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    My 2020 leasing saga

    During this past December, the leasing manager at my dealer, with whom I've been dealing many years, contacted me about ordering a 2020 MKZ. The lease on my 2017 ends on 2/27, and he's aware that there's never a car in their inventory or locator that I'd want. So armed with my X-Plan PIN, I went in near the end of December fully prepared to order. I laid out what I wanted, and he went off to check the X-Plan pricing. He came back with a funny look, so I knew I was in trouble. Bottom line: it would be $100 more per month than I'm paying now. Due to reconfiguration of standard equipment and packages, the MSRP of the 2020 and my 2017 are pretty close. In fact, the 2020 is less even though it has more equipment than my 2017 I was taken aback by this. Why on Earth would I pay $100 more per month for basically the same car. Do I have "schmuck" written on my forehead? This is with X-Plan and a whole host of incentives. There was no reasonable answer for that. It is what it is. At that point, I got up and left after telling him I had some soul-searching to do. In the thread about what your next car would be, I'd mentioned the Genesis G70 Sport. There's a Genesis dealer right up the road from me and when I discussed it with my son, he told me that his very good friend was the sales manager at a Hyundai/ Genesis dealer. Later, he got back to me ad informed me that this dealer no longer sold Genesis, but he gave me the name of a friend of his at another dealer that does. So I made an appointment for a test drive. I drove one equipped exactly as I would want: Sport/AWD. The Sport package includes the Elite and Prestige Packages, which can be had separately, but it includes everything option you can get on this car. All colors are no extra cost. What a concept! You also get 3 years of free maintenance. I absolutely loved the car. It’s a true sport sedan. Rear-biased AWD that can send up to 90% of the power to the rear wheels, 4 different drive modes and Brembo brakes. 0-60 in 4.7 seconds and a 13.0 ¼-mile. Plus a whole bunch of stuff like HUD, wireless phone charging, 360º camera, and a powered decklid that opens if you stand behind it for a certain amount of time with the fob on your person. No need to push the button if your hands are full. What I didn’t like was the very tight back seat and tiny trunk and a couple of other things that didn't make sense. For instance, you can't remote start the car with the fob. You must use your smart phone. This means taking out your phone, going to the app and going through sub menus. I find that to be something of an inconvenience. Sometimes I just want to push the 2 buttons on my fob. After the test drive, we went back inside to talk. The initial offer the sales guy made was just $6 less per month than the price for the MKZ was. I went home and ruminated over all this for a few days. I kept going back and forth comparing the pros and cons of the two cars. The Genesis doesn't have a few things that I'd miss and the MKZ doesn't have some things that the Genesis has. Finally, one Sunday afternoon in early January, I was sitting around and decided that I'd live without some things I've gotten used to on the MKZ in favor of what the G70 has to offer. I was going to call the sales guy to see if he was in and if so, I'd head over there and negotiate in earnest. As I was headed to the phone, it rings and guess what? It's the Lincoln leasing manager. He asks what I'd decided and I told him that I hadn't. He says to forget about X-Plan and makes me an offer I can't refuse for the MKZ with everything I want. So I accepted. End of story: my 2020 MKZ has been built and shipped. Silver Radiance (new color), Terra Cotta/Ebony interior, 3.0TT, Luxury package, Elements Package, Magnetic Package, which is standard with the 3.0. ETA is the week of 2/23. History repeats itself. My 2006 Lincoln LS was the last of that line too. I've been abandoned by Lincoln for the last time, though, unless they pull some rabbit out of a hat and come out with a sedan based on the Explorer/Aviator RWD platform. I'm not holding out a lot of hope for that.
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    2017 MKZ 3.0 AWD

    Just got my car a few weeks ago and have dove right in! FMIC from Turbo Tech with a Garrett core, SCTX4 from Unleashed, and running E30. Next will be the 70mm TB from Ford racing(for 2.3 Mustang) has anyone done that?? Also I swapped out the grille for a black one, fits the Black Label look better 🙂
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    Missing SOC icon 2019 Mkz Hybrid

