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Ford and Lincoln Management Changes

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I am sad to see that Mark Fields is being forced out as CEO of Ford. I liked his approach to things and felt he had great enthusiasm for making a quality Ford and Lincoln product. May he enjoy retirement and what comes next in life.


By the articles I have read it also looks like Kumar Galhotra may be out at Lincoln. Can anyone confirm that?


I hope the changes continue focus and development of Lincoln as the true luxury brand it was and is. I also hope they continue to build in a performance aspect to Lincoln beyond the Driver's Package in the Z. No sense in missing out on that lucrative segment of the market.





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I do not think Kumar is losing or leaving his position, as Jim Farley will become an overseer of Global Markets and Lincoln. Prior to this, Kumar would report to Mark Fields.


Lincoln is really nice, but at some point it will need to get more aggressive and indulge in performance if it ever wants to lower its customer age bracket. There will come a time, I feel Lincoln will take a risk that will either make or break the company. I of course hope they succeed whenever that comes.


Bring forth the Mustang platform as a Lincoln coupe...and offer either the 3.0T engine as entry or upgrade to the 5.2L NA Voodoo engine for those who really want a performer. With active exhaust systems coming along, we can enjoy Quiet Luxury whenever desired and yet, start enjoy a dash of powerful effortless performance. Lincoln's real luxury goal should be customers who seek no compromises and love the power of choice and options. 


Well just my thoughts, and dreams, but we'll see where things go for both the Blue Oval and Black Star companies.

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I agree with your goal and that there should be a true performance line. I would love to see a sub brand with a cool name that could be applied to various, but not all models. I just think they should use their own engines at every level though. To me they need to completely differentiate from Ford product line. I also think they should fill product gaps. There should be a compact size sedan and coupe.


Happy to hear Kumar is still in. I feel he is doing a great job.

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