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    MKC service loaner and damage to MKZ

    Only my opinion, but it really isn't the kid's responsibility to put it in your garage. Unfamiliar territory for him. I had an aunt way back when who had the shortest garage where only a mini cooper would fit in it. I would have just told him to leave it in the driveway. I was given an MKC loaner last year for a day. Felt uneasy when I drove it. It was quick. Not used to an SUV however. I look down on people as it is without actually looking down on people.
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    I've been planning and sourcing used parts to upgrade my Revel 14-speaker system to the Revel Ultima 20-speaker system. Rear deck speakers Rear door mid-ranges 20 Channel Amplifier Molex BLK (PN# 347290120)12-pin power plug Wiring Diagram Manual Spool of 4 conductor 18-AWG wire OBDII adapter for Forscan The rear deck speakers should be fairly straight forward to install. I believe the woofer connectors are the same. All I need to create are connectors and wire runs for the tweeters and mid-ranges straight to the amp in the trunk. You can see from the picture, how great the factory sub-woofers really are 😉 cough cough. The rear door mid-range speaker will be the most challenging part. I will need to take the door panels off and cut a hole. Then fabricate some sort of a grill, more on that later. I also need to run new wires for the tweeter and mid-range. I will disconnect the passive crossover from the tweeter and use the existing wire run just for the woofer. I hope I can fish new wires into the door boot without too much trouble. The amplifier should bolt in place of the current unit. The audio signal comes via USB, so it just plugs in. The power Molex plug is different shape, so I need to re-pin a new connector. The wiring diagram manual provides the layouts. The two 20-pin speaker connector plugs need complete re-pinning as well. They come apart and pins release with a tiny screw driver. I can reinsert them into the new positions as needed. Basically I'm adding 12 new pins and re-arranging the existing. I also compared my MKZ Reserve I As Built File to a similar MKZ Reserve II that is very close to mine, except for the Ultima system and AWD. The DSP/Amplifier module data are identical. I think I just need to get the system to identify the new amplifier on the CAN bus. The ACM module also seems to be a little different. I might need to modify one line of hex values in mine to match. I will add more on this later, when I get to that stage.
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    Devin's 2017 MKZ

    @MKZMark - You and me both. Even if it is just ONE Hemi owner I suprise, that'll be a win. With how well this car gets off the line I think its doable. This past summer, when I had the other MKZ out for fun, my buddy and I met a really appreciative Challeneger owner that was ectastic about the cars we brought out (mine and my buddy's Gold Sportwagen running a 13.7). Cannot wait to get this car out there. Temps are more consistently high now, and with WFH - I had some time to get the new wheels mounted. The lighter wheel & tire combo feels great. Car is overall very responsive now, and lighter on its feet. The momemtum is most noticeable whel accelerating and braking. On top of that, these tires are incredible. I havent even pushed it yet, but can feel a major improvement so far with how sticky and confident the car has become. I no longer fight for traction in 1st & 2nd, but a nice firm chirp, squat and dip and the car is just gone. Next step is to get the springs and sway bars on, I think that will enhance the look even more. Waiting on some OEM hardware from tasca before I can get those installed. Enjoy the pics - curious what everyone thinks about de-chroming the widnow trim, mirrors, and lower grille trim. I kinda like the upper grille as-is and do not want to overdo the black out theme.
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    2017 3.0 AWD TT loses boost randomly

    Dogging out as I call it, is a total kill joy and embarrassing moment. This may not be just the transmission limitation (that even aftermarket tunes will not fix) given your instance when passing slow cars issue. So a few questions to ask for more information: Have you ever thrown any check engine lights or felt the vehicle shudder when demanding more acceleration? Do you have the Go Fast Bits DV+ 9358 add on for the boost tube? What year was your MKZ exactly built? Since it's a 2017, check the door placard for the build date in the top left corner, near Front GVWR.
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    Revel Standard to Ultima Upgrade

    Taken from the rear seat, interior.
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    I'm going to need help from someone with an Ultima system with rear speaker orientations. Do the rear deck speakers have the tweeters inboard or outboard? How far down is the rear door mid-range from tweeter (center to center)? I also picked up a variety of cheap grills off eBay for the rear mid ranges. None are perfect, but with some black paint and epoxied on studs I think they could work. I know the factory grills have no fasteners showing. I'm thinking of using a hole saw and/or dremel to very carefully cut the plastic backing from the rear side of the door panel. If I go very slow and not destroy the leather on the front of the panel, I can later slit the leather and fold it into the hole. Here is a picture of what I have to play with. Maybe some of you have a better idea?
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    Anybody ever seen one of these?

