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Freezing Sync 3 System / Bluetooth issues *problem fixed*

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The last 2 months been having issues with the Bluetooth in my 2017 MKZ. It would cut in and out when listening to music from my phone. I thought it was because of a recent software update on the phone, a BlackBerry KEYone but I tried it my old BB Classic, which used to work fine, and it did the same thing


So I finally had a reason to update from Sync 3 V2.0 to V3.0. I did it via WiFi and the problem still happened so I did a Master Reset of the Sync which I didn't think would work and it didn't


So I finally took it to the dealer and they found that it was the API Module. They replaced it and now it's back to running perfectly. It was really gettin to be a headache. I realized just how important the stereo is in my car, lol.



*Sorry if this has already been discussed, didn't see it when doing a quick search*

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