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    Just did a somewhat relevant new post on my website. It just so happens my first disappointing scale model purchase was a Lincoln kit. http://chuckmost.wixsite.com/madhouse-miniatures/single-post/2019/11/09/Sht-Kits--Lindberg-1948-Lincoln-Continental
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    2020 MKZ Order Guide

    Looks like the Mono's are on lots, I'm not sure I like the gloss black wheels. I was thinking about picking up a set for my magnetic gray but I think matte black may be a better choice.
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    Robert Iggy Cerami

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    The massaging seats are great for long trips helps relive stress on my old back .. I just got back from my annual road trip from Los Angeles up the coast to Astoria Oregon 2300 mile round trip
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    The massaging seats will not help keep you awake, that's what the stereo is for, set it at 30 to keep awake. Welcome aboard.
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    Welcome! My '17 is ingot silver too. The messaging seats are really nice on trips. I came from a '17 Mustang GT and the performance is close to that. I did notice quite a difference going from regular gas to premium, so you might try that if you haven't already.
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    Welcome, kramf411! You made a wise choice. Enjoy that 3.0TT. It's exhilarating. WRT the massaging seats, I have a touch of arthritis in my spine and I find them helpful. I especially appreciate that the side and lower bolsters can be adjustable. As for long trips, be aware that they automatically shut off after 15 minutes. You'd have to re engage them for longer periods.
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    Welcome to the forum Enjoy your MKZ
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    I experienced this vibration starting a few months ago while coasting for about 1-2 seconds and then it would smooth out. I really couldn't narrow it down to any particular speed and seemed to be everything from about 20-70 mph. The dealer thought it might be my tires as they saw some cupping on the tread of the rear tires so they rotated them and sent me on my way. Well I am back at the dealer this morning. I think I narrowed it down that it happens when the gas engine turns off and it changes to the electric motor. My theory is that maybe the clutch for the electric drive is not fully engaging immediately at switch over. I have always remarked how smooth the transition was and virtually not noticeable but not so much right now Anyone else ever have this issue with their hybrid? If so what was the solution? I'll post back what the dealer think about this after the diagnosis. Vehicle is a 2014 with 50,500 miles.
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    I'm 58, and I had no problem understanding the functionality of the onboard modem and app. Maybe put in a little effort? I agree that outdated nav is pretty bad.
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    Rear Shock Replacement - 13+

    I did not end up taking photos - the lugnuts were swollen - I spent more time getting tires off than actually doing the rear shocks. This is a pretty simple job. The dealer who just recently rotated the tires apparently broke one of the wheelstuds loose, so I couldn't remove one tire, I was still able to swap the shock without removing the tire, though it was a bit more difficult. Steps: Jack/support vehicle. Put slight pressure under the coil area of the rear suspension with a jack while working on it. Remove the two top shock bolts Remove the two bottom shock bolts Remove the electronic shock harness (I rolled under rear of vehicle to do this). Pry the harness mount points out (plastic snaps that hold the wiring in place). Remove shock Remove shock mount Remove the boot/dust cover from shock, put them on new shock Put new shock mount on new shock, reinstall 15mm nut Install is reverse of removal. Here is 90k mile shock (both looked like this). Car drives 100x better already.
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    3.0T Performance Modifications

    I ran the MKZ at Byron Dragway 10/26, first up was a Chevy Silverado with the 5.3 LS and twin turbos, I was sure he was going to blow right by me. I ran a 12.7 to his 14.3, he apparently was having boost controller issues, we raced 3 times, the last time he figured more out and ran a 13.3 to my 13.0. I'm amazed how fast this car is, there was a whipple 2011 SS Camaro there running 12.4's, I wanted to race him so bad, not because I thought I could win but to scare the pants off the guy knowing I'd be right there at the end of the track, in a LINCOLN. 🙂
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    Bad Gas

    Hi R2D2. Report it immediately (or at this point, ASAP) to the gas station manager/owner. Ask for the corporate number and contact them. See how the manager/owner and corporate react. Do they listen and try to help a customer, or do they attempt to shift blame and blow you off? Legally, the station is liable. However, proving it and having them do the right thing is the hard part. Start with the owner and corporate. They should be getting more claims from other owners who were also affected, so see if you can find any information about that also. If it is bad gas, the only way I know of to get rid of it is to have the tank drained. That will likely entail having the tank dropped. The filter is in the tank with the fuel pump. I'm sure you will get additional advice and help from our other forum members. Start out there and let us know how things progress. Good luck.
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    Spring Wash & Wax

    5 minutes, automatic car wash, $10, shiny car. Just as happy! 😂 😂 😂