    Good time to run for office! (don't feel bad, we've all been there)
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    Hi gang. The MKZ is classified as a mid-size luxury sedan or sometimes an "entry-level" luxury sedan, and the MKZ-H as a mid-size Hybrid luxury/"entry-level" luxury sedan. However, drolds1 was 100% correct when he stated that "the rest certainly don't qualify" as luxury cars when Lee referred to a "subaru" and "almost all small imports / economy" having CVT's. Good luck.
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    Yep I liked the Borla video. Thanks Robert for chiming in on production. I checked in with the concierge regarding the final order date, but that was probably 2 or 3 weeks ago. Maybe Covid-19 changed it? BTW. IT's official. I'm a brand new owner to the MKZ group. My 2019 either ships tomorrow or Thursday to come cross country to me. It's white with 14 speaker stereo and regular sunroof. Never bought without driving, but it has less than 30 miles and it's new.
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    Is this an indication that you think my question was crap?
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    Now they can afford the TP
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    Hi Viking. Your car trunk is working normally. The struts do not open the trunk on 2006-2012 models. They only hold the trunk lid open once you manually lift it. Good luck.
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    Steering wheel noise.

    Check for recalls here: https://www.nhtsa.gov/recalls Looks like there were a couple of steering related recalls.
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    Steering wheel noise.

    Hello, Bernard and welcome. The Forum Help & Suggestions area is intended for questions about how the site itself works and for suggestions for improvement to it. Questions about the MKZ should be posted in the most applicable section of the forums. As you can see, the Forum is divided into specific topics concerning the car. Therefore, your post is being moved to the Interior area of the forum. WRT your question, you'll need to provide additional details about the conditions under which the problem happens when turning. Does it happen when turning in both direction? At all speeds? When both moving and not moving? Is the sound actually from the wheel or the steering column? Is it an actual rattle or more of a scraping sound? "Rattling thing" doesn't give us much to go on. And please be aware that rattles are hard enough to diagnose in person, much less over the Internet.
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    Hi Multitask. Just a heads up, in case you have not checked today. The Lincoln Owners site sign-in is back up and operating correctly this morning. So far. 😏 Good luck.
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    3.0T Performance Modifications

    How come you would leave them alone? They still suffer from the same "cons" as all OEM brake systems. Also, there seems to be some common problems with high speed throbbing on our cars and the FFS. But I think this is related to the rears. Either way I am not that impressed with this cars brakes, and I thought I would be coming from the 3.7 2014 that didnt have the beefed up stuff the 3.0TT does. Most people are very satisfied with a better pad and rotor combo, fluid and lines. And you can also get caliper stiffening kits to put in place of the guide sleeves to keep flex down. These are easy ways to "improve" oem brakes. But at the end of the day, brake needs, mods, and pros/cons become very subjective and the MKZ is a FAST & HEAVY car to slow down. @spanky - I spoke with this guy a while back when i had my 2014, i plan on reaching out when my fronts wear down some more. Keep in mind some fusions have M12 lugs vs our M14. So the hub rings may need to be drilled out. But I am fairly confident this kit would work for our cars, and its the direction I plan on taking in due time. Lighter, larger, nicer looking, tons of pad choices, 6pot, etc. Of course, introrucing an aftermakret BBK brings a whole nother bag of potential issues and cons too. Can the OEM ABS and master handle it, what proportioning/bias is maintained, etc. Thats why I am asking Zalvern what he has against upgrading because I know that guy thinks things through.
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    Will 2017+ key find work with older MKZs

    YES IT WILL!!! I have a 2014 MKZ and i purchased a 2017 key fob and programmed it and it works. going to post the video to YouTube.
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    Hard wiring a dash cam and radar detector

