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    Just want to say thanks!

    I just wanted to say thanks to the MKZ Forum and it's members. I think I've used the search feature here to find things out about my car more often than the owner's manual, not to mention I've found out quite a bit of "real world" things to know and look out for from others. Maybe the joint isn't exactly jumping, but this seems like a pretty relaxed group of helpful people who love the little Lincoln. I'm hoping we're still all here in about eight years when a decent, relatively-low-mile 2018 Black Label has (hopefully) depreciated enough to be within my financial reach. 🙂
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    Getting to the interior fuse box on a 2017

    From the SM. Sorry I didn't get to this sooner:
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    2019 Due ?

    Hi 1984. I'll jump in and add that I have the 20 speaker Ultima system, and while I do not blast the system, I do crank it up a little sometimes. No rattles or vibration problems. I have the rear sunshade. Good luck.
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    I couldn't let this go. But, it's one of those where you need to know it. 2 clips on the right side. 4 clips on the left side. Panel swings down. I do believe that the easiest way is to pry it open from the top and not the sides. Right side popped open with very little effort. Now if you can fit a chubby hand in there that is another thing.
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    2019 Due ?

    You'll be happy with the 14 speaker setup, friends have told me it's the best car stereo they've ever heard.
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    2019 Due ?

    I have the 20 speaker system, and there are no rattles, thank the lord. I don't have a rear sunshade, since I have the panoramic roof, so maybe that's a source for some rattles.
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    2019 Due ?

    It's the 20 speaker system. It sounds amazing but the rear sunshade vibrates on the rear deck and the rear deck vibrates on the glass. It's pretty shitty. It wasn't that bad in the beginning but the other night we were listening to Warren G regulate and it was rattling at level 8. That's not acceptable.
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    Forgot about this one. It's based on the same '65 kit, just an earlier issue. Going off the idea that the Continental and T-Bird were related, and the fact that AMT makes a nice '62 T-Bird, I spliced the two to create a "what if" Continental Sports Roadster. The one I just bought might end up a little closer to stock than the two you've seen. 1965 Lincoln Continental Sport Roadster by Chuck Most, on Flickr
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    2019 Due ?

    Well I can tell you what my dealer told me when I ordered my car. Allotments are key here. I had an AWD 3.0 black label (which get prioritized before all over productions) and I had to wait a while. Order was placed I believe April 3rd, had a VIN by April 16th. Vehicle was built on June 4th and got the vehicle on June 27th. It was almost 12 weeks when I got it and the dealership said it was usually 8-12 weeks avg from order to delivery. But sometimes it can take them much longer depending on allocations.
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    2019 Due ?

    Hi 1984. Only a guess of course, but I would surmise a transit time of less than two weeks if it ships before the holiday. However, keep in mind that a car is not driven the back door of the factory and right onto a rail car. There are logistics involved as to how cars are loaded and shipped. So cars can sit for varying periods of time before loading. Again, just my educated opinion, but I think there is a chance, although it may be slim, that you may have your car for Christmas. As you stated, the abbreviated holiday manufacturing and shipping schedules are working against you. But being close to Hermosillo is in your favor too, if they have it built in time for shipping before the holiday shut down. Your Dealer has access to all the production and shipping information. Some Dealers are good at communicating this information to the customer, some not so good. Let them know you would like to be kept notified and don't be afraid to check with them once a week or so. I hope you can get that nice Christmas present you are hoping for.
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    Lincoln Way app down

    My vehicles are missing from the phone app and the owner website and it won't let me add them. Anyone else seeing this?
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    2010 MKZ tail light functions...

    Forgot to update THAT post... when the bulb went out, some computer board tucked into a deep, dark corner of the car cut the power to that socket. The dealer just had to go in and reset something and all is well. 🙂
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    I can't really blame you there, though to my credit I chose the more sedate version of the two wood grain patterns provided. 🙂
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    Because it comes with an optional custom wagon roof. The top of the box shows the two custom variants, the stock Continental convertible is shown on the side. It was fairly common for AMT box art of the era to highlight the custom version over the stock version. When the reissue came out I tried one as a wagon but kept the stock front and rear bumpers. I call it a "Continental Navigator" a concept car Lincoln might have tried to entice younger, upwardly-mobile family men back in '65. 🙂
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    Just want to say thanks!

    Some people say a man is made outta mud A poor man's made outta muscle and blood Muscle and blood and skin and bones A mind that's a-weak and a back that's strong You load sixteen tons, what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt Saint Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go I owe my soul to the company store
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    Oil change at Ford Dealer

    My local Lincoln dealer just installed 4 new tires I just purchased did a complete inspection of car functions including things like battery test brake check collant test since we are getting into the cold weather and oil and filter change all for $61.00 I thought that was a pretty darn good deal ! My sister takes her new BMW in for an oil change and tire rotation all for the smoking good price of $145.00! They are trying to sell her a maintenance package for her car for around $5,000.00 for 85,000 miles! Keep in mind it does not cover any broken parts it just covers all general maintenance! I told her do not do it it's not worth it. She told me she will get a Lincoln next time.
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    Oil change at Ford Dealer

    I've never had my dealer (Ford and Lincoln) be pushy about anything, though they will tell you if they notice anything amiss. If it's something that needs immediate attention they're clear about it. During the 15 point inspection on my car they found a weeping right rear axle shaft seal... "nothing to worry about now but we'll keep an eye on it". And the complementary wash is always nice. 🙂
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    I guess he doesn't know that car pics are supposed to be taken in a cemetery. :)
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    Pulled the trigger, 2017 3.0t awd

    Not everyone takes a picture of their new car in a cemetery. Visiting or reserving?
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    Name of your MKZ

    That would be McKenZed in Canada. I’ll need another approach for mine. 🙂
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    What does this do?

    I wish it was passenger eject. A couple of people I'd like to send to the moon.
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    Name of your MKZ

    My mother told me up to her dying day ," If there is any money left after the house is sold , please spend it on something that makes you happy ". So I did , and the 2013 z and now the 2016 z with the name Rose have made me happy , just like she always did.
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    Name of your MKZ

    Interesting topic. I had a co-worker who names/anthropomorphizes her cars. She had a Jetta diesel that was under the emissions recall which basically made it a $20K savings account, and when she finally turned it in for the cash she cried. I don't name them, but somehow feel that when I do maintenance the car appreciates it, like if I take care if it it will take care of me.
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    Name of your MKZ

    Not really but "Abe" comes to mind
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    Ceramic Coating

    I had Ceramic Pro done to my car. It is amazing. I just got the car back, I'll post pictures when I get time to take them... The car feels different, and looks shinier. I'm very happy with the results. Should be a so much easier to keep clean and looking great.