    I spoke to Lincoln customer service and although they confirmed that the state of charge battery display is shown in both the vehicle's Owner's Manual and Quick Reference Guide, Ford made the decision to remove it mid-year. I asked if there's anyway this decision can be escalated and their response was that there's absolutely nothing they will do. Every vehicle has pluses as minuses, but never have I had a vehicle where a documented feature was deleted mid-model year build, acknowledged as such by the manufacturer with a too bad it is your car now attitude. When Ford revised the MPG rating of my Fusion Hybrid from 47/47/47 to 42, they sent me a check. I was disappointed but at least they made amends. After buying Mustangs, five Taurus, one Sable, two Focus, and a Fusion Hybrid, this MKZ is my last Ford product my family will purchase. I now totally regret not buying my other choice vehicle, the Lexus 300h.
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    The Other Shoe Drops

    I bought my 2019 thinking it was the last year. Fortunately they kept production running a bit longer. Hopefully, Ford/Lincoln go back to offering sedan's within the next 5-10 years or else I'll have to purchase another brand that does.
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    Of course. Love the Toronado. Ahead of its time with engineering breakthroughs that Oldsmobile was known for, especially the FWD drivetrain. Thanks for posting the pic.☺️ Here's the Hurst Hairy Olds, a Cutlass with a Toronado drivetrain at each end. Maybe you can pick a kit of it :https://www.ebay.com/p/1401630408
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    2017 MKZ 3.0 AWD

    Yes I ran with it: the 70mm FP throttle body is bolt on plug and play. Expensive, but not like we have a Mustang aftermarket. Swapping the painted Black Grille indeed looks fitting. Enjoy the Black Label!
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    2017 MKZ 3.0 AWD

    Welcome to the forums, Rockford. Congratulations on your MKZ. If you want to know what performance mods other members have done, you'd be well-served to use the 'Search' function above. For example, here's one thread you may be interested in perusing. For this, I used the keyword, throttle body. I'm sure Zalvern and others will weigh in with more at some point.
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    Missing SOC icon 2019 Mkz Hybrid

    I really miss the SoC display that I had in my 2014 Fusion Hybrid. As such, I've been digging into this quite a bit. The SOC is present in early MY2019 MKZ and Fusion builds (built in 2018) but was removed from later builds (built in 2019). By comparing "as built" module configuration between early and later builds I've concluded that it cannot be enabled by FORScan (not just a simple set or clear a bit in the IPC or other module). My dealer's tech really tried to find a way to enable it but could not. It looks like Ford changed the code in one of the modules, the IPC is my guess. The newer code deprecated the display of the SOC battery gauge. This seems like a bait and switch. Document the feature in the owner's manual and quick start guide and then remove the feature, is that even legal? I'm not sure what can be done now. See correspondence between my Dealer's tech and Ford. If there's enough of an outcry from 2019 owners, maybe Ford will reconsider.
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    When I mentioned full retail, I was referring to the full retail value as a used car, not as it was new. Like TomV mentioned, you would think that they would work with you and work out a compromise to get you into a vehicle you are happy with. Good luck!
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    Wow, lemon law! As I understand it, Lincoln will buy it back and resell to someone else. The dealer might also offer you trade-in money, but they are in business to make money, so full retail maybe difficult. For you I'd guess it depends if you want to receive the maximum amount of money vs. the ease of getting rid of it. You could probably work with your Lincoln dealer and come up with some sort of compromise. If you purchase another Lincoln through them, they'll likely be more generous. Otherwise, if Lincoln buys it back you can take that money and shop elsewhere, perhaps with another manufacturer. Hopefully, your MKZ brought joy in ownership. Bummer it gave you headache.
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    I agree, which is why as an iOS user, I will plug in and access Waze/Google for “important” trips.
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    Sync 3.4?

    There is a way to "side" load it. Many have done it on the facebook groups and other forums. I won't do it until I'm out of warranty though . https://cyanlabs.net/tutorials/update-ford-sync-3-2-2-3-0-to-version-3-4-all-years-3-4-19200/
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    My 2020 leasing saga

    Hi drolds. Congratulations on your 2020 MKZ! Happy to hear you will still be sticking around with us Lincoln MKZ guys for at least a while longer. I would have hated to lose you! 🤗 Good luck!
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    Free TSB information on the NHTSA Website

    Hi all, I stumbled on an article yesterday that wrote that free TSB info was now available on the NHTSA website. The directions below are from Consumer Report. Here's the link: https://www.nhtsa.gov/recalls "A new National Highway Traffic Safety Administration database allows you to search your vehicle’s make, model, and year to find technical service bulletins, or TSBs, that are created by the manufacturer and shared with dealers about how to repair recurring problems. (Note that the link goes to the NHTSA recalls page. From there, select the "Vehicle" tab and search using the Year Make Model for your vehicle. The TSBs appear in the search results as manufacturer communications.)"
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    End of the MKZ?

