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    Sync Brain Fart

    Mine did this about a year and a half ago. Don't remember what I did to fix it, if anything. Although, it may have been the verbal threat and beating.
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    SYNC 3 - upgrade costs

    Hi ruby. A few thoughts: First, if your self-installed upgrade to SYNC 3.4 is working properly and you can overcome your "guy genes", stick with your current SYNC version and don't worry about updating. There is nothing new in the updates other than bug fixes, and you won't gain any new features because there are none. In fact, the last update or two were instituted to fix things that the previous one or two updates broke.//LOL So if everything works now, the best advice would be to leave it alone. Next: You will need to rely on third party (i.e. CyanLabs) sources, or bootleg versions of the software to update. Neither Lincoln/Ford nor a Lincoln/Ford Dealer can/will update your "as-built" information. My guess is that even the Lincoln Dealer that told you they would do it for $200 did not really understand what you were asking them to do, and think you just want a vehicle that was factory equipped with SYNC 3.4 to be updated to the latest version of SYNC 3.4. I realize our "guy genes" are difficult to contain, but if everything is operating correctly, leaving things alone so an unnecessary update doesn't break anything would be the best course of action. There are no new features in the latest updates. Only bug fixes. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
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    Ed Power

    keyless entry help

    I was not aware of the mirror preset buttons on the door. When you mentioned them I looked them up and used the 1st one. I will try the other for another persons code later. Now the seats and mirrors adjust properly. Thank you
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    Best Replacement Speakers

    Hello I got Kappa 62.11i and they fit perfect.
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    First Time Lincoln Owner

    Hey all... Thanks for the add. I recently became a Lincoln owner. We purchased a low mile 2017 MKZ Reserve 3.0 AWD. Jade Green Metallic with Cappuccino interior and black 19" wheels. I'm absolutely loving this car. Given the weight and excellent ride quality I wasn't sure what to expect but the performance is pretty impressive when you get in it. 👍 I'm still learning the various package details but this is from the window sticker: INCLUDED ON THIS VEHICLE EQUIPMENT GROUP 300A OPTIONAL EOUIPMENT/OTHER 3.0L GTDI V6 ENGINE 6-SPD AUTO TRANS 6F55 245/40R19 XL FLOOR MATS W/TRUNK MAT MKZ TECHNOLOGY PACKAGE MKZ LUXURY PACKAGE LED ADAPTIVE HEADLAMPS REVEL ULTIMA AUDIO SYSTEM 50 STATE EMISSIONS MKZ CLIMATE PACKAGE REAR HEATED SEATS HEATED STEERING WHEEL ALL-WEATHER FLOORMATS MULTI-CONTOUR SEATS REAR INFLATABLE SEATBELTS CARGO NET
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    Never Say Never

    I was on a trip up to Oregon ( from the los angeles area..) and gas prices are less in Oregon. About a buck... didn't look at the diff of diesel for the most part, but here it is about a buck more than regular... It's almost 7 a gallon here, I paid about 6.09 in Oregon.. I know that the SUV's are supposed to get better gas mileage, but sheesh...
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    Never Say Never

    Lincoln may be wavering on their decision to produce a sedan again. In the same vein, I read earlier this week that the record high gas prices are prompting some companies to reconsider their decisions to drop sedans. A scenario that some here predicted. Ford Authority
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    First Time Lincoln Owner

    Sorry... should have added these to the original post (noob move).
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    (Lincoln mkZ/Ford Fusion 2nd Generation) FINALLY!! I created a FULL video on how to replace noisy lower control arms and springs: https://youtu.be/ER-BjvS4nTw Let me know how it goes mates!
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    Kinda like what I'm trying to do.
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    Thanks for all the info guys. bbf, I know, it’d be amazing if mufflers and resonators could achieve that sound with a totally different engine type. But like you said, unrealistic. I was looking for something a little “meaner” when I romp on it. To be honest I may end up leaving the exhaust alone and just adding some tips like the picture below. Once again. Thanks for assistance on this. Seems like I’ve found the right place for my needs / questions.
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    I finally fixed it! The rear clunking, clanging and banging is now gone. This is how I did it: https://youtu.be/Zm8mWDPhRbY (What Does a Worn Blown Out Shock Absorber Look Like? How to Replace (Lincoln mkZ, Ford Fusion | Second Generation)
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    Replacing Speakers - 11 Speaker Model

    Hello Jakevandee, For all four door speakers use harness 72-5602 This is how it looks. For the 6x9 speakers in the rear use harness 72-5600 The speaker in the dash I just left the oem one it actually sounds good. I have infinity speakers all around.
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    2013-2015 MKZ Rear Spoiler

    Just installed the spoiler - a very subtle mod, and photos really don't do it justice. It gives a nice finishing curve to the overall look of the car. Glad I got it!
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    Fuel filter question

    Sure thing, here ya go...
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    3.7 Exhaust? Guess I'll try custom

    To start I've always been a Ford car enthusiast...I started with a first gen Sho...10+ mustangs...Focus svt and most recently traded my 13 Focus ST on a really loaded 16 MKZ 3.7....wanted something smooth and comfortable for my 70 mile daily round trip for work. I've always modded my cars as that is my passion...I've already contacted SCT to see if they will support tuning for the 3.7 and now am going to have my exhaust guy try a few set ups to give it a better tone but nothing annoying...first I'm going to try a resonator delete and see what that sounds like...if bad I'll put on another resonator and try maybe a flowmater 44 and go from there...what's everyone's thoughts.
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    Izzy's Showroom

    Some pics of what is going in the MKZ soon. Rear Deck Speakers, Front Door Speakers, and Rear Door Speakers.