, iDatalink definitely doesn't support Lincoln Revel, but as you mentioned... it might work for the Fusion application. The Sony amp might be an option too, I'd have to research. Their Maestro DSR1 adds Rockford Fosgate digital signal processing to most aftermarket amplifiers. It uses a vehicle-specific T-harness to intercept the audio from a Fusion ACM, process it and sends it to aftermarket amplifier, then connects the the aftermarket amps speaker leads back to the vehicles speaker wires.
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    Center Dash: MidRange +Tweeter (2) Front Doors: Tweeter, Midrange, MidWoofer (6) Rear Doors: Tweeter, MidWoofer (4) Rear Deck: Subwoofer (2)
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    2017 AWD Snow Performance

    Hi 17MKZ. The reason Tire Rack and others will sometimes recommend a smaller snow tire wheel size (i.e. 18" versus 19"), is simply cost savings. Apples to apples, an 18" tire will cost less than the same 19" model. Generally speaking, you would also want to go with a slightly narrower tread than the factory tires, since a narrower tread helps the tire sink and bite into the snow as opposed to riding on top of it. Think of wider tire acting like a snowshoe. Good luck.
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    First Time Lincoln Owner!!!

    Hello! Proud owner of a 2017 Burgundy Velvet MKZ with a wonderful view (panoramic sunroof). I browsed around in this forum almost a year ago, but didn't join. Came here last night looking for help in finding my factory code after reading the manual and following the directions, so I thought, with no luck. Long story short, I got my code AND a group that I need to be a part of.
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    Hi jm. If performed properly, there should be no issues. First...I would recommend the Motorcraft replacement plugs, not any new-fangled "Double Unobtanium, triple electrode, five prong super plug" replacements. Second...I would also recommend having a Ford or Lincoln Dealer perform the service, especially since yours is Hybrid. However, if you are looking to save money, I would recommend finding an established shop/tech in your area that you can trust (family/friends recommendations?), as opposed to a NAPA or other big box, oil change type shop. Again, especially since yours is a Hybrid and your Lincoln and Ford Dealers will be more familiar with any intricacies of Hybrid service. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
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    Be Safe out there

    A great bunch of posts... Since I started this in May my now 16 month old MKZ has 5550 miles on it - a whole 1000 miles in 4 months! But we can now go to the store for shopping and some restaurants are open and have outdoor seating which we have been enjoying 2 or 3 times a week. Plus, I had 5 stents put in 3 weeks ago for now I get to drive 30 miles 3 times a week for cardiac rehab. Yay me!! Take care all, and drive safely!!
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    2.0 liter engine?

    It depends on what you're looking for and what kind of driving you do. The 2.0 is adequate for probably 99% of drivers. The overwhelming majority of MKZs that I see are 2.0-powered. I'm on my second 3.0 AWD. I wouldn't have anything else but that's a personal decision. I've driven plenty of 2.0 loaners. No comparison. What are your priorities?
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    Hard shift 1-2

    Seems like there are two different issues mentioned here. I do not have the 1-2 hard shift on my MKZ but I did have the same issue on my previous 2014 Fusion + harsh shift in reverse. Copy/Paste from the Fusion repair paperwork. Not sure if it can be something useful with the OP's issues. Concern: Customer states when shifting from park to reverse feels like the vehicle is jerking. There is also delay when shifting gears. Cause: Verify shift concern into REV Check OASIS FOUND SSM 45736 INSTALL IDS FOR SIFT SOL NUMBERS Correction: Remove Valve Body, Replace SSB and SSD and TCC Shift solenoid Reinstall valve body, Refill trans fluid Road test, Return to customer I have to say, though, after the fix, that during the first two days, the vehicle was shifting hard - no delay, and no issue of jerking while shifting to reverse. On the third day, it's all shifting smoothly. Hope this helps. I do have "slam" and I can replicate it almost every time. For me, it ONLY happens during light acceleration AND while I happen to release the gas pedal before a change in gear completes.
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    auto insurance plug-in monitor

    Shop around. While I had always hoped that being a long-term customer would get you the best rates from your insurance company - that just doesn't seem to be the case in today's world. I have had to switch car insurance companies about every 3 years to keep any semblance of a reasonable rate.
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    auto insurance plug-in monitor

    Also shop around, the last 2 companies I was with both offered great premiums at first and then raised the premiums over 3 years to what I had come from. Just switched again to save 800 a year and will play the game again in another couple years.
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    3.0T Performance Modifications

    For those who may happen to reside near Beltsville, Maryland: Custom Performance Engineering is very much interested in inspecting a 3.0T MKZ for bolt-on upgrade confirmation. Just contact Sean Zaldivar: SZaldivar@cp-e.com
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    2014 Fuel Mileage Display

    Yes, that's the issue. The bar graph in the middle is supposed to move. I had mine done successfully.