    Thought I'd share how I hard wired a dash cam and radar detector to my 2019 MKZ HEV. I moved my wiring from my 2014 Fusion to the MKZ and captured a few pics that might help. Here's the end result. The Uniden R3 is small enough to still allow full use of the sun visor (no interference). I used a permanent stick on mount ($15 on ebay). Using a blow dryer and floss, you can remove them easily as I did moving from the Fusion to the MKZ. I love how neat the end result is. The yellow sticky note is to cover the serial number of my toll pass for this write-up. The detector uses a standard RJ11 telephone cord and runs off 12V so no voltage conversion is required. You can buy hardwire kits for Uniden and Beltronics/Escort on ebay. All seem to use the same RJ11 and luckily use the same pins and polarity for the 12V. I simply used an old telephone cord I had lying around. I figured out which pins were +12V and ground by measuring them using a voltmeter and the standard cigarette lighter adapter. The dash cam uses a mini-usb and as such needs a 12V to 5V converter. Available on ebay and Amazon they are 12V wires in and mini-usb 5V out. Below is a pic from the Fusion but the MKZ is almost exactly the same. The white foam on the right houses my USB voltage converter (about the size of a pack of wooden matches). The rest of the excess wiring tucks neatly into the available crevices. I apologize for the next pic but here's where I tapped the power. I soldered the two 12V wires together from the telephone wire and the USB converter together and did the same for the two grounds. I used two short lengths of green wire that I will use to tap the power and ground. I used heat shrink to ensure nothing shorts out. Strip about 3/8" of an inch of insulation and solder tin the wire. Then slip the tins ends into the back side of the following connector, 12V positive on the left, ground on the right. Since you tinned them it should be a nice tight fit as you push them into the back side of the connector. This friction fit contact worked great for the past 6 years and should do the same in the MKZ. Add/subtract solder tinning to get it to a nice snug fit. I then used one small zip tie around the wire bundle to hold the green wires from pulling out (not shown but would be place about an inch away from the connector). No bare wire should be exposed. The connector is located under the blue piece shown below. Simply pull at the top as shown. No need to remove the green piece. How to pull off the overhead console. On earlier models you'll need to release two clips as shown below. This was the case on my 2014. Don't just pull the console down and off or you'll ruin the attach points shown where the pick tool is and the console will end up popping off when you hit a bump. On my 2019 they improved the design and now the overhead console is held in with normal clips, so simply pull down on the rear of of the console (the end that faces the rear of the car) and start prying it away with your fingers, no tools needed. It should tilt down at the rear and then pull out completely. Unclip two connectors to get the console out of the way. OFFICIAL INSTRUCTIONS for the earlier models: Open the storage compartment. Push upwards on the rear of the console, use a 90 degree pick tool and release the RH and LH rear console clips. Finally, the connector I tapped is below. Pin 1 for +12V (hot in accessory and run) and pin 7, ground. The 12V circuit is fused and adding a few hundred milli-amps of load to the circuit is inconsequential. Remember, you're slipping the tinned wires into the backside of the connector, so you're not modifying/cutting/damaging anything. You're not affecting the connector in anyway. I hope someone finds this useful.
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    Washer reservoir capacity on 2019 MKZ

    Washer reservoir just needed to be "burped". Filled the tube for the third time then turned on the wipers/washer. Sucked the fluid down the tube and into the reservoir almost immediately. Filled up the reservoir to the top of the tube and now the level is holding. No leak!
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    Sync 3.4?

