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    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    I saw the part-out thread before this one, aw man this is really unfortunate. Similar to what the others have said - I am glad you are ok. It was great having you here on the forum, blazing the trail for 3.0TT/MKZ/FusSprt owners. I always appreciated the level of detail you put into your posts because not a lot of people take the time to explain things, share their story, their experience, and help others to that extent. Whatever you do next, don't lose that passion you have for doing that sort of thing, or alternatively find another way to channel and utilize that aspect of you and you'll be back in no time, out of your "low" point. Growth, cannot happen without change, so while this event is sad and understandably upset you, it is merely a change, and only you are in charge of what that change will do for you. That being said, If you need help at the end of the year for tax filings, message me - I will file your returns free of charge, and help any way I can. You don't need it, but good luck! And thank you for your contributions to the MKZ community.
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    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    The dash cam I use: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B075S7W6FR I got forced into the wall because it's like being PIT Maneuvered by extreme weight force. I lost control instantly. My foot was off the accelerator moment I felt impact, and braking was just outright overpowered from the force. All my tires blew out, even the rear one which the rear driver was first to go upon being hit. I got the last mods out and said goodbye to Venix, my great 1st new factory ordered car. I left the MSD coils behind but got the FP Throttle Body. I will be posting things for sale eventually. So time for farewells: Physically I'm fine, but emotionally I'm at my lowest in life now. Which knock on wood, it can always get worse but I'm aiming to resurrect one day from all my difficulties going on that drag me to this point. No I cant get another nice car. My ex girlfriend ruined my once good credit despite having income still to afford my MKZ just fine. I was counting on buying out this MKZ cause I knew otherwise I'm SOL on new loans for a long time, but now that too has been lost. Just another cruel fate but this happens to many in the world, and there are victims even worse off than me. It's nice im not hurt, so I can rebuild but will take years as I'm all alone on it. I am otherwise your average daily worker. The MKZ was my only lavish item as I live quite simple and small scale otherwise. I just hope I can get my hands on this used Mazda 6 I found and it gets me around without issues. Back to 185 hp for me, but at least it looks nice, has better than bare bones options, and I'll save a ton on gas. Pay it off quick and if it behaves, I'll keep it as a back up. Will I come back to Lincoln one day? Only if a real luxury sport sedan or coupe comes forth. Honestly if my credit was good...I would be considering the upcoming Genesis G70, to go even more sporty. I enjoyed test driving the G80 sometime ago as that 5.0 is really fun even without turbos. I do want to shift away from tunes cause of transmission feeling hesistant. I won't buy a "new" car with that 6F-based series trans ever again. Good luck MKZers, it's been fun pioneering some mods and being involved. Buying any parts I list for sale will help me a lot. Stay tuned for a list or just PM me if there is any you know off hand. Peace!
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    Insurance is going to total your car, but you can salvage it. You will have to remove the carpet to get it dry. If you don't it may feel dry on the top side, but it will stay wet for weeks underneath. After you get it dry spray it down with mildew eating enzymes to make sure that it will not start to smell. Looking at those pictures reminded me of something my Father told me. "Son never buy a house that sits lower than the road you live on"
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    Livernois tune for 3.0TT MKZ

    Tech probably did not secure the charge pipes on strong enough. So one most likely blew off under pressure. This happened to me when installing the intercooler and I wasn't aggressive enough in rebinding the intake pipes. You will definitely hear the turbo spool but car will be a slug to throttle. Oil smoked because you were actively driving hard and the car heated up, but then suddenly pressure rates (boost and oil) declined. It should otherwise be ok if they only find a vacuum leak due to a intake pipe coming loose. At least you tested out going hard on the throttle early on. If it's all done correctly, there shouldnt any issues, but techs may rush cause warranty only gives 20 hours of (low) pay and it's easy to slip up on minor details upon reassembly.
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    Repeated Battery Dead Cell