    I hear you. Knock on wood, our Stelvio has been trouble free since taking delivery in the summer. I was really pleased with the quality of my MKZ. It has held up great over three years. The 3.0T engine is still silky smooth and powerful after being tuned and driven sportingly along the way.
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    Hi Jim. Until someone else jumps in with personal panoramic moonroof creaking experience: My first recommendation would be to make a service appointment, demonstrate the issue to them (or stop by one day while it is doing it to demonstrate firsthand) and let the issue be properly diagnosed and corrected. If you prefer self-help, then I would recommend this: Purchase a tube of a good silicone lubricant gel (do NOT use a silicone sealant or adhesive). Using your fingertips of a clean cotton cloth, apply a light coat to the entire moonroof seal area and see if that helps. I do this with all my door and window seals once a year. Keep us updated and good luck.
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    The climate controlled seat module is under the front passenger seat. scme.jfif Removal NOTE: This step is only necessary when installing a new component. NOTE: The PMI (programmable module installation) process must begin with the current SCME (front seat climate control module) installed. If the current SCME (front seat climate control module) does not respond to the diagnostic scan tool, the tool may prompt for As-Built Data as part of the repair. Using a diagnostic scan tool, begin the PMI (programmable module installation) process for the SCME (front seat climate control module) following the on-screen instructions. Position the front passenger seat to the full upward and full rearward positions. Remove the screws. Release the locking wedges and disconnect the electrical connectors. To install, reverse the removal procedure. NOTE: This step is only necessary when installing a new component. Using a diagnostic scan tool, complete the PMI (programmable module installation) process for the SCME (front seat climate control module) following the on-screen instructions. There are 2 issues I see with this. First and foremost: it may very well be the module but you don't know that for sure and may just be throwing (expensive) parts at it. It could be a wiring issue. Next, the SM indicates that the new module must be programmed with an IDS tool. How are you going to accomplish that? IDK if this can be done with ForScan. I'd get the codes read and go from there.
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    I added the 3rd key fob back when I just bought my car. I had a bunch of failed attempts on programming my 3rd key, the procedure needs to be done within 30 seconds. I tried a bunch of times and was getting nowhere, then I finally got it to work by using string on the FOBs to speed up the process (I read that trick on another Lincoln forum). It worked on the 1st try with the strings attached. My 3rd key & FOB were $85, add $30 to cut the key blade (Which will vary between locksmiths equipped to cut it).
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    19" wheel swap and Tire Preferences

