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    Drivers Package Wheels

    Hello everyone- I have a set of take-off 19 x 8 OEM wheels for sale. They are in fantastic condition. No curb rash, scrapes, gouges, bends on any of them. In other words, no disappointments. Before I list them on eBay I thought I'd list them here for a short while at a discount compared to the typical eBay price. TPMS and center caps ARE included. I will also ship them for FREE. The lowest priced comparable wheels on eBay start at $500 ea. not including sensors or caps. Additionally there are only a few of this style available. I'm selling them at $1500 for the set of four.
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    To put it very simply I have a 2017 MKZ Hybrid which at one time was working with Android Auto google Maps and Waze) when my Galaxy Note 8 was connected and this showed up on the Navigation Screen However when the system was updated to Sync3 3.0 Build 17276, android Auto and Waze no longer worked on the screen and in fact the people at Lincoln told me there was a bug that prevented this from working. Perhaps in your vehicle it does work. So how did I convert back to Sync3 2.3 I d/l the Australian Version of sync3 2.2 and changed autoinstall.lst to autoinstall.txt for editing purposes and then changed back to autoinstall.lst. When system was finished updating I checked to see if androidauto(Google Maps and Waze) was working on the navigation screen when my phone was connected, and sure enough it was. Next step was to upgrade fro EU 2.2 to 2.3 US I d/l sync3 2.3 from ford and edited autoinstall.lst to autoinstall.txt and back to *.lst Again checked navigation screen with phone connected via usb and google maps and waze appeared on navigation screen You will also notice that a Sync.xml file showed up so I need to confirm to ford that I updated to sync3 2.3. I did lose Album Art Cover which I had in Sync3 3.0, however that was a known fact a long time ago with regards to Sync3 2.0,2.2 and 2.3, but a least Android Auto(Google Maps and Waze) works on the navigation screen, but I never had mp3's on a thumb drive to begin with. autoinstall.txt autoinstall.txt
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    2020 MKZ Order Guide

    So, now if I want the multi-contour seats that were part of the Driver's Sport Package in my 2017, I'll have to order the Luxury package to get them. Another money grab like they did with the LED headlights in 2017 which had been standard equipment for 2013-2016.
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    Ford Fusion production extension.

    https://www.fleet.ford.com/resources/ford/general/pdf/brochures/2019/2020_Fleet Preview Guide_Spreads.pdf This will give some insight on carry over models for 2020 (late year replacements like the 2020 Escape and Corsair are not listed yet). The Fusion Sport is completely gone. Ouch, so now Fusions can only be had with 4 cylinders. Well the power gap between Fusion and MKZ is potentially huge now. Standard 3.0 Aviator got its Torque bumped up to 415 (matches the Explorer ST now). No changes made to MKZ or Continental, unless I missed something (minus paint color choices?). They still will get the ol' 6 speed transmission. Time to wait for the next end of the year Auto Show for Lincoln to reveal hopefully CD6 Zephyr and Continental.
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    Instrument Cluster Flickering / Outage

    Dielectric grease is not a conductor and therefore will not improve continuity but if your connections are tight it should not block current. I am a retired (41 years) communications and electrical specialist. I still keep a tube of it in my bag when I would work on all outdoor connection that are subject to damp conditions. If you want the proper grease for your purpose, use a No-Ox-ID or NOALOX grease. It does help improve conductivity and prevents oxidation and chemical reactions between dissimilar metal (i.e. copper and aluminum connections). You can find is in any of the home improvement stores, auto parts or an electrical supply company, a small bottle or tube goes a long way
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    Well, not always but thanks for the compliment. And you're welcome.
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    As usual Drolds1 has the correct information , thank you .
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    My 'A' came off early on from the AWD badge. It was so sharp that the microfiber towel would catch the pointed edge and popped it off. So I remove the 'WD' and am now hiding 50 hp. Get it?
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    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    I started with intentions to do a custom loop, so I bought an Asus Maximus Formula board. Learned of the 360 Ryujin AIO and thus dropped a custom loop plan for the ROG theme (decided to keep the Formula board regardless even if you do not water cool it). PC building is my other tinkering hobby. Mostly keep it a black/white theme but here is an gradient rainbow mode with a picture below. One RGB part led to another...hah! The Phanteks Eclipse P600S case is my favorite to date. In other news, I may return to having a 3.0 Engine again! But it very well may be the Aviator for I could appreciate having more space given my travel lifestyle, and PHEV is something I can benefit from (not a fan of pure electric). I await to hear more on MKZ 2020 MY ordering information though. Grand Touring Aviator isn't open for ordering yet.
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    Spring Wash & Wax