    Hi aceuvspades. You can wait out the warranty period on your current battery and keep replacing it with the same brand if you wish. However, I would recommend you install a Motorcraft (or other top end, name brand battery). You can find coupons for a Motorcraft battery purchase on the Ford Owners website.
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    Repeated Battery Dead Cell

    There is virtually nothing in a car's system that could cause a "dead cell" in a battery. It is cause by an internal breakdown inside the battery. You do not mention what brand of "auto part shop" battery you are using but after 3 times I would certainly consider another brand or a different shop.
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    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    This happened to my cousin in Fl last year. Guy went around another and hit her head on. Luckily it was just as the light turned green. Guy in a small pickup drove off. He was caught a bit away from scene cause his front bumper was dragging and got caught under the front wheels. Why did he drive off? Illegal alien. No license. No insurance. My cousin wasn't hurt, but she had to pay for a new car. Don't know any other details. And the OP did say coppers got the plate number. As for following the truck? You don't know what may be waiting around the corner. Best to stay out of it and just be a witness.
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    Finally got the car back Thursday, July 5 They changed the differential bearings and races, flushed and refilled all fluids and screens All quiet on the front now 😎
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    Beeping to loud!

    Have you tried changing the volume when it is happening?
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    Cooling Seats

    It was the MKX forum that had the cooled seat thread, thought it was here. http://lincolnmkxforum.com/topic/2730-cooled-seats-and/?hl=%2Bcooled+%2Bseats
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    Cooling Seats

    Hi Chris. Cooled/ventilated seats are both bottom and back surfaces on my MKZ's.
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    Hey, newish to the forum and I have to say it's the best forum I've been on for a long time! I thought I'd share a pic I took of my car a while back, then decided to go crazy on Photoshop getting rid of all body seams/interruptions. What do you think of the seamless look?
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    Driver's Package... photoshopped

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    95 degree day, 2015 MKZ goes haywire!?

    Me either but it's fixed. Basically some loose wire connections under the seat and carpet somewhere. When they shook the wire harness they could replicate the issue I was having on demand. To fix they soldered the wire connections. They still are not certain why I was having the problem occur during hot outside temps but either way it appears to be corrected now. I give the tech credit for finding the needle in the haystack on this one.
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    Livernois tune for 3.0TT MKZ

    If you only have a tune and completely bone stock in bolt on mods, shouldn't have an issue. Most dealerships will only follow Ford's warranty cancellation if they actually see various go fast mods. I suggest while it may be a pain for most, investigate your spark plugs. Probably got coolant/engine oil on it now. My oil is also cleaner since my fix. This boils down to the tech working on your car and service advisor. Some just don't care that much and are usually real "car people". They can pick up on if the owner was being actually abusive or not. Just a tune? Well truth be told the tune probably DID help snuff out the fact the engine got faulty heads by upping the performance a bit. It's very hard to get on minor head issue blocks with stock tune, without it being a major problem. Once its fixed, itll be a champion without issues. If you can get them to verify having wet spark plugs (this is why you misfire), that'll help get things going even if they can't get the car to have a misfire on stock tune. They probably won't which is why this issue can be quite an annoyance. Good luck on getting your fix done. Pass that, and you'll love it.
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    Noise when coasting (Regen braking)

    As you noted, this was superseded 17-0039. BTW, the date at the bottom of the window sticker is not the build date, although it's fairly close. It's the date the sticker was generated. The month and year is on the doorjamb sticker. In your case, you don't need to know the exact day. HF35 is the trans used in all MKZHs.
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    2017 3.0 at the dragstrip

    Went to keystone raceway park last night. Mods include livernois tune, ultimate performance intercooler. Bbk throttle body. And steeda cold air. Best pass was 12.406 at 114.71. Density altitude was 2700 feet.
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    Post Track Day Mods -2017 MKZ 3.OT AWD

    Is anyone offering bbk kits for the MKZ's? Anything from the fusion or other Ford family compatible? Maybe something with a lighter 2-piece rotor and fixed caliper perhaps.