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Garage Jack Attachment (or alternative solutions?)

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I changed the oil and rotated the tires on my '14 the other evening and once again cursed the lack of jack points for my garage jack.  Previously, I'd used two small pieces of 2" thick wood pieces, which was a bit of a pain. 


My Uncle stopped by and saw the dilemma.  I said we needed a cylinderical piece to attach to the jack arm, to replace the rubber pad that I used.    He stopped by today with a turned piece of oak, with a rubber top.  I have to test fit it, but it should fit up under the frame, in the recessed jacking points.  I'll still need to jack at all four points.  I can't get my jack up under the center of the front or rear because it is too low and the carpeted undertray covers all the jack points (even removed, I think the car is too low for my jack). 




Does anyone else have a different solution?



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We discussed this previously here.


You seemed to have a solution then.

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If you really want it easy, there are jacking rails now for our platform. Steeda made some for Fusions and MKZs under CD4.


Pardon upside down photo.




I love them as I can use my wide flat pad stands for high safety and ease to jack the car dead center either side.




Yes not cheap, but fact I can use them on my Fusion and MKZ is worth it to me.



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Yep, that would be great to jack both wheels at the same time.  An elegant solution, wow, pricey. I'll try my piece of Oak and see how that works.

I installed welded sub-frame supports on my old Firebird Formula (t-top flexy body!).  Those made the car stiff enough to jack on one point per side, but at the sacrifice of ride. 

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