    Washed and tried out P&S Beadmaker, a spray sealant.
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    Devin's 2014 MKZ

    Looks perfect. The spacers moved the wheels out just enough to fill the fenders fully without looking like things are sticking out past the sheet metal. I like how it still has a little space between the top of the tires and the wheel well. Nice work!
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    Devin's 2014 MKZ

    Hey guys, quick update on the MKZ Intake: Heat shield prototype is holding up great, so I am looking into new materials to fab my final version. Will probably use a combination of sheet aluminum and DEi's barrier mats/shielding. 3.7 Custom Tune: I am working with a specialty SCT tuner to try and get a 93 oct tune made for the MKZ. The mustang, F150, and allegedly an MKX owner out there have all seen great gains and driving dynamics (throttle mapping mostly) from tuning the 3.7. Next week, my LS comes out of storage, so I need to flash that car to stock, scan the MKZ, and send the stock data to SCT. The ECU strategy on my car is not yet available in the database it appears. Hopefully I can make this happen and get a little more power out of the car. While no 3.0TT the NatAsp 3.7 is very enjoyable. I would like to liven it up a bit and trail-blaze if you will. Hopefully by Mid-May I will more info on this. Maybe even a dyno or track visit to get some real data on power change. Springs: Car is still riding GREAT on the H&R's. I know Willie (member on here) who tried these out did not like them, but I cannot see why after running them for a while now. I have already become accustomed to the ride, and love the change. The car has settled and sits very nicely. Watching it drive down the road looks very.. majestic. The MKZ's lines and flow work very well with a lowered stance. Spacers & Bearings & Studs: I mentioned above one of my rear studs snapped after the spring install. I confirmed the only way to swap studs on the Fusion/MKZ is to remove the bearing assembly, and press out studs. So, I decided if I was going to swap out studs, might as well go bigger. I ordered a set of H&R spacers for the front and rear. 5mm and 10mm, respectively. These come with new studs (longer) for proper thread engagement. The fun part though, was that removing the 60K bearing housings from the aluminum knuckles meant not being able to salvage, so I had to purchase new rear bearing housings for this swap. While costly, I now have new Motorcraft wheel bearings, with H&R studs and spacers. The car's stance is near perfect for me. Very happy with the results. After a proper 4-wheel alignment, and some warmer temps, I have been able to fully enjoy the car with the new shocks, springs, spacers, and intake. Still in love with this car after nearly 3 years of ownership. Picture after spacers and some settling: Question for the group: Has anyone successfully painted, vinvyl'd, or replaced the pano panels on this car? Mine are all faded and chipped, and of course - not covered under CPO.
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    Small Update Mod

    WOW, that is pretty low for the dealer to do something like that. The upgrade looks great. Good luck getting the dealer to fess up and make it right.
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    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    No need to pop them off. You can just push the cables behind the covers. There is enough give in them to jam in the wires. Plenty of vids on Youboob.
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    What’s your next car?

    Cats aside, my '14 MKZ has the technology package. i can't imagine having a car without these options again. Far too important to safety, convenience and piece of mind - and I was sure I was going to hate adaptive cruise, proximity warnings, keyless entry, etc. Next car, likely a '17 MKX, will have to have them. Reserve probably.