    Once it was confirmed that it was possible to go back to 3.2 or 3.3, I took the plunge and updated my 2019 MKZ Hybrid to Sync 3.4.19274. Took a couple of days to work out the kinks, some notes are below. Vehicle: 2019 MKZ Hybrid Reserve II If you follow the Cyanlabs instructions, it sounds like you only need to install the 3.4.19274 update if your already running 3.2 or above. This is only partially true as some files from the map updated are needed with 3.4.19274, so you can either update from the startup process (which will add a good hour to the time) or create a separate install for the missing packages and perform that (more information on which packages you need below) after or during the 19274 update. Even with the map updates, there is a missing package from the normal Cyanlabs process. This is the updated voice file from 19274 and will prevent some Voice Navigation features from working. The missing file is 5U5T-14G391-CK_1571081000.TAR.GZ and can be added after the update and is for North America (US English, French Canadian and Spanish) only. I don't know what the alternate languages would be, or if they are available. You can add it by creating a new autoinstall.lst file and placing the file above in the SyncMyRide directory of your USB Stick. [SYNCGen3.0_ALL] Item1 = 5U5T-14G391-CK Open1 = SyncMyRide\5U5T-14G391-CK_1571088381000.TAR.GZ Options = AutoInstall The APIM firmware updates are not required on the 2019 models (see one possible exception below) and are only required on the pre 2019 models if you want to add the Wireless Apps, Calm Screen and Radio Logos (not to be confused with Sirius XM logos and seem to be for Europe only). If you have a 2019 all should work. These are my non-updated firmware versions from the 2019 MKZ Hybrid Reserve II. Secondary Boot Loader - GB5T-14G376-AA Strategy - 1U5T-14G374-DA Calibration - 1U5T-14G375-DA ECU Configuration/Sound Profiles - GB5T-14G379-AA ECU Configuration/Illumination Strategy - JB5T-14G379-BA The only 2020 feature I did not see working was the album art in Sirius XM. I saw this working in a demo of 3.4 (https://youtu.be/wxjmmj4Wp0U?t=214) but it does not work on my car. I need to do some additional discovery to see if this is a APIM firmware update, a FORScan mod or an update to the GraceNote packages that are not present. Before with 3.3 I had sporadic Sirius XM channel logos (maybe 1 out of 8 showed), but after the update, all stations in Sirius XM that I checked now have logos. A big improvement there. With Android Auto, I now get the turn information and speed limits on the IPC (with the Hybrid, its the right IPC) when running Google Maps (but not Waze yet). With Apple CarPlay this does not seem to be working. (YMMV) On my MKZ hybrid, I had it configured via FORScan to show the heated and air conditioned seats and steering wheel on the home screen. This is only partially working after the update. The heated steering wheel icon still appears, but not the seat icons. At times, a button appears (but is not able to be pressed) showing the icon for the Power Flow app, so this may be an issue specific to the hybrid models. On a side note, resetting the setting in FORScan to not show the seat and steering wheel buttons, now has the effect that Sync now remembers which screen I was on when I restart, so if I left off in Navigation or XM, that screen reappears when I restart the car. This may be present in previous versions, but I just noticed due to previous configurations. I like it better and will be keeping it this way since the physical seat buttons are always visible anyway. Calm Screen works by enabling the setting in FORScan (7D0-02-03 - X4XX XX) and can be accessed by Settings -> Display and a large Calm Screen button now appears. It can be turned off by tapping the screen. 19274 adds lots of new Navigation commands that will not work without all the correct packages aligned. In fact, some previous navigation commands will not work without the correct voice files. If you go into the Bezel Diagnostics -> APIM -> IVSU Versions, you should have the following versions and can download and install any missing ones (or use from another package): 5U5T-14G381-CJ 5U5T-14G381-CK 4U5T-14G423-CA 4U5T-14G421-CAB 4U5T-14G422-CAC You can now also use apps (Waze, Pandora, IHeartRadio, Sirius XM) wirelessly (no longer USB tethered). Waze works this way with Apple, but not Android. I do not know if this is APIM firmware restricted, but I think it is. My FORScan changes are all working as expected, with the exception of the APIM based one I used for the seat icons on the home screen.
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    Missing SOC icon 2019 Mkz Hybrid

    From a Ford engineer:
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    I did but here in Florida Hybrid SUVs are almost non-existent from all manufacturers. They claim the market isn't here and justify it by saying it is because they are worth more in states that have income tax rebates for fuel efficient vehicles. What a crock Meanwhile there are plenty of Hybrid sedans and other passenger car models. Makes no sense to me. I also did an evaluation of additional costs due to the MKZ being a hybrid. I did this because I had just put on my 4th set of tires Christmas eve, and that was at 83K miles so the [total] savings are not all they are cracked up to be. That and all the trips to dealer for warranty repairs convinced me to change my thoughts about hybrids. I went looking then for a fuel efficient 4 cyl small SUV that had all the bells and whistles (because I was now spoiled). After much shopping around (yes I was color picky too) I ended up having to drive 120 miles yesterday to get exactly what I wanted (well almost), made a good deal and got a good trade in value too for the MKZ, so overall I am happy with it. Dealer will pickup the car to install the trailer hitch and roof crossbars when they come in and then deliver it back to me as they are across the state in Gainsville.
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    Oh no. You bought a Kia?
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    2019 MKz annoyances

    Hi Mcondo. Take all Internet opinions, whether good, bad, mine or others, with a grain of salt. Go to your local Lincoln Dealers, drive a few for yourself and decide for yourself. Let us know what you decide and good luck.
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    3.0T Performance Modifications

    12.7 is amazing!👍