    Hi Mr. F. Yes, the 245/40-19 tires are "low profile". There was a time not to long ago when even 50 series tires were considered "low profile". Nowadays, 50 or 55 series tires are essentially the norm, and sidewall ratios lower than 50 series are now "low profile". And yes, if you went to an 18" wheel with 45 or even 50 series tires, the ride will be softer. Of course, that is comparing apples to apples on tires, since tires can be a big part of ride comfort too. You will sacrifice some handling though, if it matters to you. Concerning your other questions: 1- The 18" wheel is factory equipped with 245/45-18 Michelin Primacy MXM4's. The 19" wheel is factory equipped with 245/40-19 Michelin Primacy MXM4's. 2 - Not sure what you mean by "ride issues". Apples to apples with tires, the ride will be softer and more compliant with an 18" wheel and larger sidewall tire than it is with a 19" wheel and the same model but lower sidewall ratio tire. You normally would not need to worry about alignment issues if only installing new tires, unless you already noticed abnormal tire wear. However, since you have no idea when your CPO MKZ last had an alignment (if ever), I would recommend having an alignment performed after you install the new set of tires, for this one time. Then have alignments performed as recommended and necessary from there on. 3 - Do what you feel is best for what you want. Yes, the 19" wheels are more expensive and so are the tires that come with them. But what is the difference, if you can have something that is more comfortable for you? So do what will make you happy. 4 - The factory Michelin MXM4's are a good riding, "Grand Touring All-Season" class tire. That is what I have on my 2018 MKZ 3.0T (still the factory set with ~7,500 miles on them). I tend to prefer Michelin Tires lately, so that is what I would recommend. If you wanted a little more performance/handling (which does not seem to be your priority), I would recommend the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+. It is an "Ultra High Performance All-Season" classification tire. That is what I have as replacement tires on my 2007 MKZ. I would also recommend you go to The Tire Rack https://www.tirerack.com/content/tirerack/desktop/en/homepage.htm Use their Tire Decision Guide https://www.tirerack.com/content/tirerack/desktop/en/tire_decision_guide.html to choose the tire traits that are most important to you, and the Guide will list tires which fit your guidelines. It is a good place to start. Anonymous Internet opinions (mine included) are okay for somewhere to start, but I would recommend also getting the advice of the experts. You do not need to buy from The Tire Rack, you can just use their resources for informational purposes, although their prices are very good and you can have the tires shipped to their "preferred installers" in your area. And they have loads of preferred installers, so installation should not be a problem. Also, if you are a Costco member, they have excellent pricing on tires, although they have a more limited selection. Mainly Michelin, Continental and BF Goodrich. If nothing else, use the low pricing at The Tire Rack and Costco to negotiate lower prices at your local tire shops, if you prefer buying locally. Hope this information helps. Let us know how you make out and good luck. EDIT - Also, be sure to check your current tires to ensure they are inflated to the proper pressure. It is 38 PSI for the 245/40-19 tires.. You can find the Lincoln recommended pressure on the drivers side door sill placard. Ideally, that is a cold reading, before the car is driven in the morning, since driving will increase tire temps. Even the tires on the sunny side of a parked car will have higher pressures than the tires on the shady side, by up to several PSI, due to the sunlight heat. Low profile tires have a much smaller margin of error than higher sidewall ratio tires do. Therefore, it is important to check regularly and keep them properly inflated. This is especially important in the winter, when lower/varying temperatures can drop tire pressures by 1+ psi per 10° F temperature drop.
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    insert sd card message

    I order a used module hub off of ebay, just came today, installed the unit and now I have navigation, what a relief
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    insert sd card message

    No they didnt give any advice, I tried rebooting , and after talking to the girlfriend she said the usb ports are'nt working either , But the cig. plug worked, so I pulled the module out to check wiring connections and everything seemed plugged in, notice a sticky substance , on the module.possibly a spilled drink Next step searching around for a used Module tomorrow and hopefully this will take care of it
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    End of the MKZ?

    To each his own, Jim. I MUCH prefer the look of the '17 to the droopy-nosed '16.
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    Here are some review videos: The 10R80 alone gave the 3.0 Engine far better performance justice. The Hybrid power, is just absolute rich icing on the cake. John Davis: "Our clients aren't so concerned about fuel economy. ...They do like power and performance." Oooh...almost there Mr. Davis! But you gotta give a sedan and/or coupe style vehicle a chance!
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    2017 3.0T AWD mpg update

    2017 MKZ 3.0T AWD, from Philadelphia to Detroit, averaging ~75-85mph: 27.4 mpg
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    3.0T turbo?

    Hi Under200. Not sure if you are stating that they are "off" below "low 2000 to 3000". Technically, they are always "on" and spinning as long as the engine is running. Even at idle, they are still being spun by the exhaust gases, just not providing boost/pressurization on the intake side. A twin turbo setup works exactly the same as the single turbo setup shown in the video and posts drolds1 provided above. And, the video describes it much, much, much better than I ever can. 🤗 A twin turbo setup simply uses two smaller turbos, one for each bank of a V-6 (or V-8 etc.) engine, instead of one large, single turbo for the entire engine. Essentially, a twin turbo setup is used to shrink the size and inertial weight of the turbos/turbines themselves. It is easier to get two smaller, lighter turbos/turbines up to speed than it is to get one larger, heavier turbo/turbine up to speed. The lower inertial weight is what allows modern twin turbo setups to give full boost at lower RPM's, as you noted. However, they are always "on", even when not providing boost. Sorry if I misunderstood what you were stating, and I realize that is a very simplified explanation, but hopefully it will avoid any confusion for others. Good luck. 🙂